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I could tell from the get-go that this was a one time woman... too tense, too guarded. Not comfortable taking her clothes off for the camera... and she never did again.

Simply amazing young woman!

sweet pussy

120 photos in this set, Presenting Nicole, and just 5 in "landscape" format. Do photographers think that they are being more "artistic" when they turn a camera up on it's end rather than laying it flat in their hand? When are photographers going to realize that computer monitors are a "landscape" format viewing device, not a "portrait" device? Portrait format photos do not fit well on a computer monitor. Portrait format photos are worthless as desktop material.

I just came across this set this morning and was very pleased with it. I love that there were few shots that took me away from the beauty of Nicole's face and those gorgeous blue eyes. Yes, the shots may be somewhat conservative, but I don't think that detracts at all from the shoot. Even though I generally prefer the shaved look, I found myself gazing 'down there' and thinking how soft and inviting she looked. There are cases where a more natural look is very inviting and this set certainly captured that.

I loved this est and can't wait to see more of Nicole!

What is it about Nicole? Of all the stunningly beautiful, sexy young ladies here, I keep coming back to her ... Her beauty, her sexiness are the equal of any model here, but she has something more. She is truly radiant, there's life in her eyes. And if the eyes are the window to the soul, she has an inner beauty of character--of sensitivity, poise and maturity beyond her years, just as beautiful as her outward appearance. What a uniquely beautiful young woman, in so many ways.

Deltagamma74, your prior comments suggest another appearance, probably around the end of May; I eagerly await it; another feast of radiant, even spiritual beauty, once again providing the world such a gift.

It seems that someone is having fun by giving me very low scores... Am I really such a very bad photographer...???

No, of course not. Just the opposite--the work speaks for itself.

That's so rewarding to hear such words from you wood chuck!

Nicole is tender, not vulgar at all, pretty. I'll wait to see much more of her, in wider spaces.

A short message from Nicole for all members appreciating her performance: "I really appreciate your generous and positive feedback.
I hope the next sets will also turn out good :)"
She also wrote me that she is feeling more confident about erotic poses, and I have the feeling that we could also shoot some interesting sets for Sexart. I promise that for the next sets I will take into account suggestions from those of you who showed interest and expressed preferences. Thank you all, looking forward to showing more of Nicole to all of you!

With a girl this beautiful, close-ups of her face would be nice.

I can understand the limits of where you were and the confines of the room. I am not a fan of back lighting or over exposed photos but of course that is just my feelings. I wish you could have done the whole set with her hair down. She is much more attractive and animated that way. I am not a fan of french women. Having spent a lot of time in Europe they were my least Favorite. They don't shave there legs or underarms and they use way to much perfume. Having been an adult in those 60's you talk about I far prefer nicely trimmed or shaved pubic hair. I consider a heavy bush to be clothing. I will say though that hers is not to over the top for me. It is thin enough to still look feminine and allow you to still see her labia.

hipshot, as you may have figured out this was the model I was writing about in our nice chat a few weeks ago on the blog related to my set "Voile" with Mia Sollis. As you see Nicole is not the typical skinny fashion model and doesn't have a scary make up.. ;) You are right about the hair, I wanted to associate the act of loosening her hair with the decision of "opening" to erotic poses, but probably I should have done it some pics before. Btw, although I shot her in France she is not French, and although she's not even Russian (as it appears in her bio) she comes from the North-east of Europe (secret...). More on the choice of the "bush", as most of the members seem interested: I asked the model some days before what was her usual look (it was "hairy"), then asked her to keep it like that, avoiding shaving the last days before we met, because I had found this Haussman-style orange/red room and I thought that a "hairy" look would fit more the pictorial I had in mind; but I also liked the idea of having Nicole starting to thread into erotic photography with a hairy pubis and conservative poses and then gradually evolve towards more "open" poses associated to a progressively shaved pubis, including a whole set with a shaving session (we'll see if totally shaving or just trimming: what do you admirers suggest? ;)). In any case you will be able to see her labia soon ;)

To deltagamma74, good for you for staying with your artistic instincts and integrity. You are, in my opinion, a brilliant, creative and very artistic photographer. Please keep following your creative and artistic intuitive brilliance. Btw, with such an exquisitely beautiful young lady as Nicole, the ratings will rise for sure; some of the finest things in life require a bit more time to be widely appreciated.

