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I like outdoor sets. Sandy beach? Fuck yes!

And I like the way P. played with perspective and angles.

At least he knows how to focus.

She has such strong legs especially her inner thighs and she can make any man that's not a porn star come fast. What a body for a 19 year old.

Nensi B has been taking advantage off and it's a shame in those Russian porn films she does. I would make love to her on this beach and she would feel so good and it would be so different for her than those studs who are taking advantage of her. She would discover what real love is all about.

Nensi looks much better in costume. Nautilo is one of my favorites

Luuuuuv Nensi --

BUT ---

Outdoor sets suck !!!

No sense of intimate connection with the model and the poses are incredibly limited by nature. They have either too much sun or too much shadow, sand in the wrong places, and they appear to have a "sterile" quality to them.

Taking your girlfriend for a quickie at the beach may be fun once or twice. But seeing the same woman -- every day -- with damp hair, a sandy backside, and soggy makeup would lead to divorce.

They could save us all a lot of angst and wasted words by shooting a couple of pics in the old town square -- then take her home and put her on silk sheets where she so obviously belongs.

And Paromov needs to hurry before his internet access gets cut off.

THINGS I LOVED: Nensi!, Nensi's face!!, Nensi's bum!!!, #15!!!, #51, #56, #60, #64, #73-77, #80, #83, #93, #111, #113, #114.

THINGS I'D PREFER: Less use of ultra-wide angle focal lengths, less awkward poses, model filling more of the frame (less background, more Nensi)

THINGS I DON'T CARE ABOUT ONE WAY OR THE OTHER: Sand. Seriously gang, get over it.


Nensi B appears to be a very pretty woman, with very shapely but small breasts, but it's difficult to really be sure, since this series is a major loser, being pathologically pre-occupied with monotonously repetitive spread-leg pussy shots, near and far, telephoto and wide-angle, up and down, front and back, well over half the total views, while almost completely neglecting her fine breasts, the flow of graceful lines of the female body, and the beauty of her whole form. The photographer obviously has a very small one-track mind, and it is derailed, in her crotch.

Lagrandebellezaphobia is curable.

Hereafter abbreviated to "GBphobia" LOL

La GB's give me la heebee geebies.

~ that would be "les" heebies geebie.

Nensi is great. my only comment is that she needs to put on some weight.

i love Nensi's gorgeous blue eyes, her perky boobs, her wonderful legs and i loved much her open legs photos. she is almost perfect.

love the poses and shes a big doll love her

~ "big" ~ ?!?
Anything but... ( :

Love it! Natural, youthful beauty.

A sensational bum receiving exposure and homage from Paramov's camera. This set is a real treat for lovers of a shapely ass of the slender body of a charming and pretty woman. More like this please!

Nensi simply adorable.
Very nice Nensi dressed who strips.
Very teasing Nensi without panties and still dressed.
Wonderful Nensi, excellent photos Paromov.

I do not like the photos of the girls on the sand, because the sand all dirty, and you find the sand even under your contact lenses.
In these photos Nensi is not dirty of sand.
Paromov, do not worry about the criticism and continue on your way.
Paromov, if you had put a teddy bear hairy between the legs of Nensi there would be many cheers.

No pandas.

I share our artist's fascination with ancient wooden pilings. I would like to read about them in a journal article or have them shown to me by an archaeologist. I would definitely be grateful for their exact location. Here it's contribution is zero -at best. At worst, it prevents the tide and waves from cleaning the beach, leaving sludge and debris.

Besides the grass, which provides excellent background, the most aesthetically interesting part of our model's setting is the ORANGE JELLY BEAN (i.e. #25)

Sand dune slithering is so not sexy.

Crotch grit grates more than clashing colors or clumsy cropping.

However, my good fellows, we could put more effort into seeing the good. Our appreciation is a joint effort of artist photographer, model, AND viewer.

57 is better than good. The texture, form and color of the grass frame and flatter our model well, as does the water and the horizon. The colors in the fabric wrap bring out the color of the eyes. The sunlight reflecting in the hair helps. The minimalist make up is very effective. The play of light on our model's skin works to display form an feature? That lovely face could hardly be better shown. We should see it more often. I am left wanting the wrap to slowly slip down.

The open jacket clasped at the top with the black bra is well chosen along with the thong panties which offer so much potential.

Our model's skin tone and graceful structural form come through everywhere. There are plenty of curves from the whole body. Our photographer met the lighting challenge as well as most in a setting of this sort.

So I look forward to seeing soon an offering that showcases strengths and talents of this photographer artist.

Ha ha ha!
I had to do a "Where's Waldo?" in Hi-rez to find the ORANGE JELLY BEAN! in # 25... thanks for the amusing diversion!

Magwich, I asked metlover, and I'll ask you the same question since you don't mention it... do you not see the distortion I and some of the other commenters see? Or if you do see it is it not a problem for you? Again, this is an honest question, not a sarcastic one.

I can't really answer. I'm traveling with an iPad.

Tasty treat

Cute, cute, CUTE!!! ❤ the bubble butt!

