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another beautiful setting. To bad there are so many who are not interessted in anything but a girls vulva. A shame, really.

The outdoor locations very rarely are pleasant for a number of technical and aesthetic reasons.
This is an obvious example.

was wasted Nensi one of the most beautiful stars of MetArt with shots that showing she very small in the middle of a natural environment incumbent on her.

A location in a place, that he may have environmentalist advantages , but is completely inadequate to enhance a beautiful naked woman.

This little niagara is a place of shameful discomfort for the model and utterly useless for the observer.

One of the hottest girls on MetArt and yet you insist on shooting her from a hundred miles away and from some of the most un-flattering and un-titillating angles. What a complete shame. I could put together a great set with the shots here but I'b be ditching about 80 or 90 of them to do it. A little effort with the photography would be appreciated.

Some models just reach out of their images and grab me by the heart and there's just nothing I can do. In such cases I don't always even know just what it is that's driving me so wild. For me, Nensi is just such a model. Thanks for bringing us another set of Nensi, especially the hi-res version, and please do bring us many, many more.

Yikes! I'm outa here! While looking for trout in this beautiful setting, I noticed that Nensi, cute as she is, looks way too much like my granddaughter.... Really impressive location!

The model is nice and cute.
The lightingis perfect.
The posings are fantastic.
But,more telescopic.

This set is strikingly similar to one from FemJoy just last week featuring the model Medina U [yes, that's our girl Nensi B] by a photographer named Romanoff [same guy as 'Paromov'?] And that shoot drew the same 'landscape / National Geographic / where's the model' criticism as this one. Some shoots are obviously better than others, but as long as it features NensiB-MedinaU-Angel-Katoa-Eletta-XeniaE-FoxyDi-Inna or whatever new model name she chooses, it'll be a keeper for me.

You know what bothers me the most???
I think everybody knows that she's a pornstar, she does anal and everything else in her videos regularly. Yet on these Paromov / Romanoff photos we don't even see her pussy up close. :(
She definitely needs a better artist, who can show us her true beauty and not just the landscape around her. But I'm afraid she won't work with anybody else just Paromov and that's a shame.

I don't need, nor want pussy close ups!

semajw, I think you and I are in the minority here.
I would be just fine without pussy closeups ~ if I like a pussy I like to see the face as well at the same time. However, as a rule, I prefer to see both more close up than most of the shots in this set.

All I see is green, is there a model there somewhere?

Although I'm not a fan of most outdoor settings, I loved this one. Great shots (with some focus errors) that highly Nensi's slender-yet-curvy form rather than her bits. I hope there is always room on MetArt for such work.

This set made me think of the Dire Straits song "you're so far away from me......"

I love Nensi but this is a --really-- poor set of photographs. There are only a handful of pix in which she isn't blurred, out of focus and/or overexposed. There are several where the rocks behind her are in focus while her face isn't. That's either inexcusably sloppy or an indication that he's never learned how to use his camera's focusing system.

Another National Geographic session.

You have an absolutely gorgeous model yet the photographer's focus in on the landscape, not the model.

Is there anyone editing these sessions ?

Enough already !!!

I especially enjoy this set because Nensi here looks so very much like a young lady I fell head over heels in love with, but never won to my heart... and we once spent a day in a place much like this. Such good memories... ( :

But I'm betting you were wearing more, which in your own case might have been a good thing :))

As a matter of fact, we were... but by then my feelings were pretty obvious so the point was moot. ( : I still dream of what might have happened...

I have mixed feelings on this one. Nensi is a doll so sweet and innocent looking and the setting is beautiful but I think I need binoculars. Paramov is still avoiding intimate closeups but this time by shooting from 40' away.

I certainly wish this little dream would pose for one of the artists that can work with her and give us more of her womanly beauties.

Nensi is utterly gorgeous and she appears to be quite adventurous with her rock climbing in this set, watch you don't fall!.

There's great natural beauty here, both in the surroundings and obviously in Nensi herself, for me this definitely works more as an artistic set than an erotic one, for that I think it would have to feature a lot more close up work. That said I did enjoy this set and still wanting lots more of Nensi.

Beautiful Nensi is one of my favorite models, and I applaud Paromov for doing things his way!

It's nice to get my comment in early so I can sit back and read the members' comments at my leisure.

Drop dead cute model, and lovely setting, but this set feels like looking through the wrong wrong end of a telescope. Please give us some close ups of that sweet freckly face and hot little body.

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