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I was a bit disappointed with the Eirmos Shoot of Ms. Nelly D. because of the 121 photos she smiles NOT in a single one. Ms. Nelly grins but always with her lips together. Poor directing I suppose.
Short of that "mistake" she is a very pretty girl and well proportioned.

Do I understand that you live in Kazan, Russia? That is where the amazing Sabina was from. Does Nelly live there too? It must be a wonderfully happy place with such beauty and talent there. It is east of Moscow.

Very pretty young lady captured with style and elegance.

Cute stuff. Nelly is a real cutie in a pretty little package.

Hi Frilly Knickers Lover) It absolutely agrees with you. Nelly tiny and gentle.

Very pretty girl. Very nice pictures Katya. I hope your new projects are going well.

Hi rockhard )) Thanks a lot) Very well) New sets turn out good, they very much are pleasant to me. I hope, soon them you will see.

Hi Catherine! lovely work. You are the best but from the models no one like Vanda B. I love Vanda!!! Lol. Hope to see something from Vanda soon. ты лучший фотограф! A hug from NYC to you!

Hi lugoem) hello and embraces from the city of Kazan)) I Too send you too Wanda fan. I now worked with Wanda much. I will present these sets on Met-Art soon)

Horrendous photography, not one real good frame in the lot!

Hi. Thanks for such substantial comment!

Imagine paying to be a metart member so that you have a chance to insult an artist who lives and works a half a world away.

There are monuments honoring artists all over the world, but never in 4000 years of human history has anyone ever raised a monument to honor a critic. They just are not that important.

With warm regards tolovely Nelly

Catherine, I enjoy viewing your photo sets and the way you capture the curves of the female body! I particularly like the thighs and legs leading up to their beautiful pussies!

Makes me feel as if I could crawl right up and taste the sweet pleasures hidden there! :)

looking forward to your next sets.

Hi iluvsex) Thank you. You like to consider photosets, and I like to read your comments. Thanks for very colourful description)

I feel uneasy when I read negative comments, especially when it is a photoset that I admire. Many Metart fans would likely be artists of some kind, I would think, whether they are painters, draftsmen / draftswomen, sculptors, or photographers. As a painter, I love all of these poses so much! Images like 45 strike me deeply. Catherine's models are so lovable, with their eyes that gaze out to us with a passionate vulnerability. Vulnerability is not a vice! Vulnerability of this kind inspires only kindness and brings out the best in humanity.

Hi Ouchstopit) it is fine, magnificent) Thank you) your words lift my self-assessment. I try and I want that my works besides eroticism were also kind. I don't know as far as it is visible for the viewer from outside. You write it, something means at me it turns out. Thank you for understanding and support)

You are loved! I miss seeing your photosets on days where there are none. The other photographers are good too, but your unique work really means a lot to me, and to other members as well.

Hi Ouchstopit) Thank you very much for such assessment. When I am on shootings, I sometimes remember comments. You inspire) There is a wish to work better)

Your work is wonderful ,Catherine, and brings us all great pleasure. ( :

Nelly you are adorable, a real heartbreaker. It's always a joy to see you.

Catherine, thanks for another beautiful set. One request: a girl as beautiful as Nelly should smile more. To me, it's the sexiest of all expressions—much sexier than the Seriously Seductive face we see so often—and Nelly would probably be even more dazzling.

Hi Sailor) At Nelly very beautiful smile, but on her teeth briquettes were established) It hesitated to smile broadly.

Hi Catherine: It's your call. I'm happy to wait until Nelly's smile is perfect. It's not as though we'll be suffering until then.


No landscape photo's!? Is Catharine using no digital camera/screen? IMHO Nelly D. deserves better!

Yeah, sure, cuz your requests for more photos in landscape orientation are for the benefit of the models, not yourself ;)

Hi Radolf. I not absolutely understood that you meant.

I love the playful look in pic #52, and how Nelly arches her back, displaying her charms, in pic #109.

Hi mincer) Nelly is very sports, I is glad that you like its flexibility.

Nelly got that nice unique sexy body.Would be nice if there are more closeups of her pussy.

Hi HWU) I will consider it, thanks)

Nelly is very attractive, and looks like she would be a joy to hug. I love her puffies! At the risk of not saying the right thing in the right way; I will say that Nelly is a real woman, and she has a beautiful big bum (which is a compliment where I come from). Kudos and thanks to you both.

Hi Baggy36Pants) Nelly deserves such praise, thank you. I sent it your comment)

Couldn't agree with you more. Love Nelly's pretty face, "puffies" and her yummy butt. Great photos of that big, beautiful, kissable butt!

Thanks C6C791) Is very pleasant to read it. Nelly read everything together with me. She is very glad)

Very nice set signed Catherine. Congratulations!

Hi JimmyGeorge) was very pleasant to read) This is not a new photoshoot. Moreover when I was filming, I had a very difficult period in my life. Nevertheless, the work failed)

In my opinion, this set is not a failure. I like it, it is your style. You succeeded even though you had difficult time. You deserve another congratulation.

Thank you JimmyGeorge) I am very pleased)

Nelly is sooooo pretty.... ( :
Quite an adorable set.

Hi fer_realz) Thanks, I am glad that it was pleasant to you)

Catherine, You are getting stuck on green backgrounds and yes you are not doing the nice intimate closeups we all crave.

Hi hipshot131) This set was made rather long ago. Now I already so don't work. I think, new photosets will be pleasant to you)

All of your photo sets are pleasant to me. It is a shame we don't know if sets are old or new when we see them. Yes you have changed your style and this shows in your work. I very much enjoy your work and you have some very beautiful models. Nelly is one of the sweetest. She has a gentle soft innocents that drives men wild. This can not be faked and I since that this is her real personality.

I simply make comments to help not to criticize. I think you are one of the best at Metart and I love that you respond to posts in a positive way and do listen to your fans.

Hi hipshot131) Thank you. I think, my new new sets really will be pleasant to you. I changed style of shooting a little. New works very much are pleasant to me, they think will be pleasant also to you.

I am looking forward to seeing more sets of this lovely girl.

Hi hunter69) Thanks)

A bit of a yawn.

Hi uuusssee) I feel you don't get enough sleep, you need to sleep more. Take care!

Change his daiper before you put himdown for a nap..

(; !!!!

Hi Caballo) At you everything is all right? )

Eirmos by Catherine

An excellent set as all other sets for Nelly. Nelly is gorgeous and adorable. I love her boobs, nipples, ass and of course her delicious pussy. Catherine is great as usual. I did not see close up photos for Nelly’s pussy nor open leg shoots. Catherine please do not forget open legs and close ups for girl’s pussy. Catherine to explain.
Nelly I love your hot body
Catherine you know my opinion. You are the greatest and I adore you, I adore you.

Hi kkronful) I will surely pass Nelly your words) And it too very much is pleasant to me) We too adore you))

Catherine, my love
you did not reply to my comment regarding open legs and pussy close ups

Hi kkronful) the Place of shooting was small on the area, was difficult to create the wide opened positions)) I am sorry that that didn't turn out that you expected.

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