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In My Opinion...Yes Yes every one has one...but Night is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN ON EARTH! In my opinion! :)(SHOUTING IT AT THE WORLD!)

Amazing woman! So sexy, even her sweating armpits turn me on!


Fantastic set of this absolute favorite ever ! Lighting is just gorgeous !
Your work with her is just stunning everytime (that's what I called chemistry !. Also really like the sets and video on Eternaldesire. By the way, near the end of may on Eternaldesire there was supposed to be an update with her. Saw it on her model page several times but it finally never showed up. Any update there soon ?

Sure, the new update is scheduled in 10 days this month.

Night's freckled ass is one of the great wonders of erotica! OMG! It is beautiful. The lighting brings out the freckles very well. More please. A high rating for this set and the ass shots are the main reason.

The Night time is always the right time....

Stunning & sexy as ever

Yet another model whose bio says 'shaved' but who has gone shaggy.

Yet another model who has given us both, and shades in between. You know how women are always changing their hair, top or bottom, they seldom keep either the exact same way for long. The bio doesn't track pubic hair from set to set, so I trust my eyes to tell me if she is shaved or not.

Arkisi --

The set could have been 300 or 400 MB and it would have been appreciated. I don't think you can get enough detail on this lovely woman.

"Night"time is the RIGHT time!!! WOW!!!
ALWAYS one of the most desireable girls here!! Just absolutely scrumptious!!! Very nice set of some GREAT posing! What an absolute delight it would be to taste this "cremepuff"!! GREAT job Arkisi! And of course, without the 'Night', there would be only emptiness...;o)

When I look at her, a song from my youth drifts through my mind --

" -- over sleepy garden walls -- "

Deep Purple -- April & Nino -- 1963.

I CANNOT understand why Night is so incredibly UNDERrated. Pardon the shouting, but giving this woman less than 10+infinity is unforgivable in my book after all the trouble she goes through to make us happy. She also proves that good things do come in (very) small packages.

I think there should be a special bonus rating that we as fans can give to deserving girls like NIGHT !!! 12++

Amen, brutha!

Complete agreement with you, seadog --

She's been on my "10" list since her first appearance.

Once you have "looked her over" -- go back to #14 -- her eyes are soooo expressive -- not to mention inviting.

Seriously beautiful -- almost timeless --

SERIOUSLY underrated, my man.

Agree 100%. She is stunning. I cannot get enough of her. I wish I could find more video of her. Does she go by another name or have video out there?

Hi New- Night has videos on MA, RA, and SA.


Don't find the videos on RA and SA. Are you sure ?

Don't take it as ad but this video was shot next day after:


The stark set has all the warmth and appeal of an underground car-park. But that wondrous beauty of Night-A and lens of Arkisi combine to create a series of huge artistic and erotic appeal. A reminder that simple is often best.


Best babe of today...!

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