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Great set of this flexible young lady!

The man on the beach in some of these photos was a lucky guy that day to see this hot NUDE teen babe that makes your dick hard immediately.

Pic 659KB( very nice closer view of Nensi's strong legs and delicious thighs and hips. Also, that inviting ass). Who ever marries her is going to be one lucky man. Wish it was me. Beautiful photo by the sea. Nensi likes to swim in the ocean. So do I.

Nensi shows her body is so incredible for sex. Look at the positions she can get into. Pictures 423kb and 511kb(show the proof). She can wear a guy out in a no time with those legs and hips. She can squeeze you to paradise.

Nice spreads of a glistening wet Nensi, very nice.

Nensi is one of my all time favorites and it's always great to see her!!!

Paromov, I really appreciate the lights, the complex atmosphere of your interior sets.
This narrow, horrible pebble beach, shabby and charmless has completely ruined a set with the beautiful Nansi.

Some of the best shots in this set were ruined by the yacht in the background. The beautiful model should be the central focus of the shot. Furthermore, sand and pebbles on her body is a turn-off.

Overall a pretty good set, but I agree that Paramov should get major demerits for 109-118 - framing the images to make sure the boat is included is seriously dumb.

The perf Memorial Day weekend set...SPLASH DAY!

Images 74 and 75 had an unexpected visitor.

Our little doll Nensi shows us her freckle factory and sweet smile on the beach again... I felt bad she had to step on all those pebbles with her feet. I hope a pair of sandals was waiting just off-scene... and I wonder if she noticed dude photobombing in the last part of the set until his wife showed up and shooed him away... ( ;

Gotta love those freckles!

Your "Time wounds all heels" comment could apply here as well.

Delicious little babe!

She does truly wild and crazy sex in videos on other sites, but I think this set reveals her essential sweetness, maybe even innocence, if that doesn't sound crazy. She certainly is a) stunning b) cute and c) a pro

What are her other names/sites? I would love to see more. Even some of her "crazy" stuff!

Some people enjoy sex as the joy it is, without associating it with dirtiness or sin. I think that's the way to be, not the way I was raised...


Right on, for realz!

Nensi has a beautiful sexy flexible body to show for..She did a great job on this set as working on those pebbles is not comfortable.

Not a bad set, no theatrics, Nensi was the unquestionable focal point. Lots of great rear shots of her delectable back side. That is one perfect little butt, nice legs and a smooth well muscled back. No skin and bones here, Nensi is a real hard body. No real close in work but still well done. And a beach set without sand in everything. How refreshing! Obviously not a private beach but the people didn't seem to mind and Nensi the pro that she is just kept on posing like there was no one there.

Nice work guys!

It is decent set, we even get close enough to see her cute freckles. Nensi does have a hard body and a great figure, so she looks great in a beach set like this one. I loved the standing poses, but there were good backside poses, too. Two thumbs up, one for Nensi and one for Paromov on this set.

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