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They need to bottle up that water and sell it! What i'd for a sip!.. LOL

I look at the rating average for this shoot and I wonder what model they were looking at. this model needs to be shot in ermine and diamonds in a 5 star suite by a top photographer.

Nudero could not have picked a better setting to highlight Nelly A's Beauty I loved the bathroom setting specially her glorious bath tub ( To wichh I'd love one myself it looks so relaxing to soak ones body :) ) nd the blue tiled floor border of the walls with both whitish tiles along the wall both clashing with the soft lighting and Nelly A 'a tall curvaceous body long slender legs gorgeous face stunning blue eyes magnificent breasts nipples with a sexy sensual smile :) sitting on the rim of the tub within sensual poses..I simply adore image #4 with Nella clasping her breasts together with the soft background light highlighting her beauty in both gorgeous close ups with her long blonde hair flowing both down her shoulders and back with the different colored rose petals lying on the blue tiles floor :) The lovely close up of her sitting on the edge of the tub is simply priceless it truely both highlights her both Nelly's long blonde hair firm breasts nipples gorgeous facial features well toned tanned body her long firm legs thighs slightly apart revealing her lovely shaved vagina in image #12 !! I adore the way Nudero captures her beauty within the bath with both Nelly leaning against the edge of her tub within some strikingly sensual poses and gorgeous close ups of her beautiful body with rose petals sticking both to her breast and tanned thighs with both her legs spread open amongst the rose petals within images #14-#30 :) There are both magnificent images of Nelly A with this series from her sexy cute firm round derriere within the water and rose petals as well out of the water but i have to state that my favorite images have to be from images #95-#113 with Nelly A submugered in the water amongst the rose petals as well as the Gorgeoos close ups of Nelly within the water showing her legs within it and just her upper body with her head arched back her blonde hair cascading down her back with both of her hand clasping rose petals with the water dripping down her magificient breasts erect nipples with a very sensual look upon her face wthin images #34-#36 :) and her gorgeous close up image of Nelly'a gorgeous face sexy blue eyes sensual mouth lips in image #45 to mention a few :) As there are plenty more lovely photo's Of Nelly A within this stunning series and Nudero captured her beauty very well Too :) Thank You Nelly A and Nuderos for a flawless aet and this set of Nelly A would make a magnificent movie She certainly has the right sexy curves and body for one :) :)

Nelly is like rare Champagne...amongst Met-Art's collection of 'fine wines'! This set tastefully accentuates what (for some of us) has been apparent for quite a while-

"A Rose is still a rose by any other name?" Now in full bloom, 'Britney' has certainly come into her own! Quite simply, this set deserves a '10'...for Nelly, and her photographer.

Enough with the bahroom pictures already! My cats approve of the cat pictures,Nelly not so much, she looks like she is lounging in a bowl of cereal or something, and that's a shame, She needs a new photog pronto!

YES -- !

And no more ugly rocks !

Oh Nelly let me kiss your pedals. When I saw all the pedals in the bath tub I was doubtful of this set but what a beautiful set. Both Nudero and Nelly did a fantastic job. Thank you for this very artful set!

Not to put too fine a point on it, Dutchman --

Nelly might, in a lyrical sense, have PETALS.

PEDALS -- are found on bicycles.


Several things about this set today. First IMO it is a lot better than its current rating. Second She is one of the models that has but one artist ever doing her, Nudero. Not many sets and supposedly she didn't get shot until 24 years old. Three, today at 28 years old she has maintained a body truly worthy of being her. IMO a very pleasing set. Four, it is interesting the part about Mia? and if she is uniquely under that name after the issue came up about Luce today. The fact that one model my use varying names is not new, my best example is Carmen Gemini (Hard Core), Tubbea (Erro), and here Monika A. But of course "A rose by any other name..."

Lovely girl, only mildly annoying photography. Nelly's sets with Nudero usually leave me with the feeling that they should have been better. Still, there's no question about her beauty.

Oh, can Nelly give a look into the camera that just drips and oozes sensuality!

There I was worrying that she had retired.....Good to have you back!

I could do without all the props.

This is a wonderful set. Some girls really shine, and Nelly is one.

This is a nice visit from lovely Nelly. Great tile work around the soaker tub too. I checked out Nudero's portfolio and (s)he seemed to introduce some very nice models such as Mia B. I am sure I have seen her more often and using a different name. Can anyone else help me out with another name?

for Mia B check
Mia, Mia A, Paloma

I too was looking at Nudero's work after this set of Nelly, and I am very impressed. Can't imagine what attracted you to Mia B!

Tee hee

I'm with you, Wanderer. I have downloaded all four of Mia B's sets and studied them carefully several times each. Absolutely mystified. I'm going back for another perusal as soon as I recover. : )

Mia B is a beautiful girl. she is not skinny type. she has a curvy body. she has a BMI (body mass index)of 19. meaning she has tha optimum ammount of flesh around her body.

please refer to my post on my Facebook about skinny and curvy models.


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