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Goncharov took her better. Much much better.

I quite liked it specialy the lighting enchanced Natalie's body specialy the way Arkisi used the soft lighting thru the curtains Natalie's sheer cotton robe and the use of the bedroom lamp they both blend well with Natalie's natural beauty specaily towards the end of this series nothing is really out of focus if one looks closely it reminds me of what Erro did in his series of Danae E in "Divinity" add abit of mystique to it I do love the large close up of Natalie's breasts in image #10 and image #110 the large close up of her holding the bedroom lamp to her face it really highlights her face guite well !!!

What the hell are you talking about guys? This is her best set here so far. Stop bitching, and enjoy her goodies!

I thought the lighting from the lamp was a bit artsy-fartsy. But I loved the close-ups of her pussy. I DO, however, prefer it wet and sticky!!

Beautiful woman. I would love to see those succulent labia in a butterfly pose

Stunning beauty, lovely breasts and a fabulous big lickable pussy. Photographer did not do her justice.

sexy, beautiful & slightly twisted...she has it all!

I agree with the comments above. I love her body and nice full lips both mouth and pussy, but the lighting and focus needs to be better. If there was more lighting it would be easier to get better depth of field to see her whole body along with her gorgeous face. In some pictures she is actually holding the light.

Tip to photographer... get better lighting and expose this beautiful woman fully for the world to enjoy as she should be.

Gawd Damn this girl is pretty! and what a beautiful 18 year old pussy she has to go with that gorgeous face....

This gorgeous model should never again be photographed in a cheap motel room with poor lighting. It just ain't right! A few really poor shots in this set, BUT a few really GOOD shots also. I'd like to see what Catherine could do for this girl...;o)

Cute model, but the shooter doesn't do her justice.

Once again, numerous shots where the face and pussy are in the same picture but wherein the face is in focus and the pussy out of focus. Why do so many photographers have difficulty in getting the pussy and face both in focus at the same time in the same picture? Rylskys great contribution yesterday achieved it throughout the whole of his shoot without problem, so why cannot other photographers do it too? When a model is lying on her back I appreciate the photography focusing is slightly more difficult to achieve due to a longer depth of field. But when the model is sitting up (like in this shoot) it must be more difficult to get the pussy and face out of focus in the same picture (as is clearly the case on this shoot) than it would be to actually get the face and pussy in focus. This coupled with bad lighting directly towards the camera makes for a poor photo shoot.

I'm "blue in the face" from talking about this issue, but figure it isn't going to change, so save our breath (or fingers...). Easy enough to delete the bad ones.

Nice focus on the lamp.

9 only just .

????? Say what!?????

Please, please get Natalie to pose for sexart so we can get her to part those delicious lips to see the juice that appears to be there!

She doesn't need to go anywhere for that to happen! She just needs the motivation.

Natalie is beautiful but she deserves a better photo set

!00% agree

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