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Nichole is a very lovely model,and Antonio Clemens has shot a perfect set.Nichole is a very good outdoors model and the colors used set her off. To be specific,the use of her hat is perfect,girls always seem to look good in big,flopy hats,and Nichole uses this one to keep the sun out of her eyes so she doesn't squint. If Leonardo would learn that,a lot of his garden sets would be vastly improved.

I'm imagining spending an afternoon with Nicole on a secluded beach and she's feeling naughty, treating me to a private tease just like in this set. Oh how wonderful that must be!

Nicole is gorgeous, but somehow I feel underwhelmed by this set. Antonio apparently feels the only way to capture Nicole is outdoors. Maybe this is her choice, but if we could enjoy an indoor set with good lighting (and some tasty close-ups of those stunning labia), some of us would be most appreciative!

That said, her body is to die for. I'd give an eye tooth to be on the beach with her undressed (and then quickly wisk her off to the bedroom)

There are so many things I really like about beautiful Nicole, including; her beautiful blue eyes, radiant smile and dimples, translucent skin, glass cutters, long hair, downy hair, innie, treasure trail that seems like it could lead all the way to treasures, nice outer labia, fantastic inner labia, and special popka.

A couple of things I do not like today are the horizontal red lines above her navel. I wonder if there is an agreement, a contractual obligation, or a generally accepted practice that the clock starts ticking when the camera starts clicking, when the Model arrives on the location, or...Perhaps Antonio could weigh in on this?

It appears that Nicole could grow luxuriant pubes. I hope that she does and we see the evidence!

My one dislike for today aside, any visit from Nicole is special and kudos go to her and Antonio.

Lovely "Summer of '42" theme!

Great outdoor set, love all the pictures of her beautiful bare ass

Nicole plays the glamorous beach bunny in this set. I've always had a weakness for girls in sunhats... nice how this one particularly compliments the blue of Nicole's eyes. ( :

Love this set! What a beautiful girl Nicole is!

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