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Always fantastic but I prefer unshaven

Night always shows a combination of eroticism and mystery that makes me look forward to her sets. This one isn't the best but it's always a pleasure to see such a fine and sexy lady. Please keep your beauty intact!

What a tasty pussy! hmm... :p

Gorgeous model from tip to toe, well photographed, good poses. I love that she is so well manicured, pedicured and shaved. I don't see the point of the costume.

Extremely wet and willing.

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  • 3 years ago:

I love the photograph quality and typically like Night as a model, but I am getting tired of 99% of the models on this site being shaved. A little variety spices things up. Night either has a full bush or is shaved. I would love to see some of the models let it grow out a bit, some with a week or two growth, let it go natural for a while, then trim it up again. While I respect that each has his own preference, all the models begin to look the same, it becomes boring.

You have a good point about variety. "Variety is the spice of life!", is a saying I've quoted, and tried to live by, most of my life. Personally, I have never seen the point, except ease of maintenance or convenience, of shaving the area above the labia. Shaved labia can be great for cunnilingus, yeah, but above that?

However, surely each woman has features better suited to distinguish one from another than the presence or absence of pubic hair. Surely, if 99% of the models do, indeed, share the same genital grooming habits, that is not enough to make them "begin to look the same", so that "it becomes boring"! Surely you can look at their beautiful faces, the windows to their soul, and see the never ending variety. Surely the beauty of their faces is more important by far in making them, in fact, beautiful and deserving of our admiration and respect for their individuality.

Surely, it's a matter of focus!

This model is one of my favourites so I am always happy to see her work. Sadly with this gallery I feel a bit short-changed. It seems like the photographer decided to release only part of the set. Hopefully the remainder of the set featuing a fully nude Night will be published in the future.

Like her more with armpit hair.

Night is one of my all time favorites! Would like to see more of her on

My least favorite photographer pulls one off! This is magnificent!
This girl is magnificent, but I'd like to see more of that sweet smile of hers. The 'top' smile that is...;o) The 'bottom' smile couldn't be more mouthwatering!

What are the chances of Night/Agatha being featured the same day, on two different sites?

OK pic quality...!

Poses after poses, displaying the inner red stuff of wide open vulva, make no appeal to aesthetic sense. Do these expositions arouse sensual excitement, is highly doubtful.

Everyone has different tastes. Actually I rather like wide open shots both close up and full body. In any event these poses show nothing more than you can see all over the place on our local beach in the summer anyway where the trend is to let it all hang out so to speak. Most models do know what the current (posing) trend is, and what most viewers want to see and often they are more ahead of the game than many photographers. In the main I like most of the work of this photographer but not the sudio water sprinker shoots as the models hair gets messed up for no benefit. I like looking forward to the new shoots of this photographer, so keep up the good work - I say.

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