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I would be in heaven with those 19 year old russian legs wrapped around me squeezing me tight while I was pounding her. Those Russian guys who bang her are so lucky. I don't know how they last so long before they cum. She would wear me out.

Nensi B is FOXY DI in porn. She takes it up the ass so easily and makes me come in a second. Still, she is a cutie. That ass,hip and legs drive me crazy.

The photographer don't even consider the tone of the background. Only when Nensi is seen against a shadowed background in one of the last shots there any contrast. He should try a black and white set so that tone starts to be something he can see. Dreadful waste of a beautiful model.

she has one of the finest asses I have ever seen. Wow..

A splendid young woman discovering the force of a woman to direct matters into her will.

Over exposed and uninspired.

What a travesty. This is almost as much of a waste as what Rylsky has been doing with Nikia A. They seem to think they can be lazy when they have a stunning model. No, you still have work to do people.

Lovely model, poor photos. come on you can give some much better than this.
and i want to see her many times more and a video too.

Its both, fantastic environment AND a very sexy girl. An I want both: artfull image and spreaded, opened pussy and delightfull asshole shots of this fantastic young girl, I want to f...

Have you watched her doing hardcore stuff? Most arousing thing I've seen ever! Seeing a guy taking her anally... WOW. And she looks all womanly and sexy, not just cute like in this set.


I finded it!

Somewhere over the rainbow !


Nensi is pure loveliness, and shot #69 (he-he) is definitely enough of a close-up to prove Nensi is a girl. This is a perfect use of outdoor light snd landscape, my quarrel with Paramov is that he is sometimes careless about model safety, like reflecting the light off snow and ice while the model is freezing important anatomical parts. This is perfect! I give Parsmov and Nensi both a 10++++.

My goodness Nensi is cute...Her tight little body is a HUGE turn on!

Nansi, beautiful wild flower !
(wild flower is not an understatement because the wild flowers have all the freshness and the scent that hothouse flowers can not have).
Nensi solar and joyful as a beautiful spring day.
Nensi welcome back.

Very pleasant set although photographed outdoor.
Paromov, pictures outside is mandatory?
Bear pictures outdoors.

what an utterly BORING set, waste of time for an adorable model, why don't you go back another 200 yards and shoot from there?

Don't give him any ideas...

Ah, sweet innocence.

I love this set, fantastic location, crystal clear photography, beautiful playful model with a radiant and inviting smile, extremely hot body, 10+ in my book.

Whatever your opinion of the set or the photographer, you gotta admit that's a bitchin' swing! And who better to share the fun with than Nensi? What a cutie.
Overall, I like this set because it brings out her cuteness and her girliness. ( :

Well he sure doesn't move the camera much after he pick his spot... Last time we saw her he had that hand print thing going... And IMO overexposed lacking contrast. Today seems more like travel poster shots. I would like to think Nensi is very pretty but hard to tell with shoots he gave us today. "Nensi, it's too bad that you are locked into having your photo set done by Paromov!" Was what in one of her earlier sets Dutchman posted. I have to agree! Paromov loan her to Catherine, or Delta so we can see her at her best.

... or Arkisi or Rylsky. Maybe she has a good rapport with Paromov, but it's time for her to do sets with someone else.

Yes, shot by anyone else would be fine by me, even if just once.

Not even one close-up of anything. Meh!

and no contrast, and very repetitive

There is need for glasses?

Couldn't agree with you more.

You have a gorgeous naked young lady and it seems the emphasis is on capturing the environment around the gorgeous naked young lady instead of photographing the gorgeous naked young lady.

It's ridiculous !!!

no, it is art.

The naked young lady without an environment is just porn. Meat on display.

The url says met-art. Not met-meat. Or met-porn.

If you want pussy parades, subscribe to als. There you can see everything - including her cervix.

Which isn't wrong. But why turn met-ART into another ALS? Or some third grade site?

V-man, I disagree with your definition of porn versus art.

Showing a woman's vulva cannot be considered art? Far away or up close, Isn't it part of the woman's body?

I've seen ALS. That is NOT art. Pulling, stretching, gaping, insertions, speculums, peeing, fisting, that is what ALS is about. Showing the woman's vulva in a natural state, even up close is not porn, IMO. Sticking something in it, that would definitely be considered porn by most. I am here at MA because I like to see nude women as they are portrayed here, without all of the stuff I mentioned above and in a tasteful setting.

Well said Kilroy, There is no porn on Metart. But we do however pay to see fully naked women and for me at least, the vulva is the core of feminine erotics. I can see almost naked on TV and for sure in movies not to mention our local pool. Al's is over the top even for me.

I would agree V-man_ger BUT.. the photographer is an amateur.
This is garbage photography.. If you are going to call yourself an artistic website then show some artistry.. There is no artistry in these photographs. I could take the same quality picture with a camera phone.

Sadly this is becoming a trademark of Paromov and one thing I won't excuse even if Nensi is on of the cutest models to come along in a long time. She jumped onto my hit parade with set #2. The first set was pure garbage(not her fault) I would love to see Catherine, Aekisi or Rylsky shoot her. Such a supreme little cutey going to waste is a crime!

her first set was pure awesome.

Why do you need pussy closeups in every single set? Why?

What is wrong with having a few closeups? I'm not talking about the whole set filled with nothing but pussy shots, but two or three closeups like we had in the other two photo sets today.

because as you are so fond of quoting it says this is an erotic art site not a pinup art set. Do I need them in every set, in short no if it is only an occasional omission I can live with it but when it becomes a rule rather then an exception then it time to take exception to the photographers style. This is an erotic site not a travel agency.

Agreed. Nensi you are SO cute, these shots don't do you justice. Your poses are great, but encourage photographers to get in a bit closer, and how wonderful it would be if you opened that adorable little pussy a few times. I LOVE your freckles. Keep the sets coming, angel! xxx

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