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clicked on pic 6 to 10

decided to download that set.


Arts and sensuality, have you competed, Rylsky, you and Night.
Sparks are the result.
Perfectly in tune with the sonata the clothing of Night.

A very beautiful woman who raised my heart beat to a dangerous level. Night's black hair (all the hair) and the sexy black bra, panties and stockings put the icing on the cake. My only complaint or disappointment with this photo set was the choice of location and colors. Rylsky's sets are a hundreds times better when he uses one color for a background/floor. I came to this conclusion after visiting his site for the month of March. (Don't believe me, check it out; I'm signing up for a year come May 1st.) Maybe a baby blue or sky blue, I'm not sure, but a solid color would have made this a very beautiful photo set. This location, those colors and patterns used here, sucked!

I have confidence that our excessively polite photographer will not fall into a monochromatic pit.

Panties bra and hose: color - black. Texture - fabric. Very difficult to mess up.

Floor: color - red. Texture - carpet. Very difficult to mess up.

Lattice screen background. Texture - excellent. Combination of light and color - so so. I suspect our photographer's team is not at liberty to use spray paint. I understand the appeal of the location. Our artist is adept at using small spaces or windows. I personally hope this location is used again. Some sort of cushion or chair might help for a greater variety of poses.

I personally hope this location is used again. Some sort of cushion or chair might help for a greater variety of poses.

1. http://members.met-art.com/members/model/taini-a/gallery/20131228/PROLAVENO/
2. http://members.met-art.com/members/model/paloma-b/gallery/20100131/JILIKAS/2/
3. http://members.met-art.com/members/model/caesaria-a/gallery/20111231/YOUNG/2/
4. http://www.rylskyart.com/model/penelope/gallery/20130227/REDARA/

...and more...

You'll see Nikia's set made there as well


quite simple and single tone backgrounds already online + at least 1 more single color backgr set of Night A coming this year on METART.

So, all you see here is varieties. not (Heinz's) 57, but at least really variable.

Let me thank you for joining RA and for your critiques!

you know on RA we use simple backgrounds 4-5 times per month in updates, we know our members like it. And we have weekly outdoor sets. It's all (proportions of outdoors and simple backgrs) because of requests of members and because of stats and because of variety.
Feel free to make your own requests on RA.



Night is an elegant model and very erotic with her underarm and pubic hair. Part of the appeal is the confidence this displays.

Hairy giant clam...❤ it!!!

What a wonderful way to start the month. Gorgeous lady with a beautiful hairy pussy and rolled and folded labia. Just a perfect set.

All the pubic hair in the world couldn't keep me away from this angel!! Nice set....magnificent model!!

I am in complete agreement on the lovely little Night, rachsback. She is far too alluring to pass over.

But you will notice that she has her priorities about "where" it should be and where it should not. And -- it is well-maintained.

The perfect compromise for people like me and "Baggy".

Now here -- is a woman that cares.

Thanks to Night, Rylsky, and K for this lovely visit.

Sorry gaetano, you get FIVE that fuel your kink, Doug and I get 1 for ours.

Hope that you and I can at least agree that Night is a lovely woman?

"...can't we all just get along?" LOL
Cheers, fellas... here's to April Fool's day!

A 93 lb, 5ft 1in tiny little bundle of high octane, world class WOW. What a darling little porcelain doll. So very pretty, so very cute and so very very sensual. This beautiful lady known to us as Night is magnificent.

She's definitely magnificent ~ she has such an air of self-assurance and confidence about her. It's powerfully sexy. ( :

I think her confidence comes from many photo sessions exclusively with Rylsky. They clearly have a good working relationship. I am glad she got rid of that dark red hair color. A lady known as Night should have black hair.

She is comfortable with her power -- a trait that is as seductive as her beauty.

Night is another great model to bring in the new Month, she is so beautiful. Great photography Ry.

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