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Another great set of the delightful, sexy, wonderfully endowed Night A.

Superb rear view close ups & outstanding panty shots - this babe has it all! ( the photographer did pretty well too..)!

Bu hatuna bayılıyorum. MetArt aşkı böyle bir şey işte...

What amazing pussy lips (wow!) and perfect tits. Some man (or woman) is very lucky indeed!

The red stockings ruined the set.

Only for you apparently...;o)

Stockings ruined it for me too. Was so hoping they would come off but very disappointed that they didn't. Night is my fav model and I prefer her barefoot.

This is a praiseworthy collaboration!

Night, with pubes or without, is always praiseworthy; and Rylsky, as he usually does, makes me a happy man.

Night is my new favorite, and Rylsky once again delivers an excellent set. What's up with the sub-9 rating??? Hate the haters who hate!

Different strokes for different folks:-)

You don't have to be a "hater" to rate a gallery less than 10...;o)

Night is one of the models I do not bother previewing the set. GET ON MY HARD DRIVE! She is 100% Cannot get enough.

I concur newcoyote!

I don't believe I can name an absolute favorite, but Night is on my short list for sure:-)

Night is an exceptionally well proportion petite women (physically she meets or exceeds everything I find most attractive in a woman).

Beautiful face, eyes, and facial expressions (check)
Fantastic firm breasts (check)
Excellent derriere (check)
Finely toned legs (check
Brunette or Redhead (*extra credit)

An extremely attractive woman:-))

On Friday you brought us Astrud, and on Sunday it is Night....thank you Rylsky:-) You helped make this a nice Met Art weekend.

And I concur with you PDM087!

You said it so well and described her fantastic attributes perfectly. Even though she looked cute as hell in those red stockings I love to see women with great legs take off their stockings at some point. Nothing like bare legs!

I would recommend you take a look at Divina A-absolutely my favorite woman here or anywhere for that matter. Talk about finely toned legs-wow....she has the best I've ever seen.

And the face of an angel who could fell me with one look.

Yes....an EXTREMELY attractive woman!

Thank you again, MetArt!

On Friday you brought us Astrud, and on Sunday it is Night....thank you Rylsky:-)
Petals. Vol.2 02.05.2014
Featuring Night


Shots 77 and 78 are gorgeous works of art. Otherwise....why shave? Night is so much better unshaven.

glad you like portraits

why shave? keyword is "variety", once again

@ Gary:

I concur. 77 and 78 could easily be published portraits. Most females, and glossy fashion magazines would likely not include Night's shapely breasts, delightfully wrinkled areolae, and glass cutters.

I have read that some female clients want to remind their significant other(s) that their attractiveness does not stop at the collar bones.

Beautiful photo set; great choice of colors for her and the way it was shot with a dark background. Those thigh highs and g-string look great on Night...
If the Blackhawks don't give me a heart attack, Rylsky and his girls surely will!!!

And if they don't....here comes the CUBS!!! LOL

Exceptionally wonderful on all scores. Breathtaking!

Hey Rylsky, I love the feminine parts but the photo you took (#78) is absolutely heart stopping. What a face, perfect photo. Great job!!

Who do you like in the NHL Playoffs?

..I forgot to say that I REALLY impressed how played Montreal, I don't remember when they was SO good in playoffs.

wow, we start extra RA blog page right here on MA?

If it was NYI - you know only this team was my fav and "nothing else matters"... well, we lose this season's final quarter because of 3 lead players has troubles(J.T., Kyle Okposo) or trades (Vanek). I like how young players of NYI played some games (comeback in Vancouver was mind-blowing) - I hope to see this team will be good next year.

But nothing can be totally sad, all the things could be viewed from 2nd side. When your team is out - the game became a SHOW and I just ENJOY this season's playoffs!
Crazy games! Greatest comebacks (0-3 LAKings in series and many comebacks during 1 game-craziest was ANAHEIM's) as never before!
I'm just happy that this is the real battle of tough and masterful guys from many countries and I don't care about only Malkin's hat-trick as Russian player's win (i must say I wanted CBJ to win), I just enjoy this as show and as master's goals because...

Favorite-no team. But my heart as a fan will never be on side of NYR. I like if they will create nice goal or incredible save. But not more. Previous playoffs in semifinals of conferences I bet on Chicago will get the Cup...and my bet was right.


Random thoughts: I am conflicted. When the NHL comprised only 6 teams my favorite was Detroit with Montreal a close second and Toronto my least favorite.

