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Another one of my favorite sets! Her size really shows in this set. The chair looks so large! But I am sure it's because she is so tiny! I Love that about her! She is by far the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life! Without a doubt! More of this type of sets please? Night looks so lovely under the glorious sunlight!

cool! good photography

Got my "10" for today.

What a treat she is

Flamin' redhead!

Night knows how to tell a story and draw you in. Sensual, erotic beauty. Love several of your sessions. Thnx You. :)

nice set would have been great to finally lose the dress, never happened. great body and labia. she would look hot in a natural setting ....nude


What a lovely shot 92 is! Adorable smile, pretty butterfly, and lovely spread toes. Hm!!!! You always do it for me Night x

93 cute little pounds of truly great female sex appeal. Just perfect. This young lady who calls herself Night is a wonderful little bundle of beautiful sensuality. I love the new hair style and dark red color. Very nice.

Night brunette or redhead is a tiny bomb sexy high potential.
Rylsky knows it well and has a fruitful relationship with her.
The result is a set enjoyable but not masterful as often his sets.

Night, shaved or unshaved, but, please not trimmed.

Has anyone "heard" from swpfl2 lately???

He was always active and commented on almost every set....he joked a lot about being a member of the senior group. I hope he is o.k. (and still a member)
Is he posting on Rylsky Art??? He seemed pretty interested in Ryslky's website and work.

Browning, the last comment I see from swplf is 4 days old... (you can click on someone's name and it will show all their comments, newest to oldest).
I hope he just let his subscription lapse, but in past threads, he has talked about his wife, so if something is wrong with him, at least he's got someone to take care of him.
I'll hop over to RA and see if he's there (some members change their screen names between sites though, so he might still be there and I might not know)

Thanks fer_realz. swplf2 is a good guy, I hope he (and his family) is/are o.k. I'm pretty sure he said he'd been a member of Met Art for many years so it seems odd that he would allow his subscription to lapse. He also was involved (and started) in many posts.

Again, thanks for your efforts.

Sorry I didn't get back to you last night, Browning, and thanks for your concern for swplf. I really dig the guy too. I hope he's OK....
Essentially, it's really hard to tell if he's active on RA because he might be, but under another name... I couldn't find any comments by him under swplf2....
So we'll cross our fingers and send warm vibes his way and hope he shows up really soon. He really is a class act.

I love the new hairstyle and color on Night! She makes a very delicious looking redhead. ( :

I also love Night, but like her real hair color better.

But you've never seen the real hair of her hair.

Ahhhhhh... thank you for cluing us in on a new mystery, Rylsky! ( :

imagination made us humans.

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