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a lot of pics are out of focus

After a week of dealing with technical issues with my Met account, where the support team worked day and night to rectify the problems(Thank you Suzie and Sofia)I am welcomed back with this Lovely set from Nici Dee!
Sets like this are the reason I am member of this site. "Perfect" is a word that may be over used here but it fits when Nici Dee is in the conversation. I would love to share a Coke with you!!!

Well done DG!!


Nice Indeed are these photos of Nici Dee. She is woman examplar. She has away about her, only a woman can know.......

Beautiful young woman. I started to comment I loved the slow panty take down, but I loved the entire set. great job

Thank you Beethoven, I am really glad you enjoyed this little jewel!

Thanks to K and her programmers Nici's artistic gallery and backstage shots have just been added at the end of this set after getting "lost" during my uplpad.
The images are outtakes from the original set, so you will find the same images in the set itself because they haven't been deleted, making the set look even larger than it was already.
I hope some of you will still have the chance to enjoy the extras!

And congratulations from me, too !

Nici is a jewel.....and her Photografer is a champion !

Thank you to both of you and best greetings from Southern France .

Merci beaucoup Coquinette! Trés gentil!
I hope you could enjoy the latest addition some time ago at the end of the set, I've included some artistic portraits of Nici, profite bien ;)
A bientôt!

Totally awesome babe. Not only does she exude confidence and seems to be having a good time, she is totally comfortable with being naked and with the revealing poses too. I really like her.

Hi heehaw, it's always good to hear new voices appreciating models, I can confirm that she had a good time during the shooting and that she enjoys showing herself naked.

a gorgeous model, beautiful face and body. beautiful poses.
good work DeltaGamma. please bring her back

Hi kkronful, you can be sure I will bring such a beauty back very soon ;) Thanks for appreciating.

a gorgeous model, beautiful face and body. beautiful poses.
good work DeltaGamma. please bring her back

I’ve been on this site for a long long time; so I’m a bit jaded. Then I run across a set and think WOW… “This is worth the price of admission alone!” Just mind-blowing beauty captured perfectly. Thank you both.

WOW cml0219.. what a great reward hearing such words, I would say that this comment alone is worth all the efforts of doing a good job.. ;) Thank you!


Hey fans! :)
I am so glad that you like this last set!
I hope that you and I will have in the future many more as beautiful as this one :) Cross your fingers ;)
Thank you!!! :)

we were chatting right now and Nici wanted to drop you members a few lines

If you're going to start posting "double" sets, THIS is a GREAT place to start!! What an incredible beauty!! Bless Luca for bringing Nici to us, but I'm looking forward to what DG has done with her... This "debut" under his direction is VERY good...though a bit large. Nici may be best in limited "doses" to avoid those 'Critical Care Unit' visits... They can only "restart" you so many times...and then it's adios!! ;o)

Hi rachsback, I was actually thinking to post this set again.. As you also noticed it is a bit large, and I agree, in fact due to a technical problem this set is not what it was meant to be in my mind, since I had taken out about 20-30 pics with certain poses looking too similar in order to create an artistic gallery at the end, with with black & whites and desaturated pics, including a few backstage shots, but for some reason the upload didn't work so here you have only the wider selection of the standard (but large) set, and can't see the more balanced combination of pics I had in mind. I was thinking of asking K to add the extras but now it's too late unfortunately.. what a pity. So you're right to be careful and take Nici in limited doses... She is small but what a concentration of beauty and eroticism!

Hey DG, the lighting in this set is absolutely superb. Nici's skin is luminous. Great work.

Hi Zakk, yours is a gratifying comment since the lighting was very important in this set to me, I wanted Nici's natural beauty to be exposed in the softest and most flattering way and it seems it worked ;) I chose carefully a location with big windows looking southwards for this purpose. I totally agree about Nici's skin, it looks perfect under this light (and under any other light..)

I wish so much I could delete this double post.

Never mind Zakk, everyone of us has experienced at least a double post ;)

Hey DG, the lighting in this set is absolutely superb. Nici's skin is luminous. Great work.

What an extraordinary body she has. I'm so grateful that she has decided to share it with us, and that Deltagamma photographed it!

Hi Checkers, I'm also grateful that I had the chance to photograph Nici and share her beauty with you all, and I am really willing to share more of her starting from our next shootings very soon ;)

DG, Nici is vey expressive, and you have done well to capture it. I think this is her best posted set yet. In her last set, she was oiled and it was mainly standing body shots (and what an awesome figure she has). Today, its nice to see another side of Nici, more intimate and well-rounded. There was nothing wrong with how Luca shot her, but now we have a fuller representation of this exotic honey. So much appreciated to see her through your lens.

Not much I could add on the technical part - outstanding as usual. There is much to be said for natural lighting and minimal props. Thanks for not draping the necklace over her pretty folds, I dislike it when vulva closeups are obscured by jewelry, as if that enhances it. Looking forward to seeing more from you and Nici.