That was because Detroit's number one farm team was the Edmonton Flyers and Gordie Howe is still my favorite player, Montreal played an elegant game ~ they would not have been intimidated by the current thuggish hockey ~ and actually brought the # 2 best combination of a good and hard player who did not hesitate to beat the tar out of no talent thugs (John Ferguson, may he rest in peace forever) into the league. He has only been surpassed as that unique combination by Zdeno Chara. Toronto rated last because just like today, many of their fans were convinced that the world's significance ended at Tawranna's borders. And Foster Hewitt rubbed me the wrong way

The Oilers instantly became my favorite NHL team when the snobbish Old Boys Club were embarrassed into allowing my life long home into the league. I was lucky enough to have season's tickets for their first ten years in the league and witnessed many joyous and skilled plays and players. Such plays and players are seldom seen by Oilers fans these days!

Unfortunately I also witnessed the greatest single game comeback in NHL history, the Kings Miracle on Manchester, through the eyes of an Oilers fan.

You will seldom go wrong betting on the BLACKHAWKS!!!

Night is an incredible beauty.I love the set, and the blue filter on the flood is perfect for Night's hair, skin, and costume. I think it is a little much on the stockings in some of the erily shots(never could spell erily,sorry) but I can't think of a good way to swap out the shade of red,and it is perfect for the later shots, specially on pages 5 and 6,where it pops her butt out perfectly.I only wish she would smile more,she has a lovely smile to go with her perfect skin, figure, face, and breasts.

Since old age is setting in,I totally forgot to say that Rylsky and Night both get a 10++++. Also,I watched and downloaded the movies "Dynie" and "May"starring Night and movied by Rylsky. As fabulous as "May"is,(and Doug will love it as Night wasn't shaving at all in those days) I totally fell in love with "Dynie" the camera work, the costumes, the lighting, everything was so totally perfect that I was Stunned to the point I totally lost the ability to write. And when I saw the lousy rating I about had another stroke (good thing my meds are working)

I also checked on Night at EA,and SA as well as RA, RA gets second place,I think he puts the best of Night on Met-Art.i'm not a member of eternal desire and the other one whose name has left me(easy to do at 74).I put my mony where I get the best value.

Night looks fantastic in G-string.Plus her beautiful breast and pussy.Very nice set.

"Night" time is the right time....to be with the one you love!
And Honey....Here I am!! ;o)

VERY Nice Set!

Ray Charles?

Very good...;o) Ray Charles among others...

While we are here, I have to say "PetalsV2" is true work of "art"...;o) Bless you AND this Angel! I look forward to more of this "series".

this series just begins. more coming soon and regularly (5-6 more "volumes" in 2014).

...and another special series coming this summer.

I have to agree with rachsback on the petals series,I checked them out,I must say that Taissia and Jenelle are most delightful as are Liv and Alexandra.Jeff Milton is incomparable and on and on. If I keep going I'm sure to hurt someone's feelings by leaving them out,since Rylsky obviously takes the time to find the setting for each girl's beauty.

Taissia and Jenelle are most delightful as are Liv and Alexandra.Jeff Milton is incomparable and on and on.
I promise Janelle's,Jeffy's series for sure during 2014. But also I promise some girls who are not in this short list, but will surprise you the good way. At least it will be NIkia. Sounds promising?

It sounds delightful!

I hope so!
And I think this summer on RylskyArt.com will be something special and hot. Surprises will be announced in our blog.

It does sound very good. I guess I will have to take the time to check the blog now... Or just keep a close watch lol

Blog entries are not today's. It will be soon, no need to announce it so "long before".

beautiful young woman. Exquisite breasts

Inane photoset of a supermodel.

Five thumbs tells me that some here do not know the meaning of your "fitty cent" word...lol


Night gets more beautiful every time I see her.

Such a cute little lady. Only 5'1" and 93 tiny pounds, but so perfectly proportioned and so perfectly shaped. I love her lovely hair style, so Hollywood glamorous. I like the colors in the set, black and red with her beautiful pale skin. Very elegant and sophisticated.

Something about her makes me think of a 1940's era Hollywood Cover Girl.
I can easily envision the likeness of Night as "nose art" on a WWII B17 Bomber.

I agree Neil, Night does project a glamorous aura.

Nice work Rylsky! Thank you.

I'll take Night as "nose art"....on MY NOSE!! ;o)

Dirty old man:-).....but then again, so am I:-))

And the choir responded with a mighty AMEN.

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