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Most favourite girl, least favourite photographer. Can't someone else shoot her?

I did not like the hand prints on her beautiful body.
10/10for the model,6/10 for the set

I so much like sets that play with natural sunlight and shadows, and return to the roots of Met Art with things like paint covered models etc.

I live in a humbler, simpler world where it's still OK to just drool over a hot girl and ignore everything else.

Let this law be set in stone: the only hand prints that will ever be allowed on the beautiful Nensi are my own. She gets into the spirit of things, and that's cute, but I seriously doubt that this is a set that I would ever revisit more than once. Too bad.

It will be reviewed again as will all of her work because she is so damned hot. Except for that disastrous first set. Not that she did wrong but because it was more about theatrics than Nensi.

I wish that the artists here would realize that the average member comes here for the girls. Not for scenery, not for costumes, not for art. We come to see the most beautiful women in the world undress for us. The model IS the subject and the object is to present her in a way that her feminine form IS the art.

It's a shame that a large proportion of the comments on this set are negative. Some of the comments here show me that 'people' are 'robots' and are unwilling to accept anything that is even slightly different from 'the norm'.

I like this set, Nensi is quite obviously awesome from head to toe, and I applaud the photographer for trying something different and not sticking to a humdrum set of pictures with this model (I am suggesting that the rest of the picture on MET are humdrum far from it). I think there is a lot of interest within the pictures here and they warrant more study.))

PS I like the setting and I also like the lighting.

I second that. Though I generally don't go for artistic license Nensi is so cute she easily rises above this sort of embellishment and the hands are strategically placed so they do not encroach on any erogenous zone. Also after looking a couple of times I realize that they are HER hand prints which changes the perspective completely.

Nensi, what a cutie, Youthful figure, freckles and all!

I thought I wouldn't like this set. I though differently after I finished going through it. How different and playful. It seemed to fit in with Nensi's personality. Minimal props and zero clothing - all Nensi.

The only thing I would suggest might have made it more interesting - Start out with none of the handprints, and add more as the set progressed to finish in the state she was for this set. There was another set done like that with lipstick drawing patterns on the model's body, starting with nothing and adding more as it went. It was at least a year ago, maybe more. If I think of it I will add another comment. I didn't think I would like that one either at first.

And I have to wonder, whose hand prints those are?

Found it! Irina J - "Crayon" 2012-Aug-06

I like your thinking with the hand prints.

I agree, it would have made for a more interesting set, as well as some anticipation of where the next print would show up. ( :

Way to ruin one of the hottest women on the site. Nice job! Not even bothering to look at the full-size pics.

When (if) I ever grow up, I wanna be a photographer's assistant!

I agree that Nensi is a lovely young lady, and I have really enjoyed her other sets, but this is a total waste for me (however, it would be very different if those were MY handprints).

One of my favorite models with an entire set ruined by stupid artsy-fartsy crap.

My Professional evaluation: Scoring 1-10

Model's sex appeal and attractiveness: 8

Photography, color/contrast ratios: 4 [Very poor]

Theme (freshly painted hand prints): 1 (childish/ Non erotic theme repeated in 100% of photos).
Note: It almost feels like the photographer got indulged in the childish play with the paint and forgot his/her role as an erotic photographer. Except for the raw beauty of the model herself every other element of this photo shoot scores no higher than 1. pisssssssssss

What makes you a professional (that was rhetorical). I don't agree with your evaluation (apart from the model's sex appeal/attractiveness of course).

I disagree somewhat on the childishness comment of the theme. I think between a couple, it definitely has its place. For an erotic set for an anonymous audience, it is indeed a poor fit, however.

I'm disturbed by her absence in the top 20.

Nensi is an adorable brunette with scamp face and blue eyes.
Happy and smiling enjoys playing naked on the set.
Happy to be a woman, shows to all her intimate jewelery.
Paromov proposes a dress a bit too original, but the playful scamp knows how to be sweet and funny too.

Cuter than my Persian kitten.

First -- I like Nensi -- think she's cute.

Second -- Not real fond of the scraggly-hair-look.

Third -- If I was into the "CSI" shows, I might find it humorous to have the incriminating evidence plastered all over her body.

Fourth -- before you explain "art" to me, go into the Louvre and put one of those on the Mona Lisa. Then you can explain art to the crowd of enraged Frenchmen while they dust off "The National Razor" for you.

I worship beautiful women -- but I like them "un-afflicted".

Funny Nensi - Mona Lisa.
Both are beautiful (do not offend the French).
Rather no.
Nansi more beautiful because naked!

......... I joke.

It was way fun, watching the paint dry on Nansi! KMaybe next time time they'll dip her in chocolate. YUM!!

