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Catherine, how can you keep finding these breathtaking young goddesses, and why am I still living in the U.S.?

Catherine, how can you keep finding these breathtaking young goddesses, and why am I still living in the U.S.?

Nelly is a gorgeous and sexy girl!!! The set is good overall, but there are too many acrobatic poses, and too many that just aren't very erotic! A few pussy close ups would have been nice too!

I made a user gallery of my favorite photos from this set. These were all poses that I like!

Hi luv_lickn_clit) Nelly was engaged in gymnastics. In this set I wanted to give her to Express themselves with this hand. I am glad that despite the lack of large plans, set you like))

I think that Nelly is a good model and quite under-rated, Catherine has shot a perfect set.

Hi 5seadog) I totally agree that Nelly model underestimated. But maybe this situation will improve)

Love the model, love the set. Catherine's models always look so calm, comfortable, and unbelievably sexy. The poses look like classic nude artist-model poses, with those irresistible twists and turns thrown in. I love seeing Nelly squirm around. No one so far has mentioned the sunrise theme! That was one of my favorite elements of this set. I would really enjoy seeing how Catherine prepares the model and the setting. Salvador Dali once said that when sketching from a nude model, the artist too should be naked. Just an idea. Be well, and I hope we'll see more outdoor sets in the future, like your Musurgia, with Nastya K. You're too good to us.

Hi Ouchstopit) You I was given a very good idea) Once in my work is already there. The shooting took place in nature, it was very hot and all were naked men wasn't around. It was a good set. Everybody got a good tan) I am very pleased to hear your praise because this set I love it Thank you:)

That's an interesting side note about Salvador Dali's point of view on how one should sketch a nude model. Although, somehow I don't think I'd liketa see Salvador Dali nude! ;)! LMAO!

If anyone wants to know, Dali made that statement in "50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship." It is written like an art instruction book, and is a very strange read.

Hi Caballo) I heard stories as Salvador Dalí was bared in unusual situations) I don't know the truth it or not)

Is this set by Cathrine??? Not one single closeup? Bland washed out colors? Why? You can do much better than this with a lovely girl like this.

Nelly is pretty, very nicely built

Hi hipshot131) In the following sets I will try to do more big plans))

on sex art Catherine produced one set for nelly. as usual Catherine gave us plenty of beautiful shots for Nell's pussy.

I really like this set, Catherine. I can always tell it's your work.

The girl is lovely -- sweet and sensual. And the muted background tones and lighting are very soothing -- the pastel green backing the peach tone of the model is very complimentary.

Enjoying one of your sets is like sipping a vodka and lime rather than tossing back a "shot".

Let me also say that I am quite partial to your sets with "Susana C" -- a delightful young lady.

Thank you -- and I hope your shoot went well, today. :-)

Hi Dreadnought) This set I like too. Thank you for your praise. Thank you for your wishes))

I agree with everything you said, Dreadnought, Catherine's work is definitely a cut above the rest on this site. And one of my favorite models too!

Hi mchltxxx) Thanks a lot) Reading your review I have very elated)) I am very pleased when my job so highly of.

Beautiful girl. Very nice set Catherine...:o) The colors and the lighting...perfect!

Hi rockhard ) it is Very nice to see your comment) Thank you very much) I am very pleased that my work was a success.

Rockhard --

You are, indeed, a man of substance! :-)

Well Dread, I'd like to take that as a compliment, but I'm what that 'gsw' guy calls a "healty" man, and just a bit creeped out by all you "older men with obscure tastes"....;o)(LMAO!)(thanks..)



Love the sequence from pic #121 through #126, (especially #122!).....the poses certainly show off Nelly's toned body.

Hi mincer) I'm glad that you liked it)

Rikolto by Catherine
An excellent set as all other sets for Nelly. Nelly is gorgeous and adorable model. I love her boobs, nipples, ass and of course her delicious pussy.Catherine is great as usual. I did not see close up photos for Nelly’s pussy as usual for Catherine, except some in other sets that you cannot call detailed close-ups. Might be it was a request by the model. Catherine to explain.
Nelly I love your body
Catherine you know my opinion. You are the greatest and I adore you, I adore you.

Hi kkronful) it is Very nice to know that you adore) Thank you))) I will do big plans))

on sex art Catherine produced one set for nelly. as usual Catherine gave us plenty of beautiful shots for Nell's pussy.

No doubt the SexArt members appreciated that.

Thank you very much iluvseh and JimmyGeorge))).
I will answer to all comments. I'm on a photo shoot

Can I tag along to your next photo-shoot please? Lol! By the way, thanks for not having the hair in a ponytail like many of your shoots do, as models look so much better with long flowing hair.

Hi tintin) I'm happy that you liked the hair of the model in this set)

)) ))

Nelly's beautiful nipples remind me of Hershey Kisses! Boy would I love to suck on one right now! I like the set overall, focus is excellent and poses are varied and enjoyable to view. Excellent job by Nelly and Catherine.

