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Nice girl, why are pics all out of focus, stupid.

Those strong legs of Nensi are such a turn on with her wearing those sexy stockings. I want to invade that inviting 19 year old pussy so bad. I would cum so fast inside her warm love hole. She is one of the hottest cute girls to come along in years.

I don't get the alarm clock or the skeleton key, but I don't see ANYTHING here to complain about! I'm always happy to see a new fantasy starring Nensi.... Such a sweet little treat!!

Delicious Nensi.
Delicious blue eyes.
Paromov, very, very enjoyable photos.

For the first time I find charming a girl with her hair down.

I always appreciate a visit from Nensi, and usually I can tolerate the photographer's choice of how she is presented.

The last set included some intolerable images that Paromov didn't even look at before submitting them for K's consideration! My initial review of these thumbnails and some full size images didn't indicate any similar laziness this time.

Turning now to Nensi's fetching freckles; it is apparent that this set was not captured during the winter.

mmmmm freckles...
The stuff of which dreams are made...

I agree, Baggy. This IS better than her last set, which was outdoors if I remember correctly.

God made a beatous garden

Blooming with

A beatus beauty of bounteous booty

Photographer Paramov Presently Paragon of Posterior Postulation

Fie for the folly of feet on fire (53): a little loud with the light

A treat of texture

Are you here nominating nummy Nensi for membership in that auspicious "body" *hem* *hem* "The Association," Magwich?

A little too much with the lighting but good set anyway, this young woman is absolutely adorable, what a little minx.....sorry Rich that you are so unhappy, all the time...it's just sad that you have to be so vicious, hope your Monday gets better.

Thank you for having a normal set, not one of those weird stage settings.

Yes, lets look at the positives.

Shall we have a whip round to buy Paromov a light metre?

Too cute....

The so uber cute it should be against the law (and in some jurisdictions, probably is) Nensi pulls on a pair of ultra sexy stockings for us (with a freakin' bow on, so we'll not doubt how girly this cutie can get) and rolls around on some furs for us. Love it... but then, I love just about anything Paromov shows us of Nensi.

I keep hoping that someone else will shoot with Nensi. She is a beautiful young woman who deserves better than Paramov's portrayal of a store-front dummy.
Wanting desperately to add her to my collection, I haven't yet seen a set with her by Paramov worth uploading.
Hipshot131 has found this egotistical, brain-dead drop-kick out. It's all about Paramov, and not about his model.
We've had enough of your crap Paramov. Shoot the girl as the human being she is, and not the plastic mannequin you prefer!!

What an asshole, do you do anything else besides piss and moan and complain and degrade

"Mannequin" ~ ?
You and I are not looking at the same set, because mannequins don't smile.

And they don't have a nice behind like Nensi.

Now just a minute.... I've seen some fine-assed mannequins in my day... ;o) Don't be disrespectin' the 'stiffolk'...lol


Another over lit, washed out, Back lighted set! I am so tired of this fascination these Met photographers have with this type set. This set lacks contrast and the brightness is way overboard. I guess they think this creates a dream like effect. To me it's just plain poor photography.

Nensi is a bright, gorgeous, little imp that is loaded with personality and a body that is sublime but Paromov just can't seem to let her be the star. This set with proper lighting and contrast would have been delightful but he wants to be the star instead. Throwing in things like an alarm clock, a couple hunks of unidentifiable animal fur? these are silly attempts to insert himself into the set when Nensi and those awesome stockings don't need any props to create interest. Nensi deserves a whole lot better. Nensi is a 10+++ but she is being dragged down by the photography.

Sounds like sour grapes...

These are "dirt pictures!" If you can't shoot your wad, I suspect that it is for reasons other than that there is an alarm clock in the picture.

What's a "dirt picture," Mulethief? I'm not being sarcastic, I'm genuinely curious.

Sorry guys but as a photographer myself I tend to be a lot less tolerant than a lot of you seem to be. Nensi is an absolute doll and a great talent and this is why I am so critical of the photography. And yes I looked at all of the set before commenting. Granted after shot 40 she was out of the window but the shots are still overly bright and washed out, marginally better but still way to bright. It saps all the color from our beautiful Nensi and renders those beautiful stockings detail-less and makes her cute freckles almost invisible. He has a fantastic model here that is working her heart out and being ignored by the photographer who is more about visual effects than highlighting all of Nensi's considerable virtues.

Try looking at the quality of photos instead of darling Nensi, a hard thing for sure, and you will agree. A couple of simple camera adjustments could have improved this set immensely.

you could also add DoF and focus problems to the mix.

Image 14 for example. Everything is soft and blurry - except her protuding hip bone.


Seriously, I am all in favour of shallow DoF and creating interessting compositions with carefully chosen focus points. But her hip bone?

Well, thank you for your reasonable and detailed answer to my query, I appreciate the explanation. I guess I am a bit sensitive because it seems to me ~ and maybe I am being oversensitive, but it genuinely seems this way to me ~ that some members decided early on that they don't like Paromov's experimental sets, and on that basis they decided they don't like any of his work at all, no matter what it is. I will ~ and have ~ criticized him when I saw something in his work that I don't like, but it seems to me that at least 50 - 75% of the criticism of his work here is just kneejerk/automatic criticism of people who already have their mind made up that they don't like anything he does, before they even look at it ~ or at least, they take a cursory look to confirm their pre-judgment, bitch, and leave it at that.
Personally, I feel that his work is varied enough that it merits at least one close examination before someone decides they don't like it.

What I mean is that, Paromov's stuff isn't the same old thing over and over again. Like Rylsky, he varies his style and his methods, and that in itself deserves the respect of giving his sets a good look before deciding they're crap.

Sorry hipshot and all, I like this set, there are so many excellent pictures of Nensi here (maybe because it is Nensi). The lighting may not be to everyone's taste but I quite like a bit of light and shadow. Without knowing what the photographer was thinking or the effect he/she was trying to achieve it is difficult for any of us to understand if he/she got it or not. All's each of us can really say is if we like it or not and you know my opinion.

I'm with hipshot, a very disappointing set.

Did you look through the entire set, or did you get frustrated by the first few shots? Most of the shots aren't fuzzed out by the backlighting.
You are ~ seriously ~ panning a set based on a few idiosyncratic props?

Ah, want can you do? Soulless, humorless drones...they're everywhere.

I blame all the fuss and controversy this Monday morning not only on the fact that it's Monday morning, but also on the cr@ppy weather....

And no rock to cheer everyone up!! :oD On the run!!!

You are one in a million, Rock. ( ;

Fabulous girl in sexy stockings! A feast for the eyes. In my opinion
some hairs on the feminine triangle would give a visual asset.

i wondered why her feet looked so odd i the thumbs...of course...stupid stockings

Outstanding set from Nensi and Paromov.

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