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This pretty model deserves a better photographer, someone like Leonardo or Rylsky...Why wouldn't she shooted by them?

Nice frontal treatment of her beautiful naked body and her pussy toward the end, but it's a long time coming.

Steampunk theme, awesome, now this is Met ART. This is stuff I wish I saw much more often here.

I don't care what the name is. She is cute as hell. However the costuming sucks! I don't pay to watch old style burlesque where the entire shoe is the girl finally getting out of her clothes and then rushing off the stage before you can get a good look. If your going to put a cute young thing like this in clothes at least make them clothes that she would actually wear. This is a classy nude site not a costume ball.

This was a total waste of a very pretty young girl.

Paromov has reached back to vintage days of Gentlemens magazines and made a perfect photoshoot. Costume and hat were well selected. Women look great in hats. This photo set will survive over time as many 100 percent nude sets already have fallen into conventionalism. Look at MA archives.Thank you MA. More please.

tasty girl, beautiful costume, awesome set.
Something to make one dream!


Nensi is beautiful, but that stupid hat ruined the set for me. Am I looking at a beautiful woman, or the Mad Hatter?

Nice to see something different in a photo set. Looks like the model had a little fun posing for the camera.

Beautiful girl; absolutely crap unwatchable set. Crap costume, crap set, crap photographer.

Since I appear to be in the obvious minority here... I have to say I love the costume. While I wish the hat was off much sooner in the series, seeing a gorgeous gal in a Victorian steampunk costume certainly works for me.

Personally, I wish we could get more costume sets - after all, how many guys do not like the scenery at Halloween parties. :)

Hat = cute

Pretty girl, and very sexy, but the pics are very grainy. Setting is creative, costuming flamboyant. Overall nice set, but bad resolution on the pics for as large as they are. 'Film'?

For a good time, check out Nensi's first set, smoking hot body fully exposed, and no hat!

I like Elle D's hat better!

Plus the fact Elle was naked for the whole shoot helped trememdously!


I like the "original" Nensi better. It's gettin' weird around here..wrong names....wrong pics. What's next?

Truly an awesome set! Love the bottomless fantasy-themed shots!
Great to see something new and creative.

Great girl really funky set what a waste.

Pretty girl!!! I didn't really like the costume, but leaving the hat on until the last 10 photos was even more annoying! Focus was very poor in all the photos I viewed. This girl deserves better!

"Real" Nensi or not, this girl is so cute...
I can't say I'm in love withthe hat, or the costume, but it is so much fun to watch her play dressup and then dress down. She can play house with me any day. And then play doctor...

Who ever this model is - one thing is for sure she is heck pretty. Unfortunately this photo-shoot (despite some really good poses) does not do this model any favours. The clothes are daft but the hat is plain silly and off-putting.

Just love an almost fully clothed model with the love bits fully shown! How I'd love to bury my face between those lovely legs!

Insane outfit, stunningly gorgeous girl whatever her name, a really cute smile and totally comfortable displaying her beautiful shaven womanhood, I hope we get to see much more of her in the future.

um i'm pretty sure this is a different girl to the "Nensi A" previous sets.

You are 100% correct I was about to post thus but wanted to make sure by closely examining several photos.This model and the "real" Nensi are indeed two different people

This model has hazel eyes the Nensi in the other two sets has rich brown eyes.Nensi has a mole next to her lip on the left side this model does not.Nensi and this model have entirely different eyebrows.Both models have differing teeth.This model has a puffier right laiba while Nensi has much more uniform labia. The "Real Nensi" appears to be of Jewish ancestry(not a bad thing in my book).

This model is O.K. the "real Nensi" is much sexier though.

I think you're right, different coloured eyes for a start.

Oh my, now that IS a funny hat! Maybe, She's the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland?

I think she might be a fan of the 70s group, Slade. She's better looking than Noddy Holder though. Bloody silly hat!

Yep to that!

Possibly, however I do not recall any mention of the Mad Hatter's lovely shaved snatch in any past versions of the tale.



a2m2 this girl is not the real Nensi for that you should capitalize and increase font size.

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