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# 62 & 63 brings to light what's wrong with this set and Nudero. Can anyone tell me what is in focus in these two photos. Plus Nelly you have this nice sun dress on: Leave it on for awhile and toy with us and certainly more smiles would be appreciated.

Photos are not sharp too bright and pink! nice girl.

I like Nelly, but this particular set didn't interest me much.

Perfection. I want to marry this girl!

Yet another joyless, life sucks photo set. If I want to see a bitchy, put out woman scowling at me I'll head to the local hipster cafe'. It's just poor form, there's room for happy, fun, and friendly here.

This constant scowl shit is tired and typical.

Most likely she´s got haemorrhoids or something,it hurts a lot

The seller

Actually Byron is dead on but not just the outfit. What today's set is was part of what the artist shot on whatever day it was originally shot. Not only is the dress identical to Thisia but the setting is the same and compare Nelly's grooming of her explicit parts, identical, eh! Thus all from the same shoot. A 2nd ? or comment... When you view Nelly's profile all of her 2009 sets have a cover that says "Live on MetArt". These are now included in her profile but if you click back and review the tab for 2009 NONE of these sets show. I don't remember it, (I was a member here in 2009.) maybe that was a secondary site for Met back then. I never saw it.
Ironically if you look at post from today on another set for today I ask Adam about tagging the sets for the "Date Shot". Its interesting that the same issue comes up twice on the ame day!!! Oh Well...

Nope. Same dress but earings and nail polish are different. But who cares, pussy and breasts are the same - gorgeous!

Beautiful woman, a stream, nice greenery in the back ground it has all the right ingredients but this is a classic case of a photographer picking a site without regards to his model and the set being spoiled because of it. The model is restricted in her poses because there is no place comfortable to allow her to work without pain. I feel sorry for Nelly having to perform in this obviously uncomfortable spot. I bet her feet hands and knees took a beating from those harsh cobbles. I have to give her credit for getting through it and even managing to smile. I wish these photographers would learn that putting a woman in places that a woman would never go naked just doesn't work. They may not have regard for the comfort of their models but the members do. Thus the low rating for this set.

You can bet that Nudero wasn't standing barefoot on those rocks and I don't think he/she even got their feet wet.

Right on hipshot 131. I THOUGHT THE SAME THING. Milena is one of my favs and primarily only appears for Latika (Probably Misspelled!) and he puts her on the rocks, etc in several of his sets. Even a two girl one. Bet that was "easy". But she puts up with it. So who are we to judge...

it's a bad day at met.

Now that Iveta B and Danae have moved to another site on the metart network,Nelly can compete with Mila I for the hot blonde title on metart proper.

Also, I think that Nelly, like many models, only works fully nude for one photographer,which does put a certain sameness in the sets.

Great boobs hot butt and nipples that scream suck me. Not forgetting the little landing strip too. Beautiful woman.

I'm a lover of Nelly's looks; she is a stunner. It's hard to believe that she needed to be photographed in that same outfit though (have a look back at the Thisia set).

No thisia found

Thisia by Nudero (THE SAME photographer)published on 20/11/12 ... have another look

I wonder how many times out Nelly needed to get the circulation back into her hands from resting so much of her weight on one or both? I like the hint of ribs in 112 to 116.

Nelly is a dazzlingly beautiful woman, luscious from head to toe. This is not one of her better sets, but anything from this goddess is welcome.

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