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This woman knows her provocative presence with in the world of business. It will merit that what she achieves, hope she reaches high enought. Such lovelyness does merit attention, but not the altiment.

The excitment which Met-Art provides is with merit, Nici Dee provides volumes of such galmour, captured by A.Lynn.
Many thanks to all .......

Work place atmosphere, her portal, excites the mind to delve into the area which she leads. Willing follower do I become.

Perfect office activity.

This is a great set.

Oh, oh yeah, and I love the shoes too.

Keep doing exactly as you'e doing! I love the natural, sensual feel your photography has; and I love it's ability to tell a story :) Your photography is exactly the kind I want from MetArt.

Nici Dee is one beautiful half Asian half European beauty.

Agree with all of the above, best breasts, best no makeup, great expressions and a great set.

Curious how she conveys the feeling of utter boredom suffering in this photo shoot

Curious how it conveys the feeling of utter boredom suffering in this photo shoot

I would love to go into the office and see Nici working there! This photo set is a real turn-on, as she does her slow strip tease. What a gorgeous cutie. A perfect ten.

That is one impressive woman! Alex keep her under your lens!

A beautiful sexy woman. And not too much make-up, perfect in other words.

Yes world's greatest boobs - and face, and body, and attitude. This set is one of the best ever posted on this site. Great work by Alex.

Please, please, please, a Sexart rendition of Nici Dee! (and some good doggy poses)

Nici's a real doll. More smiling would increase her "face value", but there's not much room for improvement anywhere else! And I appreciate the conservative use of make-up. She's much too cute to need ANY.
Has Angela Lynn become Alex Lynn?? Or is erotic photography a "family affair"?? ;o)

Yes, more of Nici PLEASE. I think this is the effect MetArt wants it's subscribers to experience: "I'd give ANYTHING to play with her!"

'Nuff said...

Good strip show; sultry; top shelf T&A...Nici A+, not Nici Dee!

Nici Dee has perfectly posed for this shoot, even if it is her first. Alex Lynn has encouraged her to just express herself.If the model can relate to the artist,the two can create much beauty,as Alex Linn and Nici Dee have done here.(which is why models can be,and are,picky about who they work for.)I gave a 10++

set starts off quietly but as the clothes come off Nici Dee does indeed start to smoulder. enjoyed the set and the model :-)

How anybody would get anything done in the office with Nici's smoldering sexiness around is beyond me. Wow, this is a hot set. Please bring more Nici back anytime, I'd love to see her much more often!

She just smolders with sexiness. Everything about her is amazing.

Among the worlds greatest boobs..??

quite possible the world's best boobs!! This raven haired beauty drives me wild. Everything about her is amazingly perfect.

Great photo shoot as well. There is a hot young girl who works at my office. I have this same fantasy every day....

"??": ?!

Would be great to spend a day at the office with Nici Dee.

Beautiful exotic face, perfect figure, warm personality. More than a day.

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