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Gorgeous woman. Nichole is a favorite of mine....top 10!

I love large labia. I love small labia. I would love to see Nicholes labia butterfly stile

Large labias are the BEST!

During lovemaking large labias surround the base of your shaft and all of you sack with warmth as intense as the warmth you feel inside her. Those big, gorgeous lips are rare gift from God.

This is my humble opinion gained from eye openingly pleasurable experience.

Much has been said about large and oversized labia. Personally I cannot see a problem, you get what you are given and if that means you have a very large labia that is permanently hanging outside so be it. Actually I rather like large labias fully hanging out and completely on view. Indeed, surely an oversized labia is more appealing than artificially pumped up silicon breats and ugly tatoos any day.

I'm with ya up until the "ugly tattoos" crack!

I am surprised. I usually find Arkisi's style quite pleasing but this shoot is an exception. There are just too many unnatural things to distract. The first of which is that ugly skirt thing she is wearing. That to me is something a child would wear. Another is putting a girl in an orchard in stiletto heels? Come on, no girl is going out in a field in heels like that! It's a good way to break an ankle and completely ruin an expensive pair of shoes. The purpose of going outdoors is a natural environment. There is little about this set that resembles natural. The last thing is placing a tall slender model against a backdrop of a scraggly tree like that accentuates her height and slender build in an unattractive way.

Nichole A is an attractive model with one exception for me. I find those large labia unattractive and showing them close up in a standing position just highlights how large they are.

For me this shoot missed the mark on many levels.

I like everything about this girl....except this time she's OUTDOORS!
This is the worst set of this beautiful girl yet. Please stop taking the girls outside... You don't enough photographers that know how to shoot outside in the sun. Thanks.

This model has been a favourite of mine from day one and the photographer ranks high up in my rankings too. Considering this is an outdoor set, something some photographers seem to have difficulty with, then I think the shoot is excellent and the background colour does not distract but actually enhances the shoot. Also I like the miniskirt something we do not see much of in many shoots. At home miniskirts and micro-miniskirts are very common (even in the winter you will have no trouble in finding many about, even around town). Women wearing trousers are less numerous and shorts even less common. As for women wearing Jeans I cannot remember the last time a saw a woman wearing any and I think most shops here do not even stock them now anyway. Therefore pleae can we see more, and a lot more, miniskirts in future shoots (both in studio and outdoor shoots) especially where they are flashing their panties underneath. Very sexy indeed!

She is a beautiful model when examined from several different angles, but the oversized labia minor has overshadowed the beauty of her vulva. the sight is disgusting to aesthetic taste.

Big pussy lips helps quite a bit!!

EXCELLENT -- this is what we like; a lovely model, nice settings, good composition and -- generally -- high image quality!

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