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#93 close up shot theres and auto focus on the cam as he can't focus??????

Why oh WHY does she restrict herself to just MetArt and Femjoy these days? I'd love to see her do some photo and video shoots with SexArt or any of the other MetArt networks sites or even Twistys! Other models like Lorena and Caprice seem to be EVERYWHERE but Nelly isn't, unfortunately.

OMG, am I actually enjoying a Nudero set?
An outdoor one to boot? What's going on here?
Oh, it must be Nelly... ( :

Nelly appears to be a very vigorous, athletic girl, and makes a good contrast to the semi-urban setting, It would be better with a cleaner setting though

Arbusik05, can I get some of the stuff you're smoking? There are shots that are not in focus anywhere! (like 93) Nelly is indeed lovely, but we have to go to max res and strain our eyes to see the ONE shot that actually reveals the joy that lies between her legs. Sorry, I'm just not seeing the basics of photography here that others see. As for Nelly, more please!

Well done. She's a beaut. The photographer properly does the basics, allowing me to focus on every beautiful detail on her body.

Nelly is an excellent model but, is it not time for a new photographer to shoot her?

Specifically on this set today, I figured out what was missing that "caused" this set to get a sub-8.00 score. Nelly's smile. She comes across so much better in the sets she smiles in. Here she seems detached. When her last set was posted I commented "Actually Byron is dead on but not just the outfit. What today's set is was part of what the artist shot on whatever day it was originally shot. Not only is the dress identical to Thisia but the setting is the same and compare Nelly's grooming of her explicit parts, identical, eh! Thus all from the same shoot. A 2nd ? or comment... When you view Nelly's profile all of her 2009 sets have a cover that says "Live on MetArt". These are now included in her profile but if you click back and review the tab for 2009 NONE of these sets show. I don't remember it, (I was a member here in 2009.) maybe that was a secondary site for Met back then. I never saw it.
Ironically if you look at post from today on another set for today I ask Adam about tagging the sets for the "Date Shot". Its interesting that the same issue comes up twice on the same day!!! Oh Well..."

Somebody, who pays way to much attention, IMO, commented the earrings and fingernail polish were different in the two sets. So ok. But no one chimed in about the "Live on MetArt" part. Anyone still a member of Met here, orfor that matter Jon, do you have any input on this?

Agreed. Nelly's previous sets were much sunnier, more upbeat — but that gorgeous body was also photographed better.

Even though Nelly is first class, it's not a very exciting set. Unfortunately, it falls into the typical mold of why I often prefer indoor sets, including the lack of anything up close.

A bedroom or indoor set would be nice for this beauty.

Nelly is gorgeous but the set is dull and boring.

Pretty girl. Lovely set, but not one of her best.

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