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Absolutely gorgeous. Night A you are awesome. Thank you.

Mmm so inviting. Night's pussy is so inviting and delicous looking; I would love to inundate her with waves of exquisite carnal pleasure.

Really great pics of the goods! Nice set!

no potoshop pliz

two words:


*yawbonehitsfloor* *tonguerollsoutanddownthreeflightsofstairs*

Another great set of this smouldering sexy woman. Great poses, great pics!

Oh what a Night...

You know Night just kinda steam rollers you before you can get to protective equipment or heart meds. Mila I you know what is happening as you are warned when the left corner of her mouth twitches. Night seems more the shoot ém fore they run type of girl, a total man/woman killer. O.K. a 93 pound killer, but size isn't everything. I am forced to give her a 10+ infinity

Still one of the most beautiful and desireable women here!! This isn't a good set of her...this is a GREAT set of her!! Fine job R!

Best NIGHT gallery in SAGE SAILOR's 'sailoring' history...Vols. I - IX, spanning several sites. 10++

Only 71 photographs,...needed to get her point across- "SHORT" evidently, but oh so-o erotically sweet!

KUDOS,...for NIGHT, and for Mr. Rylsky!

Glorious pussy.

Too much perfect.
No comment.

Night is a fabulous model(fortunately for us)and an incredibly beautiful woman. People that think models have to be tall are missing all the good ones. I have to give Night a 10+ infinity and Rylsky the same.

Adorable te amo night

These photos of Night are sinfully delicious looking. She is definitely kissable all over. I would love to get lost between her sweet cheeks. I'm not going to be right for a week.
Best 71 photo set ever.

Best opening pictures in a set in a long time! What a view!

BRAVO!!! Best I have ever seen Night A look in a set, although still beautiful in all others. Above and beyond sexy.

The beautiful lady known as Night, a perfect little porcelain doll. At just 5'1" and only 93lbs, Night is a gorgeous little bundle of both sexy and cute.

Pictures # 41, 42, 43 & 44 in landscape format - primarily WITHOUT cropping Night's legs - would have made this set s great set!

She is ready...!

Indeed!...haven't had a metart girl get my 'flagpole' to attention like that in a long time! Bravo to Night and Rylsky!

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