To Nicole, you are so beautiful, and you are beautiful in such an exquisite way. Your beauty is unique to you, you look like only yourself, and that is a wonderful quality. As for more explicit poses and photos, yes, there are many (including me) who would love to see such photos of you. But you, like your photographer, should stay true to yourself and do things only if or when they become comfortable for you. Your beauty is so magnificent that you can do whatever you wish; you can continue with relatively "conservative" poses and photos only, or, if you wish, you could become more free and open in sharing the intense eroticism of your beauty. I find nude, erotic, more explicit photography of beautiful women to be a wonderful thing, a positive contribution to the world. But the decision is a very personal one, one that only you can make. Either way, you make the world a much more beautiful place for being in it.

woodchuck, what a nicely motivating comment from you! I started having doubts about my choices in this set after the first comments about my "below par", "poor" photography, but then you and several other positive and enthusiastic comments made me understood that even though the ratings are not so high it doesn't mean that I should change my style and ideas. In effect what I consider my best set so far (Voile) is not the one which got the best score among the ones published. You are right when yo usan that time is needed to appreciate certain things, abd as long as there are people like you who see beyond conformist or easy choices I will have a reason to follow to go ahead with my beliefs. Thank you
P.S. I just passed to Nicole yours and the other very nice comments about her, I am sure that she will be happy to read them. I will let you and the others know her reply soon.

deltagamma74, Thank you for your kind words. And you seem to have thought carefully about your aesthetic choices, style and judgment--I hope you continue fulfilling your considerable talents as your own, unique art. Just be yourself--in art and in life. If you try to conform to different expectations, what you express will be adulterated by them, and the result won't represent you but something else. It's awfully difficult to be anyone but yourself, no matter who you are. Conversely, simply being yourself should be easy and natural. Few people succeed at being someone else. Being (and expressing) one's self is not as easy or as natural in the real world as it should be. And it does not guarantee "success," depending on how one defines that concept. But it does guarantee the best path to genuine and full self-expression. This, I think, is the more satisfying goal.

As for Nicole, I would offer the same suggestion to her--just be yourself. And go where that takes you. I do hope she makes decisions based on the kind of careful self-reflection that you exhibit, deltagamma74, and that she follows her own inner voice in an unhurried, non-pressured manner. Please do let us know of her reactions and responses to our comments--I would love to hear of her thoughts.

Finally, in carefully looking through the set, I couldn't help but notice that, the more clothes came off and the more daring the poses, the more relaxed she appeared to be; about midway through the set, she looks to be positively having fun. This could be just exhilaration at having overcome the psychological hurdles in getting to that state (in the shoot). Or it could be that she was genuinely beginning to enjoy the experience and feel good about what she was doing. She may find this genre of modeling enjoyable and liberatingly self-expressive. Or not--only she could know, and only she can learn these things about herself. Either way, she is beautiful almost beyond comprehension, her smile is bright and radiant, something of supreme beauty all in its own.

And, if you examine Nicole closely enough, she exhibits no "chicken skin" texturing to her body as when one experiences cold yet, her nipples are almost fully erect throughout the set, leading me to believe that she was truly stimulated by the experience. Looking even closer, you'll see that
"certain something" in her eyes that says she's having fun. I'm sure that, were it not for the overall orange/yellow light cast to most of the set, you'd be able to see that Nicole had a thoracic blush going full tilt - especially with her relatively fair skin.

I stumbled across this set while digging back through the archives and running the accumulated sets done by Deltagamma. The tiny cover photo brought me to an absolute standstill. Nicole is truly an undiscovered Aphrodite lurking among all the others.

The only thing I have any trouble with is the dumb platform shoes. With the extra thick soles, when you look closely enough, it looks like Nicole is wearing her big sister's shoes - truly, they look about 2-3 sizes too big for her feet. But this style of shoe looks the same no matter who's wearing them.

It's too bad that this is Nicole's one and only set here. She certainly had a pretty good chance to rocket to the top of the favorites list.

