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An incomparable, exquisite beauty in every way

Night has many lovely assets, but her cookie looks delicious!

It is getting close to roll over time to new girls, but I have thought a lot about Ry today. Some of our regulars may remember when Ry baited me into doing a "profile" of him. It seemed I hit it closer than he thought a mere commentator could, since he didn't dispute hardly anything I said. So I put on that hat again today and tried to figure out what was happening. His ego is very strong, and most of use would say he has right to be that way. If I read his comment of "exit" correctly he alluded to the fact he would still respond on his site. I took that to mean, If you "want" me you know where to find me! Since as far as I can tell his site is doing well, so I doubt it was not designed to get us to "add" Ry's site to our membership. But a statement to say his is not really withdrawing from interaction. His ego will not allow him to be controlled, but I am pretty sure the powers to be at Met knew this even better than we do. So I seriously doubt they played any role in his current decission. Think about this aspect. The fact it is mysterious would be a very Ry pleasing development. He loves "playing" and "challenging" us. He may even be aware of the saying, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." My believe is when he alone feels the time is "right" he will reappear. And we will all applaude. In the mean time we all will miss him.

swplf@, I agree with almost everything you said....with one exception.

Rylsky gave us the contact info (email address) to state our opinion on the issue of him being informed to stay away, with those in power here on Met Art.

He alluded to being told that at least a few members threatened to drop their subscription if he continued to comment on this forum.

In the words of the Police, "Bring on the Night, I couldn't stand another hour of daylight..."

This girl is so incredibly beautiful, love this set of pictures.

Night was a brunette until this year(2013) She is simply exrcising her woman's right to change her mind without notice.

I love the way Rylksy captured Night A's beautiful body sexy green eyes well groomed body trimmed vagina (mind you waxing one's vagina is better than shaving no skin rashes) As a red head within a gorgeous outdoor garden setting :) I loved the way the outdoor lighting highlights her creamy white skin of both of her body and gorgeous face lovely breasts in some very sensual sexy provocative flexible pose's. close ups !! I simply adored image #35-#41 with Nigh A sitting spread legged on the bricked paving with different sensual expressions on her face specialy #39 as if something pricked her sexy derriere :) just as images #68-#71 with Night A leaning against the tree with one leg high in the air in very flexible magnificent poses's~ As well as images #55-#58 with Night A's body stretched out leaning againsts the bicked wall of the round garden bed showing her sexy derriere facial features ;) As well as #45 to #47 perched up on the round garden bed legs wide open revealing both her lovely trimmed vagina gorgoeous breasts perky nipple facial feaures with both the garden setting and back ground of the garden highlighting her creamy white skin beautifully !!! I simply adored Rylsky's images of Night A towards the end of this series specialy images #81-#82 with her secernely sitting upon a cushion her firm thighs crossed her breasts perky nipples firmly riding high with very sensual looks on her face :) As well as there rest of the lovely images of Night A both sitting kneeling leaning against the railing in both magnificent different sensual sexy pose's with the darker light highlighting her beauty and as a female i wished Rylsky kept his theme togther with with Night A wearing her gorgeous dress like the beginning of this series until Night A is totally naked never the less he protrayed Night A very well in a lovely gorgeous series..Nice One Rylsky and Night A is simply a stunning model/women we all love :) :)

Lets just say that she is a beautiful woman!

"Night is a beautiful woman!"

Night, my love, you have never been more seductive, and I really, really wish you were seducing me right now. That tiny little body just explodes off the screen. As far as I am concerned, you were born to be a redhead. There isn't a shot in this set that I don't find erotic. Once again, Rylsky has produced an alfresco shoot that slipped right past me because it was so effortlessly sexy—no sense whatsoever of working at cross-purposes with nature. Just a beautiful woman doing her best to make me uncomfortable—and succeeding.

Night is perfectly lovely as a brunette, but I really like the change to redhead.
This is a wonderful set, especially with the pretty dress she opens the set in. ( :

as I wrote elsewhere, I am a sucker for red hair. No matter if fake or real.