Please tell Kelly her nipples and ass are very delicious! :)

Hi iluvsex) I gave Nelly your comment. Thanks)

"Kelly"....? lol There's no reading like proof reading...;o)


Very nice set to admire. The colors in the background are superb, Nelly is adorable, skin tone is perfect not affected by the tungsten lights in the background, and Catherine is great as usual. No close up photos which is fine with me. Very successful photo session. Congratulations Catherine.

Hi JimmyGeorge) I liked this set, as soon as I saw him. But this set took me a long time exhibited on the Met-Art. I spent color correction several times, I didn't like the tone of the skin. But now I see that my worked was correct. Thank you for the high appreciation of my work))

Catherine, you did a great job. I am pretty sure that most of the viewers would agree with that.

I don´t give a damn,the tungsten lights,the skin tone and all that technical blah blah.Nelly may be adorable,but i find her everything but sexy,a baby doll
trying to tease,a kind of Lolita with an adolescent look maybe suitable for older men with obscure tastes,but not for healty men who trully like genuine real,sexy,erotic,beautiful and of course adult women.This is not erotic photography and that is all it boils down to.

The seller

Hi gswkJu ). I also like a more Mature beauty of a woman. Nelly fresh, athletic and looks young. These are the qualities that I like. It does not behave like an innocent, uninteresting, boring girl. These qualities she likes me too))

So gswkJu I guess you would prefer Nelly to get fake boobs and bleech her hair so she would appeal to your obscene taste? You are such a pompus ASS to come on here and state your imature opinon of "everyone else" as if you are the almighty who decides what is "normal healthy porn" for the world? Go to hell!

Everytime some ass like you comes and tries to state some moral decency bull shit for the viewers, it is a clear indication that THEY are the pedifiles. You know what you are really like so go look in the mirror and puke.

I didn´t mention pedfiles.You did.I didn´t call anyone an ass.You did.I only expressed my opinion on the set without insulting anyone.
I guess you´re the kind of person,just to give you some name,who can´t reply without insulting.That´s a quick summaryof your profile.

The seller

Whoah --

Calm down "iluvsex" --

The guy's obviously a "Philistine" and deserves to live in Miami for the rest of his life.

But you don't need to get your blood pressure all worked-up! :-)
Chill-out, my friend.

As "Oddball" would say --- "It's a mother-beautiful set" and this dude's just crawling with negative vibes.

What a nice pair! You´re breaking my heart

The word Philistine may look cool but is out of context here,as you
seemingly ignore its significance,whereas I Know exactly what i want to say.
I guess you come from the Land of oportunities and democracy.I don´t,but I really lived in Miami for a long time,and liked it.
That said,one of the things that characterizes democracy is knowing
how to express and reply politely in any kind of forum.That´s not what your pal iluvsex did,so, stop supporting that behaviour and let him have an hypertensive crisis if he wants to.

The seller

Oh I was upset. No shots were fired! :)

Have a good Father's Day, and that goes for all of MetArt fans.

I am going to a baseball game and eating watermelon with the kidos


Don´t forget to puke after!
Have a nice day

The seller

See here my good man!
Your inflamatory comment about this models age seems to have been a deliberate attempt on your part to rile up the membership, and entertain yourself laughing at all the fuss. Good job! You're no doubt a practiced irritant.
And you have a few laughs on me...

The ain't buyin' it ;o)

Holy shit, Batman!!

And REAL MEN don't eat Quiche!!! (lol - lol - lol):-D

Sounds like someone has some "Teenage-dating-syndrome" issues.

It's a shame men aren't smarter -- but they always go for the hot teaser, then wish for the rest of their life that they'd gone for the preacher's daughter that lived next door.

Women are much like fresh produce. Their "sell-by date" is 16 to 35 years (depending upon your taste). Before 18 you go to jail. After 35 you risk a tough cut of beef.

Bon appetit ---

"Holy shit" is right Dread! "After 35 you risk a tough cut of BEEF"! That is nought nice! I don't know your country, but if you are in USA, I would keep out of sight for a while... That kind of talk can get you linched there! lol ;o) Plus...I know many 45 yr olds that are still very beautiful and desireable. And I believe that 'aged beef' is very tender...not "tough" at all ;o) Shame to you... And quiche is very good too...if you eat before "sell-by date"....;o)


Somebody seems to have forgotten what the "T" in "MET" stands for. In any case, Nelly isn't any more of a "baby doll" with "an adolescent look" than most of the other teen models on the site.

If you have a problem with her age, it's kinda hard to imagine why you're a member of this site.

Dear men!) I didn't dare invade your discussion. The woman must keep silent, when men talk))

Not true here Catherine...:o) You can chime in any time you would like to, but beware of blistering hot air... ;o)

It is my opinion on this set and your comments will not change anything. I guess that you have to respect it like I am respecting the opinion of the other. So please take it easy and try to express your yourself not in an aggressive way. Thanks.

)) Yes, a woman should be silent when men talk)

)) No. Woman should sooth man so he does not quarrel with others...;o)

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