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The color and lighting is unnatural. Goncharov photographed her much better.

This young lady should indulge in some hardcore. SexArt would be ideal to throw this lass on a nice big bed and have her get absolutely man handled! Full on penetration, ass and breast slapping, and ending off with a big messy ejaculation right up her vaginal canal. Would love to see her cervix get drowned and have her fart it out onto red silk sheets. Nothing says romance like a nasty cum burp. Hahaha!!!

The name of the set; Anhelo, Spanish word for; craving, yearning, aching. And, that is certainly what Natalie causes aaaaaaaaaaaalot of in this photoset! Thanks, Natalie! Arkisi, Great poses and photography of one of the Top Ten Models on MetArt! Thank you!

Damn she's gorgeous, what a face! I could kiss her all over, including that beautiful ass right between the cheeks! Can't type anymore, my hands are starting to shake too much...

Natalie B has a sexy and alluring smile. Fantastic ass, legs, and natural breasts. Very sexy poses and great set. Excellent photography.

Absolute perfection.

Natalie makes me want to pack up and move to the Ukraine, it could snow 365 days a year I would not care, best new model at Met-Art I have ever seen and quickly moving into my top 3 all time favorite Met=Art models

Beautiful eyes. Beautiful pussy. Amazing ass. Seductive and inviting poses. Natalie B is an extremely fuckable young lady. She looks fun. Great set!

Again, the power of feminine, submissive poses, a warm, knowing smile and a realistic, comfortable setting.

Done right, it's not rocket science.

Great work, Natalie and Arkisi.

Sexy, inviting set.

Just hope this fab lady is on Sexart so we get to see inside. A sexart movie with fingers slurping in and out of that fab pussy whilst beaming her fab smile!

Gorgeous! Perfect Vagina!

I'm not usually a fan of 'body part' shots, and prefer to see the model's face in the picture, but with parts like those in pictures 72-74, I'll make an exception.

Natalie is gorgeous and hot!!! I love when a girl seems to truly enjoy showing us her hot body as Natalie does here!!! The butterfly close ups were great, although 90 and 91 had shallow depth of field/focus issues. Still, a great set!!!!

Pretty face, super sexy mouth, smoking hot ass

Natalie is a sex bomb! She is marvelous.

zero on the paint job!!!

Please explain "paint job" for those of us not familiar with this term when applied to beautiful women. Thank you.

Hello! Anybody there? :(

I believe she's talking about the "photoshopping" that she thinks she sees... Or perhaps the "make-up"...? Some people prefer NO make-up at all...'au natural'... But who knows...that's just a few 'guesses'

i believe he means the photoshopping on the woman's pubic region where one would normally see some texture. Arkisi likes to use the "blur" tool and I agree with noman that it looks very fake and detracts from the photos and the woman's natural beauty. maybe others don't notice such things, but I find it unnecessary, unnatural and distracting. ruins an otherwise great shoot.

Lovely and nice!

Natalie B has a fantastic body. Beautiful natural breasts and perfect ass and legs.

Arkisi has done a great job of photography and posing Natalie, perhaps they worked together to create such a fine set. Congradulations to both.

Also the cover picture is fantastic! Beautiful pink butterfly.

Throught the shoot, Natalie has a wonderful attitude and her expressions are both sexy and erotic.

Great work.

exquisite & exciting...love her!

OMG this girl is gonna drive me to drinkin'!!! This is amazing! Natalie is off the chart!! I can now die a happy man having seen this!!

If this isn't MetArt's 'poster girl', there's something amiss in the universe.

Wow!!!....need I say more?

Beautiful woman, that booty is amazing (gotta love the doggy shots).

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