But IMHO she looks better with black hair. I looked at some of her other sets - and yes, I prefer her in black. But no matter where I looked she has sooooo cute feet. Mhmmmm....

Good choice in this set. French nails look so much better than red nail paint...

So sad to see Night following the "bottled red hair" trend. Fake hair color is as bad as fake tits as far as I'm concerned.

not at all. Fake hair is just hair. But fake tits means plastic bags shoved under the skin... if that makes you not puke a little I don't know what does.

I know.... I thought I was hitting the cancel button when I hit posting button. I thought about what I just 'said' and realized it was bunk...lol But of course...we can't undo things we do here.... Fake tits are a lot worse and a girl I've drooled over for years has that fake-looking red hair AND fake tits! I just can't understand why I'm so attracted to her, and have been since first seeing her years ago... I met her as 'Gabriela' but now she's A.P.F., which I think is a bit ... Yer right! I blew it! And I'm very conflicted.. :o? LOL

Night is a very beautiful outdoor model, and Rylsky has caught this beauty perfectly. I do wish she would smile a little, but she may be the strong,silent type. Night illustrates two points that I hsve commented on before. First,the best grooming is to wax the undercarriage and trim the pelvic area,That way you are neat but still look like a grown woman. I never understood wanting to look like a baby. Secondly it looks much better if you have one of the ladies at the day spa do it for you.

Well when Night meets daylight it appears to work. Of course Ry would give us this after he bailed on us, hopefully not for long. Night is so tiny that you just want to pick her up and toss her into your purse, backpack, etc. and carry her away. Ry even gave us a classic RY B&W so now those detractors can bitch with out Ry reaming them. We'll see how it goes today...By the way I know it says Brown, but I think the red hair look works great on her...

swplf2, I wonder if those of "us" who enjoy Rylsky's commentary on this forum should send a message to Met Art as a show of support for him.
I'm sure you remember that your question on the latest Virginia Sun set stared a discussion where Rylsky mentioned he was informed to restrain from commenting on this forum.

It's complete B.S. that a few people can stop Rylsky from commenting. According to Rylsky the best way to state your opinion and address this issue is to contact Met Art.

If anyone wants to send a message to Met Art, the email address is;

Do we know for certain that this is why he is not commenting further - that MA management is behind it? I saw on his last set where he said that he would not post any longer, but he also warned us weeks earlier that there was a big project that would be consuming his time and he would not be able to post as much.

There was once a comedian, Sam Kinison, that was known for his blunt and profane responses to hecklers. I look at some of Rylsky's responses sort of that way, to confront those who would criticize (usually without elaboration or justification of why they didn't like a particular set) often with humor.

It would be sad if Rylsky's responses were being suppressed, creating an artificial imbalance by the establishment. I think he has as much right as anybody to post here. The comments forum is imperfect and needs some work, such as adding the ability to delete a post (and stop double-posts). Suppressing artists comments would be a move in the wrong direction, IMO.

The current (perhaps all-time) best blunt and profane responder to hecklers is Jimmy Carr. Just search Jimmy Carr vs hecklers.

He is so brutal and quick to respond; and the hecklers love their 15 seconds of fame so much that they offer themselves up to his responses just to see how he will respond.

It is priceless to see girlfriends et al cringe and try to hide as they are dragged into the massacre.

I love Jimmy Carr! I have a standing request with my Son to take me to any of Jimmy's stand up gigs and to please not heckle him lest I get over enthusiastic and join the back and forth.

I believe it to be inconsistent for MET to censor Rylsky's comments made in response to members who use censure solely to promote some impossible to fathom agenda or write hurtful or crude things.

If you are trying to implement a change to the comment system that will grant a member, who threatens to not renew their membership, carte blanche to say all manner of mean, hurtful, obscene things about photographers, models, galleries, and members; this is certainly a good start.

If you are going to allow unchecked censure from members, equally you should allow frankness in the replies of the precious few photographers who interact with your members.

