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I cannot understand how people can find this unfortunate girl attractive after such a terrible breast operation.

But I cannot understand how people find fake breasts attractive anyway - they're not REAL, for goodness sake. Why not just buy a couple of footballs, and lust after them?

I also do not find fake breasts very attractive. I understand the use of breasts implants for reconstructive surgery, but for any other reason I seldom feel they enhance a woman's appearance.
I know some men are into large breasts, but there are also quite a few (probably the majority) who are not that fixated on the size of women's breasts.
There are probably as many men who dislike large breasts as there are men who prefer large breasts. It's my guess that most men are in the middle and prefer women with average sized breasts (a little big, a little small isn't that big a deal).
Hugh Heffner and Playboy are way out of whack with what the average man likes in breasts size in my opinion.

I forgot how much I enjoyed seeing Nessa, I wish they would do more of her.

You can also see lovely Nessa on the gyno x website and she undergoes a full and complete gyno exam. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. It is the most erotic examination of a woman you will ever witness. Absolutely stunning. Nessa is not only blessed with exquisite beauty but she blesses us by so willingly displaying it for us to admire.

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