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Wow she very stunning& sexy thank to Met art and Rylsky to bring this angel for the world to see

A few things shouldn't change:

Quality lighting –– sensitive to the environment at hand
Quality compositions
Esthetic use of focus/sharpness rather than no regard to it

Nice work Rylsky,

Rylsky does it again..great pics..very stunning..I'm sooo envious and jealous that u could take photos of such sexy woman..keep up the good work mate..cheers!

IMO, high heels cheapen the beauty of these women. I normally don't gripe because they eventually take off the shoes, but not in this one. I'm not necessarily a foot guy either, but high heels are an abomination...

And again this was a question of variety.
count my sets with her, calculate what part of it contains highheels, make your decision after that.
the only thing will show us that we was wrong with any set if you see that model ratings go down immediately. in the other hand, we have more than enough examples when my set was not high rated but ratings of model goes up. this IS THE GOAL, cause set's ratings really doesn't matter

I hope my idea was clear even with bad English, now you know what I mean.

What I like about Night, besides her shapely legs, is that she is a master of different looks. She can change her look dramatically and look great every time. This set shows a little different side of her. The bright red lipstick is good for today's look and adds contrasting color.

Always a favorite, good job, Rylsky.

I liked the first 5 pics a lot more than the rest.

The bright red lipstick is just too harsh and agressive for her delicate features and light skin.

And again the question of taste. Great way to spent out life in talk battle if we have nothing interesting around... sad to read this 1000s time.
If you will have time and nothing to do please start:
what is the best in:
- haircolor blondes vs. brunettes vs. redheads

- makeup vs. no makeup vs. creative makeup vs. evening theatre makeup
- small breasts vs. big
- tall vs. small
ALL WE NEED IS TO SEE ALL THE SETS. if it was different we are lucky. if you see all the same again and again with only new sofa or chair - what you paid for?

cheers. I dream to see nothing about tastes battle when we are with wonderful ladies here. if somebody upset - it is because of him, not because of met-art with millions ways to be happy.

Night is a lovely model and I have really enjoyed her earlier sets, but this one just does not work for me - too many weird angles and contortions. 1/10

My pleasure, but why not 0 of 10?

That's a pretty wonderful set of pictures we have of the lovely Night!

Rylsky, you have outdone yourself here. Night is so exquisitely...no word quite suffices...this set is breathtaking. The sharp contrast between her raven black hair and her flawless skin, along with that gorgeous face- I can only say kudos and many thanks!

Night in a black dress = Perfection.

Absolutely true!

Night is one of the most beautiful flowers in the garden of MatArt.
Each return is a feast for the eyes.
Rylsky, one of his singers, gives us a Night without secrets.
Beautiful the 'strong color' which is the 'fil rouge' of the set and leads us to his lips.

Too bad it's broken the razor while he shaved.

I am sorry, who is "he" with bad razor?

Absolutely Stunning!
This set is Mysterious and Extremely Sexual.


A ladies shoe size should remain secret

The beautiful young woman called Night. So very sensuous, so very alluring, so very very cute. 93 lbs of genuine womanly sex appeal. Wonderful. Perfectly wonderful.


"I can't cook. Who cares?"


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