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so cute

Night A is an incredible actress. She has to be among the best at expressing pure sensuality. I masturbate easily to any of her sets.

Once more for triple TMI.

Night A is an incredible actress. She has to be among the best at expressing pure sensuality. I masturbate easily to any of her sets.

  • 1 year ago:

I really like the setting this was shot in.

Another post that reminds why "hide comments" is the best bit of UI on this site.

I could spend days and days looking at Night.

post script I joined met art many years ago to see photographs of beautiful women and to get away from expensive (in one way or another) hustlers. Met art is still delivering in a volume I can't hope to keep up with, and the scammers are still to be avoided. I regret the web industry is under pressure to go for the hard core. Sadly sex is something I prefer the old pre digital way. I am glad the photo shoots of beautiful women continue and for that reason I will continue to return.

I thought the photography was great and the model is a beauty. Top marks

*sigh* The set could have stopped after the first 12 pics, and I wouldn't have complained. Just try to imagine drinking tea with that woman. Or be the teddy....

But the set continued... and I have even less reasons to complain.

Btw, are there videos where you can hear her voice?

Don't forget downblouse. Don't block the view with tea. Some cups are more interesting than others.


No need for a dissertation on why I like shaved vs unshaved.

I should have said "why I like unshaved vs shaved".

I love Night A, especially unshaven. More more more please! I do not understand the appeal of water, but that is a matter of personal taste and if some like it, fine.

Night is at the very top of my favorite model list.

Nobody seems to care about the main point, which is how incredibly beautiful Night A is. You can yammer all you want but looking is much easier, and more restfull to the brain. To top it off, we even have a demonstration of how important the first cup(s)are. I suffer from total brain failure before the third cup of tea, myself. I've only recovered since a Russian friend talked me into buying a samovar.I have to give a 10+infinity to Night, and Rylsky can come along for the ride.

I used to love " smuggled Russian vodka.

But I tried their cigarettes once -- don't think I'll risk a samovar.

You're all wet R!!! My fascination with your work is drowning...

Just a teensy bit off topic - but did you ever see the set of Astrud done as one of Rylsky's "wet sets?" Brought me to a screeching stop while I was skimming through things.

Or if you mean the one from yesterday (D'OH!).... I like that one the BEST!! ;o)

I'm pretty sure that's right on topic arkie....lol

Also pretty sure I have seen that. Like a portion of them, that one was "tolerable"...lol I don't dislike all of them, I just don't like the large number of them that are published. A little of that "style" goes a long way with me. I know a lot of the guys like them, so I usually just let them slip quietly by. I had to mouth-off here because this is one of my very favorite girls, in a set that I won't be keeping. "Disappointment no. unknown"...;o)

I would love to count all the droplets on her beautiful naked body.

Who would not want to be the Teddy Bear in photos 8 - 12? ( :

Must be Rylsky's Russian-ization of Rilakkuma. ;-)

Not to sound ignorant, but who or what is Rilakkuma?

Hard to make the query WITHOUT sounding ignorant....lol ;o)

That's ok!! Lots of us "ignore" a lot of things!! LOL

Thanks for the help, Rock, I'm still in the dark...

Unfortunately you are correct...those are the best photos here...:o(

Wonderful model.
Wonderful ambiance.
Wonderful photos.

86 is as good as it gets. With a large bonus: hair is irrelevant.

I think an inviting smile would be a big improvement in that particular shot... She looks like she's having about as much fun as I was, looking at this. But I agree that with Night, "hair is irrelevant". "Water" however is very relevant!

Pubic hair does it -

It's that small detail that turns a small girl into a sexy and erotic woman...! - End of story...

(When all shaved, it turns sexy women into looking like small infants...)

Please, offer more erotic and sexy women...

I don't give a shit if she is shaved or has pubic hair. If there hot they are hot, so screw it. It is like comparing if the model has big tits, little tits, red hair, blonde hair, strong legs, slender legs, painted toes or unpainted toes. I say again, who cares, and look for the attributes whether they meet your taste or not.

Hair turns a small girl (infant in line 2) into a sexy woman? Prison release should be deferred indefinitely.

You can't take "small girl" from his first sentence and equate it with "infant" from line two. You are setting up a false argument by twisting his words and intent.

His argument is that you are taking small (petite), ADULT women and shaving them to make them look like preadolescents to feed your daddy fantasies. We, who are on the hair side of the debate, like our women to look like the mature, natural adults that they are and not like hairless prepubescents.

Body hair (especially pubic hair) is a sign of adulthood and sexual maturity, and is nothing to be ashamed of, nor shorn off to conform to someone's negative image of what a natural adult should look like.

And for all the people who keep saying "It's been that way for twenty years now!"... twenty years is a generation and a new generation is dawning. If you are truly paying attention, the bald vs. pubic hair pendulum is now swinging the other way. More and more ladies are letting go of the bald, or even sillier "landing-strip" look and letting their pubic hair cover their mons, if not their entire genital region.

Same tired rhetoric...

There were 2 statements. The first was, essentially, x+y=z. The second was z-x=y. Where z is a woman and x is hair. They are the same statement. I did not equate "small girl" with "small infant". They were used interchangeably (y must be equal to y). In any case, either statement by itself seems weird.

Pretty much any visual preference I have expressed with respect to hair or tattoos or whatever has leaned towards appreciation for diversity of expression (except for table lamps).

The average age for the onset of puberty has been dropping. Pubic hair is not a sign of sign of adulthood. Showing it won't allow someone to vote. We don't require beardless bald men to show it to purchase alcohol.

Now, as for that teddy bear...........

"...you are taking small (petite), ADULT women and shaving them to make them look like preadolescents to feed your daddy fantasies"

Why the hell would you choose to turn an aesthetic preference into a choice between good and evil? What's next - a fascination with redheads is indicative of Satan worship? Try to have enough confidence in your own preferences to not have to demonize those who feel differently.

So please, stop, just stop.

"Cellmate" of doug's...??? He has the same "infantile idea"!

"End of YOUR story"!! Please make it so!!

My story along with that of 1,000,001 of other web users.
Look around you.
Count the sites of shaved women and count those of hairy women.
Those of hairy women are a infinitesimal niche.

Can you say "supply and demand"??? We ain't takin' about pussy hair! It's all about economics!! YOU are the one to "look around"

Personal feeling, very strictly personal feeling.
On the web millions of people daily think otherwise.
Eg: (1 site on miles) "Alsscan" thrive from twenty years declaring on the cover: "All the ladies are shaved."

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