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Very pretty, but she needs to smile and spread her legs more, preferably at the same time.

The girl is an outstanding 10. However, the set, where we did not see all of the girl, is much less than a 10!

I love Nelly's hard athletic body, firm round ass, and tight pussy. Her crystal blue eyes begging for it with each smoldering stare. This girl looks like a party waiting to happen. I just wish they would give her some indoor sets so we could get the part started....

Start the party with "Ballroom", or "Handle Me", or "Lauter"... They're all indoor sets.

Already partied to those...a new one would be nice..

Great response friend. On the Button:-)

Nelly is absolutely stunning. She has a beautiful face, alluring eyes and an extremely sensuous mouth.

Her body is to die for - full breasted & shapely with strong shapely legs and awesome buttocks. Would have loved to have seen those buttocks clad in their black panties for a bit longer - why do they have to get rid of their panties so fast?

One of the more beautiful models on the planet.....gorgeous eyes, face, beautiful body, and ohhhh, what a derrière!

It's been way too long Nelly! This is a great return! Adding the artificial light made this a "studio quality" outdoor set. Very beautiful setting and photography. And Nelly looks as beautiful as ever! I love her intensity! And what a gorgeous body! Great set!!

Hey! "Armpit guy"... Having fun? ;o)

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