It appears to me that the first place where MET would want to apply censorship would be the use of mean, hurtful, obscene tags applied to models photographers, and galleries.

I am posting a copy of this email to the thread where Rylsky in essence tells the members that he will no longer reply to members comments at MET.

Whether you censor my comments there will speak volumes about what really matters to MET!

Thank you.

  • 2 years ago:

Hello Baggy36Pants,

We actually are not censoring Rylsky's comments at all. Whether or not he chooses to reply to certain members (or at all) is his personal choice.

I believe the same if a member wishes to cancel a membership based on our comments section, their choice. Our team has had a long debate about the censoring of some comments that some of us may find annoying or disrespectful. We all agree that everyone should have a voice. Of course we hope that our photos and models spark an intellectual exchange, some members do not seem to be capable of this. Honestly I count on the fact that almost no one agrees with their nonsense and will promptly say so in rebuttal.

I will say we do delete ads, spam, as well as people trying to divulge personal information about any of our contributors that invades their privacy.

I hope this answers some of the questions I see presented here. All members should feel free to comment here or email directly at comments@metart.com.

Thank you for your reply K!

I believe most members will welcome your clear and concise explanation of MET's position on censorship, and over the line comments by a few members.

Those few members who cross the line will likely ignore rebuttals from the more respectful members. I hope that responsible, polite members will not hesitate to respond to the most egregious offences.

Thank you for the reply, K, I was getting nervous, but it sounds like you guys are coming down solidly on the side of free speech, which is exactly as it should be.
I too sometimes wish it were possible to remove some of the crude, rude, raw comments some of our members put up ~ but then, I'd have to be willing to have my comments deleted too, if they offended someone, and I'm not ready to go that far.
While I wish none of our members would write deliberately inflammatory remarks, they seem to be in a small minority and I am really proud of my fellow members who have striven from the beginning to keep things classy and positive.

Thank You K.

Well said, Baggy.

Thanks for the email address, Browning. There are actually several issues I'd like to discuss with them, including this one.

Very nice, Rylsky brings us the pretty green eyed Night as a red head in this set....and she looks great.
Night has a fantastic figure, soft and feminine, yet toned and firm.

My favorite photo is image #5. This black and white, almost sepia colored, photo makes Night appear as if she is right out of the Late Teens/Early Twenties of 20th Century America.
I almost expect to see a REO, Stanley Steamer, or "Tin Lizzie" in the background.
I guess I've watch too many Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd silent films lately.

We can only hope that if she was in one it would predate the Hays Code. Browning have been able to dig out yet...

Thanks swplf2, I learned something new today:) I didn't know what the "Hays Code" was until I googled it and read a few articles.

He had quite a few restrictions imposed on films (language, content, no nudity, etc.). I now better understand why films (and television) made from the mid 30's through the late 60's were very conservative.
I saw where Will H. Hayes was often referred to as the Kenesaw Mountain Landis of the Motion Picture Industry.

We've finally dug ourselves out....the ice caused the biggest problem. I heard "second hand" they're expecting more on Sunday, I hope they're wrong.

I'm glad it missed you, I'm sure you are too:)

This set is amazingly tame.Not erotic at all

The seller

Hi gswkju This is Met-Art after all, we do like beautiful ladies, and sometimes the photog and model do like to concentrate on the beauty, as in this case. Night is working very hard at a classic nude shoot, and Rylsky is working just as hard to capture it.

Hi 5seadog as a female i have to concurre with your reply to gswkju..It is Met-Art after all and both photographers and models do their best to bring out the best of their series and movies and Nght A surely paints a pretty picture within this set of his and no offence to gswkju either..He just needs to open he's eyes abit more to capture Night A's beauty within her lastest series...

The cute little lady who calls herself Night. Always a nice treat to see.

A gentle kiss on each perfect nipple ... so wonderful to see you again, bold and beautifful ...

And then I'd spend the rest of my time kissing her beautiful lips and body...love photos 45-47.

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