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Nothing against Rylsky ~ These are great pics too!

Night A ~ Gato ~ by Ingret! Now that's my favorite set! Perfection!

Hello Rylsky. In the event you respond to compliments as easily as you do criticisms, Nice Set. I love Night, which helps, but your photography and model poses were Very good. Not the best I've ever seen her, but not bad at all.

I was a bit harsh a week or so ago....you've got real potential.

ps - I'd trade my job for your's anytime.

i find your comment on "Puent" set, now I finally understood about "harsh", am I correct?
but I still miss what your PS was about.

Hello, Stujo.
I really see nothing that I can answer on your comment, especially about "harsh" and your PS. Can you say it in other words for me to understand?

Night is very cute in her bustier, and Rylsky has done a great job of photography. I'm glad to see she doesn't try to look like a little girl, waxing the undercarriage (modelspeak for the opening of anus and vagina) and just trims the rest. I wish more models would go back to that.

great set

Another wonderful set of this petite goddess -- my complements.

Another of Rylsky's models loses her underarm and pubic hair - and instantly becomes ordinary. The gaudy clothing further detracts from this set. Totally unworthy of model and photographer.

With the number of models on Met that are shaved down to look like an 8 year old Im happy to see this much before I let my subscription lapse. Things have changed over the years.

This is a good day on MET with 4 very attractive ladies! The collaboration between tiny dynamo Night, and master photographer Rylsky is my favotite.

Night is gorgeous raven hair beauty!!! A nicely done set!!!

It takes two to tango; Night A and Rylsky gave us a very nice set to admire. Thanks and I look forward to seeing a new set of Night A by Rylsky.

Ummmmm...I think you're LOOKING at a "new set of Night A by Rylsky"... Can't you enjoy this one a bit longer before "looking forward" to the next one?

I am enjoying it very much but somehow the more you enjoy it the more you get greedy. Don't you think so?

Well....I hesitate to use the word "greedy" but I understand what you mean. It's just that the last part of your comment made it sound like we were looking at an older set, and it confused me at first....lol Sleep deprived...;o) But I can't get enough of this girl either!

Ok! I understand the confusion. Sorry about that.

Excellent! Another masterpiece!! I've had a serious case of lust for this Goddess for a long time, and this set just raises that fever...
Great colors and contrast! Great setting overall.

Night A decimates my objectivity due to a)her likeness to my GF at age 13, b) her captivating look, and c) her luscious labia. But even I can see this is far from her best set.


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