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Nensi does in deed have a tight ass and I would pound it and make her cum over and over again. That tight body was built for hard sex and she knows it.

I love beautiful teenage girls lifting their skirts to reveal their lovely pussies. Pictures #14 and #15 are perfection.

What an irresistible combination of cute and sexy. And I love the flapper look. Nice set.

Very nice girl and nice set.
Anyway .. some of the pictures are over softened and look artificial in some way.

an excellent set. a gorgeous young model and a good photographer

an excellent set. a gorgeous young model and a good photographer

I really appreciate Nensi. I have been very patiently waiting for an outstanding set that will do justice to her youthful beauty. I feel that this is her best set so far. Not outstanding yet, but certainly acceptable. Paromov still starts out with costuming and silly head adornment, but eventually it comes off and ends up being a serious photoshoot. I'll keep waiting.

Nensi is adorable. I love her petite body, and her smile kills me - what does she know that I don't?

I enjoy Paromov's theatrical style. The baroque backgrounds are fun, and while the models may start off dramatically dressed, they eventually end up (more or less) as naked as one would hope. He has a unique voice on this site.

Agreed, Zakk.
Some dispute how much this site should be about "art" as vs. "erotic photography."
I don't have an answer for that argument, but I do know that I enjoy most those sets where not only the model, but also the photographer, obviously were having FUN.

Pure, utter magic.

So far, Paromov has ruined most of 2 sets (this one & the first) with ridiculous head wear. I hope he's done with it!

I like the play-acting. I love to see the models dressed, for a costume ball, Disco, lounge bar or bedroom. It's the end-result Paromov is missing out on. He gets the beginning right, but loses sight of the goal at the end.
He needs an education in the human female biological make-up. Probably too, that of the human male:-)

'Ruined' is a little strong for me, but I'd love to see a completely different approach to Nensi's next photoshoot.

Yep, I agree!

He ruined the first two Nensi sets with ridiculous underwear. The plume in this shoot was merely charmingly silly and then it went away.


Hey, guys, just be grateful she hasn't been subjected to insidious water torture. Murky bath/spa or bloody shower-head!! My only problem is in the lack of pussy. Surely she possesses that most exquisite source of ultimate pleasure. Paromov doesn't seem to know anything about it:-((

Very pretty girl.

She's got a beautiful ass, and shows it off very well.

Welcome back Nensi.
Look at you is a feast for the eyes.
I prefer the models fully clothed at the beginning of the set
but the idea of see-through skirt is very fun and enjoyable.
Photoset very well done 10+
Nensi 10++
Set 10+

Nensi is incredibly sexy. She could bring back the roaring twenties all by herself looking like that.

Nensi, you're the prettiest flapper at the party—and even lovelier when the costume's gone.

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