Very thoughtful comment, once again wood chuck. I reported these words to Nicole this morning and she was touched, she wants to please you all by giving her best. I think that by the end of May you will see something more. Thank you again for support and appreciation.

  • [deleted]
  • 3 years ago:

I did like this set because of the lighting and shape of the model. Very 70's, but still sophisticated enough to score well today. I am glad to see less and less women with breast implants and more natural curves like you see on Nicole J and I love the trend of some pubic hair returning to models. There has been more bush on MetArt models these last two months than we have seen in the last few years, its good to get out of the 90s and early 2000s. Natural beauty captured with thoughtful photography. Well done set.

stormy, your comment really makes me proud of my choice for this set, you captured all my intentions and I am glad to read that the majority of those who commented appreciated and understood what I meant to present to you. It's a pity that some people keep expecting standardized sets with the same lighting and chromaticism even in a website with thousands and thousands of sets. If we talk about ART we must consider variations and originality, or we risk to speak of stock photos which is not our case, luckily. Thank you for catching everything so well.

Good photography! This set is gentle in its colors and artistic overall. The model is represented beautifully and respectfully.

Nicole herself is, of course, extremely beautiful! Treat to the eyes, and the imagination!

Vinyl, it's so rewarding to read such comments as yours, I will be glad to present new photos in original and artitic ways, hoping that someone like you keeps appreciating. And Nicole too will be glad to know you like her ;) Thank you!

stunning girl exquisitely portrayed; job well done!!

Thank you rufusredneck! these comments are motivating.

btw, I wish these positive comments reflected in vote scores... ;)

This model is 100% brill and the photographer is one of my favourites too. Looking forward to seeing more of this model especially with hair down and legs wide open.

tintin, I am glad to read that you appreciate me and the model, you know that I will take into account your suggestions and wishes for the next sets!

Poor photography. Almost monochrome. Bad lighting. Bad camera angles. The photographer needs to go take lessons.

Frankieboaby, I am sorry you don't like my style, but maybe you can help me with lessons, it's never too late to start learning! I am open to your critics but you could be more specific so I may correct my mistakes or explain why I chose to give this set this style, it could be a matter of choices instead of lack of photography technique.

I really liked this set. The warmth and this overall 'lazy day at home' feeling fits this girl very well. I do mourn the lack of naked feet - but it passed to 'download it' hurdle by such a large margin....

OK v-man_ger, I got it.. I'll get rid of shoes earlier next time ;) I am glad you liked the set, it seems that not everybody has caught the ambience I wanted to transmit.

For once I'm speechless. Great photos, #81 is my favorite...I'd get down on my knees for you Nicole, you're absolutely breathtaking!

C6C791, I am honored by your words. I will tell Nicole that you are her #1 fan, she will be glad ;)

NICOLE you are very sexy. I kept wanting to take your bra off and pay attention to your lovely breasts and nipples. Deltagamma this was a very nice erotic photo shot! I would love to see her open labia but for now I am in heaven.

Dutchman, thank you for the appreciation, Nicole will be happy to know about it and maybe this will motivate her to go a bit further (labia) next time ;)

Noooo.don't have a shaving session please .

Cum to think of it, now that I have looked over this session again, she does have a beautiful pussy and the hair isn't so thick as to make getting one's lips and tounge into dream land! I love shaved pussy, but this doll has a beautiful bush as it is, I would love to see a butterfly labia peeking out from the jungle! :) Yummy

This looks like something you'd find in a 1960's playboy shoot....

Schmo, you are right, when I chose the setting for Nicole I had in mind something somehow close to Playboy pictorials from the 60's-70's, with that warm lighting and curvy models with an old fashioned hairy pubis. That's why also poses are maybe "softer" than the standard ones here, but eroticism can have different shades like in this case.

BTW deltagama74, I do like your treatment of Nicole's super sexy breasts with the push up bra! Well done.

Thank you iluvsex, I am glad you appreciate!

very beutiful girl , wish could see her legs spread.

