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For me, rarely has a model excelled as well as Natania at expressing her enjoyment in anticipating how much I would enjoy her beauty. Every single shot furthered the idea in my mind that there was something she wanted to tell me, but I'd have to follow her every step to fully get it. Amazing.

Every shot was well posed, well chosen, and the set as a whole was well paced at creating multiple peaks of pleasure. Natania's eyes always seemed alive and intent on connecting, making her smiles less the smile of a "model" and more the expression of a genuinely engaged and happy woman. I fell into those dark lustrous pools more than once, for long minutes, until I could pull back and go on to the next shot.

If ever a set could be a "desert island" set, this is mine. Natania, herself, however is worth the whole world.

Thank you, Arkisi, and Natania!

Hmmm, sounds like you liked her! ;-)

Ha ha!
Where'd you get that idea, Red? LOL

A wild guess, LOL

Natania is proof positive,(as if we needed any) that Ukrainian girls are going to take over the world by loving it to death.

Natania is a stunning, exotic, sexy girl with the most sensuous mouth and beautiful hair..

In Natania's company you get the feeling that all things might be possible...gorgeous & nicely photographed


@Azrael: Please advise what your single word comment is intended to convey.

He likes what he sees is what he means.Old time American cartoon ofetn used a wolf man chap like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVN1Apz45AE

....hence the term "wolf whistle"

Thanks for joining in with your take on what was intended folks. My first impression was that a compliment was not intended. I would really like to hear from Azrael! If we don't, we can probably take that as confirmation that a compliment was not intended.

Baggy36Pants, I must say I agree with you.
After reading many of Azrael's past comments, I doubt his intentional was to compliment Natania.

I personally think it is disgraceful for any man to be disrespectful and rude to any woman.

If you like puffy outer labia, and who doesn't, #40 is for us. I like Natania's eyebrows, eyes, tan lines, full lower lip, and tiny waist as presented in 9 and 10. Kudos to both Natania and Arkisi!

Natania, you are beautiful—gorgeous dark eyes, scrumptious pussy and delectable bottom. Come back soon. xoxo

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