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So this is what pure lust looks like. If that cover picture isn't enough to get your engines revved up, something is wrong.

Nat is where it's at. Breathtaking.

an excellent set for a gorgeous model and a talented photographer. thank you both. give us more of this girkl please

true beauty with a twist...steady & natural eye contact held me spellbound....an amazing model wonderfully photographed!
thank you so much Natalie & Arkisi

OMG I would power fuck this girls brains out. I would be in heaven to have her sit on my face and smother me between her hot sweaty buns while she sucked me off. Hell, the smell of that musky ass and messy looking pussy would make me erupt in her mouth like a volcano hahaha!!!! I. LOVE. THIS. ANGEL.

I agree with Birthday Cake. Top marks.

This marvelous woman just radiates eroticism with her ​​beautiful eyes!

As a photographer myself, I'd like to gently make a couple of suggestions. I do love the close-up shots, but of course depth of field becomes quite shallow. What I almost always see is the photographer focusing on the clitoris or upper portion of a woman's labis. *Some* of us are imagining how wonderful it would be to enter her vagina, so especially if her labia are parted to allow such a heavenly view, could you plese do at least ONE shot where the focal point is the entrance to her vagina? And in such situations (lamentably rare on this site), a bit more fill light would be much appreciated. I know, you are creating a mood, but still...
Having said that, what a gorgeous woman, what every man dreams of. Thank you for bringing her beauty into our lives!

;) I've heard that The Clitoris IS a good thing to focus on initially! (;

...can't breathe...send..help... omfg

Now that I've regained my composure... WOW! Natalie just keeps getting more beautiful with every set! She could easily do without any make-up though. Her beauty needs no enhancement! 'Physically' speaking, Natalie is the essence of the women that have inspired men throughout history to proclaim that they would "storm the gates of hell" to possess... I can't imagine that her personality is any different, and it breaks my heart to think that I'll never know.. Natalie has one of the pairs of "most beautiful" legs on the site! And one of the most beautiful faces...I LOVE her smile....I love everything about this exquisite creature! The "setting" is pretty much irrelevent to me when it has her in it, although this one is nice... This makes my WEEK!

You said it Rock. Could not agree more. what an angel Natalie is..

High rise hotel bed, white sheets, natural light?

Legs spread, ass up, submissive, wanting poses?

Proud butterfly?

Plus she's dripping wet!

Perfect setting. Perfect poses. Perfect photography.

A benchmark 10 set.

Only 87.9MB -- resolution could have been higher.

59-63! Oh...my! Yessss! (;

Beautiful, sexy girl!!! Great posing!!! I love that cover photo!!! Image 63 is very nice!!! Thanks Natalie and Arkisi for a great photo set!!!

Charming lady, Beautiful smile, sexy look, pretty face, adorable body. Very successful set for Natalie, Thanks Arkisi.

What a beautiful woman. I like picture 15, it has 'come and get it' written all over it, yum yum.

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