Paromov certainly has not lost his artistic flair within this wonderful set with Nesi beautiful well toned tanned slender body covered with freshly painted hand prints both the white setting of the room and white bench the soft light flowing through the window highlighting both her body cute gorgeous face blue/green eyes and the sexy sensual playful smile upon her face :) within images #1-#15 with Nensi's lovely beaming bubbly cute face gorgeous blue/green eyes - her slender curvy body cute round butt breasts erect nipples reflecting within the mirror within both magnificent close ups of Nensi's upper torso firm tanned thighs nicely shaved vagina shapely tanned breast nipple fully erected her beaming glowing facial feature :) Image #14 is truely a magnificent photo of her well toned tanned slender figure her with both her taunt torso firm breasts erect nipples gorgeous face sexy smile..The soft light within the setting highlighted her beauty magnificently!!! I simply adore both of Nensi B's sensual pose both perched up on the white bench top showing her well toned painted body to her with her legs spread wide upon at least she didn't paint her slender creamy inner thighs and lovely shaved vagina to those gorgeous close ups of her cute firm round derriere with her hand prints upon those sweet cheeks :) To her squatting upon the floor spread legged with a very sexy look within her lovely blue/green eyes of hers :) To both those adorable sensual poses perch upon the the white wooden bench with the cardboard boxes in the back ground the darker contrast of the light highlighting her lovely painted tanned body cute derriere firm thighs round breasts nipples fully erected with both a sexy smile and a lovely glow within her blue/green eyes :) no favorite images within this Adorable series as i found them all flawless :)It really tickled my fancy with Nensi B painting her perfect body with white paint.She is truely a cute young model/woman Kudos to both Nensi B and Paromov for this both tantalizing sensual erotic sexy playful series and Thank You to both of you as it bought back fond memories when myself and my ex partner when bought our first cozy little house and started to renivate it we took a break to have a barbecue and a few too many beers and i ended up naked covered in paint too ;) Nensi B is truely cute far better than Jeff Milton in my view :) :) no offence Jeff Milton either ok !!!

I love your story about when you and your partner got mixed up painting... very cute story. ( :
I think of Nensi and Jeff as being in totally different categories... not better nor worse, just different. ( : But I like both of them very much. ( :

Wonderful writing Rags, it was close to an epic. I cannot add to what you have already said so eloquently.

Both Jeff and Nensi are beautiful, I tend to agree and personally find Nensi more attractive.

Cheers from the UK.

One more than the other?? How can you possibly choose? That's a pretty fine hair to split. ;)

Agreed... it's actually (IMO) apples and oranges. ( :

A fine hair indeed, both are stunning of course.

I, for one, would gladly volunteer for her next hand bodypainting assignment! Thank you so much Paromov for this beautiful art set! Nensi is the best!

The phantom groper of the MET studio strikes again......

Paromov's methodology is complex yet very simple. The approach is ahead of the curve. I take time to read photography periodicals and Met-Art's blogs. I appreciate the art aspect of the photographer's series. Thank you Paromov.

I just think it's weird!

Yeah, can we please refrain from vandalising the models with handprints. That perfect little arse is ruined for me by someone planting their dumb, paint covered meat hooks all over it. Thanks a lot.

Nensi is a beautiful, or incredibly cute, woman. I wish the Paromov haters would at least make two comments and give Nensi the kudos (or not) that she deserves separate from the comments about Paromov. I like most elements of a nice gallery, but I really am here to see the beautiful women like Nensi.

I think Paromov is similar to Rylsky in that, either you "get" him (her?) or you hate his style.

swplf2, When I first saw the thumbs I thought it was a shear body suit. I think it is really cute. It gives the whole set a playful feel. Paramov is known for costumes and elaborate sets but has received a lot of negative feedback. I think this was a way to give her a costume without suffering the negative comments. Imo it worked nicely for me.

What bundle of joy this little imp is. She is cute as can be and has a near perfect body. This one is a winner as far as I am concerned. My only negative is that there no real close in shots. That extremely cute face deserved some good closeup as did her splendid vulva. I love her pretty blue/green eyes, freckles and that cute wet hair look. She has my number for sure and I am sure I am not alone.

Thanks. hipshot and Browning I remember now the "costumes" I hadn't when I posted. But note, dislikers, I questioned the set without being negative. And as baggy points out Nensi is not to blame so if you hate what the artist's concept or shooting does don't trash the model... Give her, her do...

I hope you didn't see anything in my comments that was in anyway negative about Nensi in this set or the others. I think she is a living doll and her personality is awesome.

Anything I said negative was not about this set and directed toward Paromov's technique and artsy tastes. I thought this set was fine and I had no complaint about any of it including the hand prints.

Nensi is far to cute and personable to let the hand prints spoil it. Had it been paint or food I would have complained about defacing that lovely body but the hands had a somewhat understated way of saying "bet you wish these were your hands" and the fact that she seemed to get a kick out of it and in no way allowed it to be crass or to effect her poise and sunny personality was a real mark of a talented model.

I rated this set a 10 because I love this sweet little flower and want her back as much as possible.

swplf2, excellent point. Thank you.

Agree with you 99.99%, but no complaints about close-ups of her face from me. The high-res of the last photo in the set is a perfect headshot - already wallpaper on one of my monitors.

Dear bibblefuss :) even as a female member of Met-Art i have to agree with with both yourself,hipshot131 and others as well too Nensi B is simply a bundle of joy to see and Paromov truely highlights her gorgeous features with his series with her :) whilst they are a lack of lovely facial close ups of Nensi he truely makes it up with some magnificent close ups of her slender body as well as her lovely face all within a total package Cheers From Outback Australia :)

rags25, I totally agree with everything you said, except I am not a female of course... but I loved this set, playful, beautiful young lady.. how much better can it get?

I thought exactly the same thing when I viewed the thumbnails. Our comments passed like ships in the night; you describe this darling woman better than I did.

This is one of those sets that shows IMO what is most important....and that is the model.
Nensi is as cute as can be. Pretty face, dazzling blue/green eyes, darling little smile, and a perfect petite body.

While I could do without the hand prints....it's no big deal to me, Nensi's beauty easily overpowers any negatives in this set.

Muddy paws on a delicious body ,erotic ?? Non !

Ok, got me, what were they trying for with the hand prints? And don't tell me I was to "finger" it out...

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