Hey kilroy! You couldn't miss this set featuring the gorgeous Nici. What you wrote about it is really rewarding, showing a more intimate side of Nici was what I actually wanted to do, especially after the first impression I had right after meeting her for the first time. I think that, as you write, with these three sets published so far Nici's features are represented almost fully, and if you consider also Sexart and the other sets we shot for it I guess it would be the same feeling on a more erotic level.
About lenses.. As a technical note I have actually got a brand new 50mm/1.4 which is close to perfection and I am very satisfied about it, it is great for shooting most of the set, just switching to the 85mm/1.8 when I need closer portraits. The lighting and the setting did the rest, having such a natural and exotic beauty.
I also look forward to showing you much more of her, I am currently working on our other sets shot that day and they should be published in not a long time, it also depends on you members.. Who would not want to see more of her?? ;)

My devious imagination thinks there may be a series of shots, (which may be better suited for another site), which were taken before the smoldering, "I couldn't wait, so I started without you," look on Nici's face in pic #145.

By far, this is Nici's best set.

Hi mincer, your imagination may not be far from the truth... ;)
Nici and I feel honored to read that you have such a consideration for this set, I personally think that with natural soft lighting her natural and exotic beauty looks at the very best and the empathy between us resulted in some very intense facial expressions.

Nici's facial expressions range from, "I bet you can't guess what I'm thinking," to, "I bet you CAN guess what I'm thinking."

hahaha.. quite a wide range... ;) totally agree!

Another extraordinary work of Deltagamma!

Veritable extraordinary too: Nici Dee!

10/10 for both!

Allow one wish: More photos/posing as seen in pic #78 (landscape format), please!

Hi uuusssee!
I am really glad to hear you enjoyed the set with this little jewel called Nici, I am working already to bring more of her soon ;)

P.S. better to repeat concepts, well done ;)

I normally try to include as many landscape formats as I can, this time there were not too many maybe but you'll see the next ones

Another extraordinary work of DG!
Veritable extraordinary too: Nici Dee!

10/10 for both!

BTW: Hope to see more shots/posing as seen in picture #78!

What I really like about Nici is the charming expressiveness of her face. You caught some gorgeous portraits in this set, DG!
I also like how the unnderstated simplicity of the set and the colors of both set and costume served to focus all attention on Nici. Well done. ( :

Hi fer_realz, you're right, she has such a charming look in her eyes, sometimes dreaming, sometimes seducing.. a range that could kill... I couldn't help focusing on her face especially at the start of this very first set.
I am also glad you appreciated the simple setting with soft and light colors leaving the stage to Nici. She also took part in the setting up process with her opinions/suggestions, a real treasure of a model.

I agree with the comment on simplicity focussing attention on Nici's complete suite of attributes. Excellent work. Many photographers try to add too many "things" to a series and lose track of the key objective of erotic art. That Nici is tip-to-toe stunning (with labia a king would abdicate for) makes the job easier of course, but I still admire your restraint.

Hi justagigolo, I am really glad you appreciated the simple setting, I can't agree more on focusing on the model, especially when she is so stunning and has such erotic features like Nici.

I agree. Nici dee also has a smoking body.

A new model for me in our first set together, shot not even a month ago.
Nici inspired me already few months ago when I saw her first casting pics, But I didn’t have the chance of shooting her until last june, when she had already been published on Metart.
When we met for the shooting in Prague it didn’t take long to realize she was a smart girl and a model I would enjoy to shoot with, therefore it would have been the start of a hopefully long collaboration. She has an exotic look due to her mixed European-Asian roots (like Paula Shy) which makes her look special, and her petite build makes her look so sweet and young, but despite the size she is full of energy and determined. She is also a very good poser, the shooting was very smooth and pleasant, easy to direct. We chose together the outfit and the bijouterie, all from her wardrobe, revealing a very good taste.
Nici is definitely a great model to work with and we already planned to do so many times in the future.

DeltaGamma- Another awesome set. Nici is a true 10. Love the combination of exotic innocense and womanly sensuality. As always you did an incredible job showing her personality through the lens. Some of the headshots were magazine advertising quality which is an interesting addition to the very erotic shots of her delicious body. Would love to see a Sex Art set with Nici...but I might hurt myself :).

Thank you...I'm quite pleased that your legions of fans seems to be growing!!

Hi JinNJ! very glad to hear from you and realize you liked Nici and our work, it's always pleasant when someone like you appreciates the features I try to highlight. I couldn't resist taking sveral headshots of such an intriguing beauty, and then her body..
I'm afraid you'll have to be strong because I think there are some Sexart sets coming up soon... ;)

P.S. I changed my account name from deltagamma74 to this as some would notice

Wow...I had a feeling staying up late for the DG, Nici release would be worth it...It definitely did not disappoint. The close ups of the face and body are amazing. The heart ring and necklace was also a cool touch. Hope for many more sets in the future from this model and photographer together.

Hi MAP, I am glad it was worth it staying up late ;) So sweet dreams (maybe of Nici...?) ;) I also hope to publish many more sets with her, I think she a great newcomer and will do very well.

A voluptuous model. I recall David Bowie's song: "My Little China Girl!!!"

a little more south-east of that..;) But the song really matches, and she is definitely voluptuous!

Nici looks gorgeous with her perfect and stunning body.

I was impressed to see the perfection of her body at the shooting, a real doll.

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