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Beautiful, sexy girl, and oh my, I do love those panties!

I wish she didn't tilt her head so much. Looks like she has a neck problem.

Instant favourite

Ok Nelly is a sexy exotic beauty, but no one is happy with the photographer. I would point out the red door is probably a Chinese antique or maybe Mongolian and likely cost a bit. Nudero is apparently the ONLY photographer in the far eastern Russian Federation Nelly is willing to model for, and so we should be grateful to him.

Sexy Lady

You guys are nuts. She's smokin hot!

The complaints are about the set, not Nelly. But yes...we ARE nuts!! ;o)

I didn't care for the lighting here either, but calling it terrible is too much. I enjoyed the variety of poses and angles used which show off Nelly's amazing curves.

Oh Nelly, all I can say is you have damn sexy hips!

Nelly is a very good model with beautiful breasts and butt. The lighting stinks and the studio colors are too loud, specially that red door.Nelly gets a 10,nudero gets 0

Terrible, boring set....come on guys, looks like yoga class

Gorgeous Nelly!!! One of the "corner stones" of the "temple" that is my collection of Goddesses! She may be gone, but never forgotten!! (I'm assuming she retired and this [and any future set] is from the archives...)

Thank you Nelly for blessing us with you presence for five years now. I will always remember your Met Art T - shirt from set #1.


Explain, please.

Well - I rather liked the set. This comment however could be considered rubbish.

beautiful girl - really bad lighting. The model looks like a corpse! Who is this amateur photographer?

That's one sexy cadaver right there.

"The model looks like a corpse!"

So do I suffer from necrophilia!?

Only if YOU think she looks like a corpse...;o)

Met-art, please use landscape format. Nelly is a godess.

Pretty, sexy and built! Looks pretty damn good to me.

Too tame, too boring


Agreed. She can do so much better


LOL All burning questions for the day!! ;o)

I'll be amazed if you get ANY answers!

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