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Absolutely perfect girl !!! UNFORTUNATELY the photo's quality is not that perfect. I'd say the quality is very poor. All pictures are smooth, filtered or edited. Absolutely nice girl looks like a dead fish. Sorry to say that, didn't mean to hurt anybody. Guys, when will you finally learn how to make perfect photos out of perfect girls ???

A real beauty! How does she get her venus mound so smooth?

Nelly is a delight, lots of difficult poses showing that she is not as fragile as she appears. I am concerned though that she did get a burn from that bright sun. She was getting very pink. Redheads and some blonds are not made for the sun Nelly is neither but she has that pale skin that must be protected. You at least understand that these outdoor sets need something for the girl to lay on. So many of the male photographers take girls out in the country and make them lie on the ground, rocks or other surfaces that are not made for tender skin.

Hi hipshot131 ) Nelly has pale skin and never takes a dark tan. Of course on the day she was a little tired and burned in the sun. Earlier it was engaged in gymnastics, so look for the fragile and delicate girl is quite a strong person physically and spiritually. Thank you)

Excellent. I loved all of the poses and especially the model. Nelly has the sweetest eyes on Earth, and her body is fit and beautiful. It is so nice of her to show us so much of herself. Any one of us would be happy to apply her suntan lotion next time. Great use of color, especially in the earlier ones where Nelly is bathed in sunlight, and the turquois necklace looked sexy on her.

Hi Ouchstopit) The first set featuring Nelly on that day was made in the shade. I was not planning to go out in the sun with her. The second set was my improvisation, so I was not ready for this and for that reason was not protective lotion. I am glad that despite the slightly red skin Nelly set you like.

Actually, the suntan lotion comment was an attempt to be humorous. Over here, and probably where you live too, applying a woman's suntan lotion is often an excuse to touch her all over. (This isn't to say we don't care about your health, we certainly do)! I know that you would never put Nelly's health or comfort at risk. I do enjoy your outdoor sets, and I'll try to be more funny next time.

Hi Ouchstopit
I took too seriously your comments, but there is part of the truth in it. Nelly is really strong tanned. I liked your humorous style comments. I will try to be more clear for you.:)

beautiful set girls keep up great work

Thank baseball 1958) I am pleased.

This is an older set Catherine shot of Nelly that Met Art published today, so please keep this in mind.

A beautiful woman is always the most important aspect of any set, and Nelly fits this definition well. She looks great! Nelly is SO CUTE!!!

Thank you Catherine my friend:)

Thank Browning))

Thank Browning))

Catherine, could you possibly ask your models to do their Yoga on their own time and just pose sexy for the camera when it's time for a photo shoot?

Of course, I myself really like gymnastics and dance. I work for you, I understand you and I will consider your wishes to work.

Nice baby face. Don't care for the gymnastic poses - complete turn-off for me. Excellent picture quality. Don't care for the crooked angle shots, though. Catherine, please hold the camera straight and square when you shoot, or use a balanced tripod.

Hi Frankieboaby ) Thank you very much for your good advice. I'll use them)

gorgeous model, kiss her for me, i love her body.

excellent poses. however the images are not sharp as usual with your work.
i love you.i love your model

Hi kkronful) I'm sorry that there are shots in the set not sharp. Thank you for your praise) I will kiss Nelly))

Lucky girls! LOL

Grainy, poor quality photos, nice poses for a change.

I do see the "grain" (it's actually digital noise)- don't look in the areas where you're distracted by detail, look in the out-of-focus areas in HIGH res. It's there (I know this stuff). But does it detract from the set? In my opinion no, because Nelly is so cute and sexy, and most of the poses are quite good.

I'm all for upping the ante in technical quality, that's my area of expertise, that's why I've chimed in on the color-balance issues. But in this case it's sort of a non-issue. Yes, the noise is there. If you turn down the ISO, you typically give something else up, like depth of field. Photography, like life has infinite trade-offs.

Anyway- nice set, SUPER cute model, Nelly is a joy to witness!

Hi RedPilot ) I have this set for a long time did not want to offer Met-Art is not because of its technical excellence. The reason for the publication - a model Nelly. You are very well formulated its attitude to the set. I am the set with just as you are. Thank you very much)

Thank you for your explanation RedPilot. The images are quite clear on my computer, even in Hi Res, but I appreciate your expertise because I know nothing about photography.


Really? I have a fairly good quality laptop, so after I read your comment I clicked on hi rez and zoomed in on a few of the shots... I don't see "grainy."

That's two of us, it's crystal clear on mine as well.

