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Another example of a gorgeous Latvian beauty. I really don't understand why we have not seen more of her. Her face, body, hair, eyes are simply stunning.
I really think that some of the girls on this site are products of the numbers game. I would like to see decimals allowed between 9-10.......this would allow readers to vote a bit more discriminatingly. When a girl is not a 10 then you are forced to give her a nine.....it would be much more interesting if you could give a 9.4 for example. Anyway.........just a thought. Any way you slice it however, Nena is lovely.

It appears this is Nena's first set at MA. Why not a "Presenting..." title to highlight that event?

Nena herself is fine, but the set is just okay. Nothing to write home about, but not bad. Hopefully, she will come back and see us again with a more memorable shoot.

I've noticed that this year, not all the first sets are titled "presenting." I'm not really sure why they'd be changing policy this far in, but it doesn't strike me as all that important...
What is really interesting is to have two new models in one day. Interesting pick by K....

Nena is very lovely, but like many newbies, is having trouble getting to grips with the nude thing. Need I remind us of "Presenting Sofi"? It's easy to talk about the money, the contract, the money, your new clothes, the money, etc, but Very hard to do. My model friend has been in the business for eight years, and says it's Hard the first time you do a nudie with a new guy and his crew. I cite the last page where Nena has clothes on I gave Nena a 10+, she's working hard, even if she is beet red.The photography only gets an 8.

Given the fact that K does not buy every set that every photographer offers her, and that she and not the photographer decides the order in which the ones she buys are actually presented, we can never be certain that a model's "introductory" set is actually the first one shot of her... and don't forget that many models appear on many sites, so their "introductory" set here on MA might very well have actually been shot well into their career...

Wow. Some really boring commentary.

Fret not...doug will be here soon...;o)

The Doug Dog NEVER sleeps!!! :D

"Not a lot happening in this set."

(at least I give him quotation marks)

LOL ;o) Perfect! That worx!

The black shirt surely earned a trip to the bedroom.

49 is quite nice. Roll over please.

The nice imagery of panties from behind indicate make me wonder about a general neglect of buns. Call in the Society for the Prevention of Prejudice against Pastries.

...sure, if we can call them on the phone. Otherwise, too much chance of showers of spittle in that conversation. :D

Beautiful girl!! Looks a LOT like my best friend's wife looked forty years ago...:oO lol Thanks for the "peek"...LOL Nena's a real doll... I hope we see lots more of her. The set could have been worse, but it could have been a lot better too... 10/7/8

I just noticed that Nena is another "Lovely Latvian"...
I Love those Lovely Latvians!!

Terrible Photography!

I agree,bad focus and lighting.

Boring and unimaginative

Adorable face, stunning eyes, amazing nipples ... You are SO lovely. I wouldn't advise eating that toadstool, though :)

I'm pretty sure she knows better, but it shows me that she's a tease...I like!!

I think the toadstool was a metaphor...

Koenart= 0

boring: Not a lot happening in this set . Nena 8 Koenart 0

LMAO! This guy gets more thumbs than the "author" of that comment!!?? That's hilarious....like so many things here...;o)

Oh! I just noticed....he prefaced it with "boring"....LMAO!!

(Just to be clear...presently ergo (author) has one thumb... jann (plagiarist) has four thumbs) wtf??

Not a lot happening in this set . Nena 8 Koenart 0

Nena you are a stunner, come back soon.

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