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Welcome back; don't stay away for so long this time.

At the photo 3 she wears exactly the same shoes as she wore in the set Helninias from 2009. Thus I'm pretty sure that this is an older set.

At he photo 23...

Natasha is lovely for sure, and it is good to see her back. This set appears to be an older one (I would venture to say four to five years old), and a good example of why I often prefer indoors, especially with the older material.

Entirely composed of standing-only poses in a flowering field, it is not very stimulating IMO. Beautiful scenery but not inspiring photography. I won't go as far as to say it is boring, but it does not get high marks from me.

She looks older to me. I know it's hard but look at her facial features and forget the rest for a moment.

Thrilled to see Natasha back. But I agree, the recent new set with Mika looked fresh, and Mika looked "all grown up". This set with Natasha, it's hard to tell, could be an old set. I hope we get more of Natasha, and see her as she continues to mature.

This set does not capture the beauty of Natasha. In looking back at many of Natasha's set I think Rylsky captures her best. I hope to see more of you Natasha but done with someone who can capture your sexy beauty.

Love this girl. Waited for more of her. Happy to see her. Sad this was such a boring set.

Natasha has quite a history she has gone from cute and sexy to a more refined cute and sexy and pretty. She still has it. I for one would love to see more of her...........

Me too! Quite emphatically.

Ah, Natasha......one of my favorites. Love that hint of naughtiness, simmering under an air of innocence. Great to see her again, though I have a feeling that this is an old set, but one can hope that it's a teaser of more to come from Natasha.

A young Jamie Leigh Curtis anyone?

Wow! It's "old home week" on MA... earlier this week we had a wonderful return by Mika, looking better than ever, and now we get a set of Natasha, looking hot and confident!
I hope this means we'll be seeing more of our favorites from way back that we haven't seen in years...

Not enough leg spreading

Nothing against the model but this is one of the most boring sets of pictures I have ever seen on Met-Art.

Totally lame.

So do I think. The tint & posings remind me of a guess that this is an "excavated" set,published today but taken few years ago.I guess again that a reason why I feel boring.

What a wonderful set with such a beautifully sweet little lady. Petite little beauty, but perfectly proportioned feminine figure. Lovely setting in a field of wild flowers. Warm regards and best wishes, Natasha. You are wonderful.

Natasha really makes that field of flowers look good, does she not? ( :

119 photos. Only 10 of them in landscape format. This is boring.

uuusssee, you complain about this often, and I'm not really sure that I understand why it is such an issue. Please explain.

Are you saying that your whole rating of the photoset is based on the number of landscape photos taken?

Beautiful indeed.

She's like fine wine, the older she gets the better she gets, always looking forward to seeing more of this girl.


I like out door sets and I think this one works quite well. Natasha's a cute girl with a great big smile and pretty eyes.
She seems like she really enjoyed herself when working with the photographer too.

Nice set, many thanks to both Natasha and Mark.

I could stare at her smile all day long, but I am also happy that she shares views of the rest of her beautiful body with us. What a lovely set of photos of an adorable model. 10 from me.

Oh my goodness, the angel is back after, so , so long. An old set, perhaps, but still, how wonderful to see you!!

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