I'm a huge fan of her. Both her erotic work here and her hardcore scenes. One of the hottest models right now.

Where is her hardcore work?
What site? Sites?
I'd love to see more of her.

I stumbled on a few videos of her on YouPorn, search for: "Webyoung Angel s Solo Sexuality" and also have a look at the Webyoung channel there's at least 5 other vids of her. MetArt is the only porn site i have ever been a paid member of though (some people might not like calling it a porn site, but that's what i call it).

I think this is a great photo set of Nensi, not sure why everyone's complaining. A beautiful girl spreading her legs so i can fantasize about making love to her - that's what i come here for.

Thanks Mate, I owe ya, I went looking and found so very hot stuff with this cute little imp. She is awesome in the XXX stuff! That is some really hot stuff! Gotta do some more cruisin.

And Nensi is always cute!

No worries hipshot, glad i could help out :)

My complaints (and you will only VERY rarely see a complaint from me in the comments, BTW) are about the distortion in so many of these pictures. I don't know if it is the lens used, as one of the members suggested, or the angle of shooting (I am not a photographer) but it seems so egregious I do not see how the photographer could not have seen the distortion himself. It mystifies me... and I am a big fan of Paromov BTW, so I do not complain lightly. It's just that I'm as big a fan of Nensi and hate to see her beauty marred.

Just search the name foxy di in any of the free video porn sites and she'll show up. Or you can download her videos through torrents.

Sand in the pussy again, hmmmm, how inviting

Bravo. Nice work. Such a natural cutie

What a shame, most all the comments are complaints

Just curious, metlover, do you not see the distortion, or if you do, does it not bother you? An honest question, not sarcastic at all, I am curious of your opinion.

What a shame, the complaints are understandable.

I wouldn't complain if more of the young women in my town wore an outfit like this one.

Nensi B is one of my favorite models on this site, and it never fails to excite me just seeing her in the updates, but as soon as I saw it was an outdoor shoot, I couldn't help but experience a wave of dread. Quite an emotional dichotomy.

I opened the set and scanned the photos and there might be only one or two that I thought had any quality in the sense that I thought they did a justifiable capture of Nensi's flawless youth. I liked # 88, but that was really about as far as it went.

I hate beach sets, and this was no exception. I hate the way the sand washes out a model's skin. Sand adds to making most of these photos just strike me as overexposed and dirty (not in a good way).

There's just something off about Nensi's facial expressions, as in #33, that make me wonder if she's really enjoying this shoot.

I want nothing but success for Nensi. She is one of the gems of this site, but this set did a poor job of living up to the Met-Art brand as far as I am concerned.

Proctor, try holding the pose she is holding in #s 25 - 37 for more than about 3 seconds and see if you'd have a genuine smile on your face without effort... ( :

I couldn't have said it any better. Her photographer(s) - she's got sets on a number of sites - don't seem to respect her or appreciate just how beautiful she is. Most of her sets are about 90% garbage and that sucks because she's one of the prettiest girls on any site where she appears.

Nensi B is an absolute doll, and I have been patiently waiting to see her youthful beauty done justice here. It has been an exercise in frustration.

While I instantly fell in love with photo 1, photo 2 exhibits one of the innate perils of the outdoor shoot ~ at least, in bright sunlight. ( :

At least the (wasp?) in # 1 didn't sting her, I hope.

I suspect if it had, the shoot would have been over instantly...

BTW, it took me probably over 20 tries to find that damn wasp, because I kept getting distracted by her pretty freckled face. ( :

Paromov: What the H E double hockey sticks were you thinking?

I have steadfastly defended the different way you stage and present your models to us. Then you deliver a piece of s**t like # 78, only to follow that with a worse example in # 79.

Did you even look at what you delivered for potential publication?

79 is good from the waist down.

Baggy, I concur ~ I have been, and remain, a fan of Paromov and I appreciate his inventiveness and his willingness to think outside the box.
However, I gotta wonder how he could look at the distortions of Nensi's perfect little face and body in these pictures and say, "Oh yeah, that looks good..."

Wonderful! At last some closer views of that sweet freckly face (and more besides). Why are sandy soles so super-sexy? Drop dead cute and good enough to eat. Thanks, gorgeous!

What an amazingly appealing face, and her smile looks perfectly natural and spontaneous throughout. Such an adorable smile....

Please don't use a wide angle lens for portraits.

I agree, I am not a fan of the distortion(s) in so many of these photos. It detracts from Nensi's loveliness.

What a little darling, Nensi is so cute! Love the smiles, the freckles, her petite yet perfect body. She is the perfect fantasy girl. The girl next door, a best friends little sister. So young and cute and yet fully woman.

The photography is a bit problematic in that there are no intimate closeups and lots of repeat shots like from 25 to 38 they are virtually the same pose with the same distortion causing her legs to look out of proportion to her body. With the camera obviously resting on a tripod and unmoving except for a slight zoom. this is repeated several times in this set like he was mainly just trying to get to that magic #120

An admirable and balanced assessment.

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