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Paromov shouldn't be allowed near a camera.

I like Paromov since he has stopped sticking girls in the snow up to their ladybits (look back at the archives for sets like "Stalingrad"in 2005.) He is an excellent outdoor photographer,and I always like his sets of the lovely Nensi in particular. I gave a 10++++ for both.

I much prefer Paramov's outdoor sets to the indoor sets. Indoors I often feel that there's a woman struggling to be a model under tons of makeup, stylized poses, and hothouse lighting; outdoors there's an impression of a real woman in actual circumstances behaving pretty much like herself. More vivid, less artificial, with better lighting and much more interesting backgrounds. I liked the transition from #4 to #5.

This is one of those rare occasions where an outdoor shoot really works. I like that there's a reason behind the location and a progression in the shoot. The closing of the set with Nensi putting her clothes back on is OUTSTANDING, great choice to include it.

Now, as far as the model--she's one gorgeous little lady. Her figure is tight, slender and flawless. And I love her freckled little face.

Well done.

Look up Adorable in the dictionary, and there's a (nude) pic of Nensi next to the definition. ( ;

Nensi is very high on my Top 10 favorite Met Models ... so adorably cute and so incredibly hot, all blended together with a playful sensuality that I find irresistible. But yes, I think it would be very interesting to see her captured by different photographers that might bring out more of her potential to create absolutely killer sets. More Nensi!!!

Would love to have seen Nensi as she took off the dress. I hate it when the models how their eyes behind glasses. I would love to lick every droplet of water from Nensi's gorgeous body. Can't get enough of those adorable freckles.


I love the fun-loving, carefree attitude that Nensi projects.

"We have twenty minutes before the next train....whadawegonna do?"
"Oh! I have an idea.....follow me!"

This probably goes against all logic, considering this is an erotic nude site, but I liked the photos of Nensi getting dressed. something different. :)

I agree. I think it frames the set perfectly.

There are actually several very very good sets of models starting out fully nude and gradually donning some very nice clothing, back in the archives. I tried to tag them something along the line of "reverse strip" but the tag system would not allow such a tag... sadly.
It's a wonderful idea for a set, and I wish more photographers would explore it more fully...
Especially if it was a model starting just out of the shower, and putting on a very sexy evening outfit, complete with lingerie, hose, dress, high heels, etc. etc. That would be VERY sexy, IMO.

That is still the cutest little ass on the site, sweet and scrumptious!

A very beautiful model and just makes me want to be there to watch the shoot and possibly meet her.

I applaud Nensi,Paromov and other MetArt models and photographers as taking these beautiful photos in public places is very gutsy.

Nensi needs a new photographer.

I love Paromov's work with Nensi, but generally speaking/with few exceptions, when we see a model working with multiple photographers, the results are good. I would like to see Nensi work with some other MA photographers such as Flora, Catherine, Deltagamma or Rylsky.

...or, for that matter, Alex Sironi.

not the best set for the gorgeous babe Nensi.

not the best set for the gorgeous babe Nensi.

I think Paromov is shy of close up work.

I like Paromov because we get more shots of the whole model, and some with some composition including the background - on an "Art" site that should be OK. I hate all these portraits (from other togs) with top or side of hair chopped off or bits of arms and legs missing that looked like the "tog" could not be bothered to frame the shot properly.
I am not keen on all the shadows on Nensi(from the roof supports ?) at the station. Flash should have been used or move Nensi along the platform, but the idea was nice. As always, I query the ratio of about 10 shots of Nensi's front to 1 from the back - she has a very nice rear - lets see more of it.
Good set.

Oooohhhh.... "tog" as in, 'tog, or (pho)tog(rapher). OK, now I get it.
That one had me scratching my head for two days... LOL

or maybe people want to see Nensi and not just baby cannons?

Why not both? Out of 120 photos, what would it hurt to have a 5 or 6 closeups, and not just of the "baby cannon"?

Actually, this set from Paromov is better than some, there is less scenery and more Nensi, and no theatrical costuming.

I prefer theatrical costuming over gynocological exams.

Seeing Nensi get frisky at the Metro station before and after was sheer delight. I'm glad she had a nice soft inflatable raft to lie on instead of the pebbles ~ I hope she gets to enjoy a nice wide tropical sandy beach sometime soon, she sure deserves the vacation!

nensi is one hot babe.Under that freckled innonocence there oozes a raw sexuality.She reminds me of Mango.What a great tag team.

Good observation and comparison. And, now that you mention the tag team idea, I think you're on to something......

A very suitable pairing that would be! Alas, its probably only for dreams.

A set of the two of them playing together ~ on a tropical beach ~ would be sheer delight!

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