H WU, step by step.. it was her first time ever in erotic, but she will get better in spreading legs soon ;)

  • 3 years ago:

Wow. So Beautiful this girl, 'Nicole'.
Every picture was a welcome smite. This is one of those rare sets where every pic was given consideration.
I sincerely hope she models for a considerable time.
Just, Wow.
Thank You, Deltagamma.

Thank you dablades, it was quite difficult to convince her posing in an erotic style, she had done only fashion until then, so I had to be careful about making each pose comfortable for her. I am glad you have noticed that every pic and pose was studied, although the dimensions of the room did not permit many full body shots (the model is very tall). Looking forward to presenting new sets with her.

I would like to see her pose with legs apart and camera close up so that the viewer feels he/she is "face to face" with her beautiful pussy. I realize she is just getting started modeling in the erotic field, but her beauty and attitude would lend itself to being erotic and classy even with wonderful closeups of her pussy. Thanks

PS: Pussy seems so crude but that is what it is, right? Tell Nicole thanks for sharing her beautiful body with the world. We certainly appreciate her beauty!

iluvsex, I will surely pass your appreciation on her performance so that she will maybe feel more confident and willing to increase her erotic attitude and feel comfortable also with some nice close-ups. It's a pity that so far the set doesn't seem to have a good score, I understand that most of the connaisseurs here want to have well lit bodies and tight close-ups, but there can be exceptions sometimes. Let's see if you will be allowed to see more of her...

  • 3 years ago:

Very Good.
She does seem comfortable, assure her of a 'job well done'.
With such natural beauty she could be a pro in no time.
Thx again & looking forward to more.

dablades, I will pass also your nice compliments to Nicole, she will surely appreciate and find new motivation. I will work on more nice sets featuring her qualities to all of you.

Amazingly beautiful facial features.

Yes, Nicole has a beautiful face and her expressions are so natural and sensual. That's one of the things I like the most in her

Filters and photoshop are a photographer's best friend. Really, the light is way too harsh. I can see what you're trying to achieve, but without some post-processing the brightness overwhelms the subject. Just look at the last page of images, it's like poor Nicole is standing in the glare of nuke that's just exploded.

Does no one bother to edit their stuff before submission or is it just point, click and send it through to the publisher?

Let's hope your next effort with this lovely model gets better results.

Erotic, actually this set is probably the one where I have put the most effort with photoshop, although I am not a fan of big editing works. But it doesn't mean that what you expected is what I meant to produce. I did wanted the lighting to have an important role in this set, playing with hair and shapes of the model, and I did mean the photos in the last part of the set to give that effect, almost embracing and surrounding the model in a bright light. Every photographer has his own style, I don't agree with complying with a certain style or standardizing my pics only because everybody does it that way or someone expects it. I am sorry you don't like this set but please don't think that I just download my card and submit the pics as they are without thinking about it. I don't know what my next work will be, but it may even meet your expectations, if that's the style I want that set to have, but I can't guarantee.

Nicole is a very attractive lady, ample without being overly so. In my filing system, her sets will be filed under "its all good".

Baggy36Pants, I was sure that someone would appreciate her curvy shapes, it's a nice dive into a few decades ago, for an out-of-time beauty flavour

Very sexy girl and I like the poses. What is all that stuff hiding her beautiful pussy?? :) If I had my wildest dream cum true, it would be to help you shave sweetheart!! :) Looking forward to more of your beautiful and sexy sessions on MetArt. You are gorgeous!

Actually one of the next sets I've planned with this model is a shaving session... Just wait!

Excellent, look forward to that one.

Gorgeous model, shame about the below par photography.

ergo, I am sorry you don't like my photography. Probably the location did not help, a small room with preminent orange tones, including curtains, and direct warm sunlight filtered through window glasses. I did not have many options for angles, the model is very tall (1.81 cm), the lighting was inevitably towards warm tones, with relevant backlight. But sometimes you have to adapt to the situation: it was the only time I could shoot the model and that was the given place, I succeded in convincing her and it hadn't been easy, so I tried to get the best out of the session. I liked the warm ambience created by the colours of the room illuminated by the sunlight, and the model look matched a 60's/70's pictorial you can find on Playboy, so it made sense to me. It's quite unpleasant to hear that you consider this below the standard, but of course I respect your opinion.

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