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The color and lighting is unnatural. Some photos are out focus. Goncharov photographed her much better.

Natalie B is incredibly sexy. This set is a real turn on.

I agree about the stockings. Not a fan. Sheer white thigh highs would have been perfect. But that's a minor complaint in an otherwise fantastic set.

Natalie B is pure sex, everything about her just begs you to take her to bed. She is sex personified and she poses that way. She really knows how to display her lovely breasts and pussy in a way that makes you just crazy with desire for her. Bravo Natalie!

Couldn't agree more.

Arkisi, Thank you for the great photography. Natalie, Thank you! Thanks for the wonderful fantasy!

OTHER stockings would have been fine. Perhaps even sexy.

Those stockings are too short for her and the frilly tops stink!!!

Excellent set except for the stockings. Next time, 100% nude please.


Natalie is Beautiful! The costume sucks. The thong is passable, but the knee socks have to go. They distract from Natalie's beauty, and anything the model wears is supposed to emphasize it, if the model is going to be in the naked lady business.

The stockings are bad.

Hermosa dama! Y Eres estás abrir! Tan bellamente rosa! Oh Natalie! ¡Gracias!

Sometimes I wish Caballo would give us a translation underneath, but it's no reason to neg-bang his comments.

Title for this set; "Distinto" es espanol for; "Different". Dare to be Different! Viva Grande! Vive la vida al máximo! ((;

kilroy, I was just asking why Caballo's only comments in Spanish seem to be about this topic....every other comment he makes is in English.

I didn't give him a thumb's down though.

Not implying it was you, negam. Please don't take offense.

LOL, LOL, LOL, Oh Well, enough said.

Why are these types of comments the only one's in Spanish?

Atrévete a ser diferente! Afloje para arriba! Ten un poco de diversión!

Caballo, it wasn't my intention to be critical (after I posted this comment I realized it "sounded" critical though).

I really did wonder why you commented in Spanish only when referencing wet and/or open vagina's.
It's easy enough for anyone to translate, so you obviously weren't trying to disguise anything.

Natalie is very attractive. I really like her beautiful eyes and gorgeous derriere.

I like this set of Natalie B, very beautiful, nice setting and nice poses.

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