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Image #38 is breathtaking. It is as if Nika was about to delicately start fingering her hole with her middle finger. This just melted down my heart -- indeed made my breathing stop for a few instants. I'm still recovering...

Nice set!

Image #4 is incredible.....fantastic breasts/nipples.
Normally I'm a brunette/black/redhead man, maybe she's the one who'll convert me to a "blonde" man. She looks amazing!!!

Come on Arkisi lay off the photoshop. Stop smudging over your model's stubble and hair. They're mammals, not mannequins.

A wonderful explicit set of this stunning blonde. Nika has the most perfect body.

The combination of Nika's beautiful pussy and exquisite anus taken from the rear are quite breathtaking..

One of the best recent sets. 10/10!

Exquisite! Totally delicious!! We need LOTS more of Nika... This set is near perfect!

Nika's best set, by far. Verrry sexy!

This is a great set of Nika, particularly if you like shots from behind and close ups of her very clean and perfect vulva. Although Nika is all around superb, her pussy may be one of her outstanding features, and the photog's emphasis on it is much appreciated.

Hello Nika! Page 6 IS just awesome! Bonita rubia! Ojos azules eléctricos! ¡Qué hermosa, coño rosa! Abierto y húmeda! ¡Qué vista impresionante de Nika, con sus hermosas manos en sus culo con su coño bien abierta y inclinado hacia arriba! Ahora, eso es una invitación! Gracias, cariño!

Se hablo pequito espanol - But I think I understand what you are saying and agree!

¡Sí! Este es un muy bonita rubia dama, con tal brillantes ojos azules! Me encanta su bonita, rosada coño labios separe abrir como que! Ver de cerca en número 107, la dama está completamente abierta, ver ella viene abrirla, ver adentro ella bonita rosa chumino! Ahora, que está algunos agradable apretado rosada! Sabroso rosa! Pero número 117 es lo mejor! Ella está completamente abierta y ella está mirando hacia atrás y sonriendo! ¿Podría usted justo imaginar conseguir abajo, detrás de este dama y justo deslizándo derecho adentro ella! Y llegando tus manos alrededor de su cintura esbelta mientras que eres bombeos profundos adentro ella y luego acariciando sus tetas y apretando sus pezones! Y entonces ella venga todo sobre! Niza babe! Niza a sientes usted correrse! Impresionante ojos azules cuando eres excitado! ¡Gracias!

Nika gives a full view on her totaly shaved pussy. The sclose up shots from behind showing a very inviting pussy.

Very inviting indeed.

It's a shame: only 4 sets of this beauty

Nika gets better every time, thankyou.

What an awesome set, Nika is looking great and so is her body. Well photographed.

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