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Nicole,I believe you´re a girl to die for.My cup of tea,definitely.You´re amazingly beautiful. I´d love to lie there too covered by crumbs and then...

The seller

Nichole is a very lovely girl, and I am very glad she has decided to stay with us in the Met Universe, and I hope she gets more sets here at Met-Art.I do think however that she should take some of the money she is erning and invest in a good ptgi. A couple of those toes look seriously inflamed. I would not have noticed so much if she was not so drop-dead gorgeous. I gave a 10+++ to both

I meant pedi

Unmistakable style of Antonio.
Antonio master of lights and colora.
Even on the hideous sand manages to recreate the delicate, sophisticated shades of color that creates in the studio.
Bravo Antonio !
A kiss on front of the beautiful Nicole.
10 is a vote too small for both.

All this pretending not to see the sand that shamefully dirty the beautiful Nicole making it look like a fish to fry.

This set was ruined by the sand on the skin. The photographer is moron for doing this.

I am blown away by how beautiful Nicole looks in this set; not that she didn't look beautiful in her previous sets, but something is different, besides the missing band on her ring finger...
The sand is definitely messy looking in some of the photos, but thank goodness there wasn't any on her beautiful face. She's also got some beautiful long legs, long hair (liked it better red as in her 2nd set) and hands too!
Now after three sets outside, let us see how she looks like inside.

I would second that request.

I'll third that request: I'd like to see her indoors just as she is today, with the same makeup and hairstyle... maybe a set of heels and nice lacy lingerie. Nicole looks great all glammed up.

All that cream wasted with sand.

Less sand -- more satin & lace !!!

I'm not a fan of the sand sets either.
Then again; I'm not a big fan of "satin & lace" either - It's just so old-fashion and overdone.

I agree that sand sucks. I know it's a matter of taste. I don't like soiled skin, hair in the way, tattoos, jewelry and other distractions. This is a nude modeling site and why spoil the beauty of beautiful girls?

I completely agree.

I say this with the utmost respect and as a compliment.

Lovely Nicole looks "older" and more mature in this set than earlier ones.

The new look suits her very much and I have increased her personal rating rating accordingly.

Good choice by Antonio, thank you Nicole.

I know some of the members don't like visible makeup, but I think sometimes, on the right model, it is very striking and a good thing. I like the general MA policy of little to none visible, but every once in awhile I like an exception, and this set qualifies. Nicole is gorgeous with the makeup and I also like her with the straight hairstyle. Both are nice departures from the norm and let us reevaluate her features and her attractiveness.
By the way, if anyone really likes Nicole, Clemens has a lot of photo sets and videos of her over on Stunning18.com.



But Nicole doesn't...

Are you sure she doesn't....? ;o)

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