You are all very accurately noted.

Nelly is great! I love her areolae, labia, winsome smile, love handles, butt and flexibility. Thanks for the visit and kudos to both ladies.

Hi Baggy36Pants) Thank you) Nelly deserves it to you like it. During shooting, it is very easy and obedient)

Wow. ( :
I don't usually like outdoor shoots, but I immediately forgot this was outdoors... Nelly looks so comfortable (yes, even in the extreme contortion/gymnastic shots) and so happy to be there.
Catherine, you did a wonderful job setting up. The outdoor features are an asset and not a distraction. And the sunning contrast between the gorgeous green background and the bright white fur Nelly poses on, and the delicious pale tones of her flawless skin... just a marvelous, visually stunning set. ( :

Oh, and shots 5 & 6... adorable. ( :

Hi fer_realz) I am very glad that you like this work, especially when written, that do not prefer sets outdoors. Very pleased to read your comment. All the comments I gave Nelly. Thank you very much)

You're welcome! I hope you were as pleased with this set as I am. ( :

Nelly is our first all-out-no-doubt-about-it goddess from Catherine this month. She is off the charts in this set—beautiful, adorable, desirable, yummy, kissable and all that other stuff. I hope she didn't hurt her back in some of those shots. The last time I tried anything like that, it took me two days to straighten up. I love everything about this set—though I think I see the beginnings of sunburn on that lovely skin.

Wonderful job, Catherine—a big, wet, sloppy kiss to each of you.

Sailor is right as usual. Keep it up Catherine. Ok, Sailor I did a nice one.

I never really doubted you. It was just a momentary glitch in you circuitry.

Thank you very much Sailor) I seemed drawback flushed skin from sunburn Nelly, but when I'm watching this set, traces of sunburn seem alive and the immediate. Nelly fragile and sweet girl. It is very flexible. I experienced the pleasure of working with her)

Tell Nelly I'll protect her. I'll be on the next plane with some sunscreen. xoxo

Sailor, I suspect that Nelly's been a gymnast for quite some time... she really seems to enjoy those backbends! ( :

She does them about as well as I do bicep curls with a martini.

Ha ha!
Single, or double-fisting, Sailor? LOL

Single. I'm not that old yet!

Ha ha! I hear ya, Sailor.... may none of us ever be that old! LOL

My girl Nelly, what a perfectly beautiful little sweetheart. Such a perfect little angel. Such a lovely doll. Nelly is so very cute and so very very pretty. She is a wonderfully talented model. Such a darling sexy body and such a sweet face. Wonderful, simply wonderful. Very warm regards to you my dear Nelly and very best wishes. May you enjoy many years of happiness and success in all your future endeavours. You are an angel.

Well said, Neil. But please tell her how you really feel. LOL I too, love her fresh-faced look and luscious lips. Nice work Catherine...as always!

Neil, yesterday I noticed a new set from Nelly was coming and I have been waiting to read your response (I know she's special to you).
Very nice comment you wrote and I hope Nelly gets a chance to read it.

I like that we each have a favorite (Luiza is mine....big surprise there, right?) and we get somewhat emotional when we see them.

I was speaking the truth when mentioned a week or so ago that I consider you a true gentleman because you are always courteous and respectful to both the model and photographer.

It's great that you have become such a huge supporter and friend of Catherine because she is quite special.

Also...Hi Catherine, my friend:) I think you made Neil happy today:)

Thank you Browning. I too am very fond of Luiza, but Nelly is uniquely special to me. Catherine assures me that Nelly has read my many comments regarding her. It costs me nothing at all to write pleasant comments and I find it very rewarding to me.

Neil, it may not cost you anything to write respectful comments, but it does show your character.

Words are like stones. You can use them to build up or you can use them to break down. We all must choose how we will use them. We will be remembered by our choice.

How very profound, Neil. Those are words to live by. I will remember your words and apply them to my own life. It also speaks volumes about YOUR character. My special, Met Art girl is Macy. She leaves me breathless!

Moxman, Macy B is beautiful. Nice choice.

Excellent post!

Hi)) I was very interested to read your comments. I'm very happy for you to work)

Image number 7: Nelly has such expressive eyes, I feel I could recognize her voice in a crowd of Russian ladies. Well maybe not.

Hi Neil) I forwarded your comment Nelly. I'm sure she will read your comment with great pleasure. This shooting took place in the evening. Set at half the sun dipped very low and it has closed a small cloud. On this day, Nelly very tanned, so it seems to become red. This can be seen in the picture. I'm glad that you like our work)



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