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I love the creativity and artistry of this set! It's sensual, sexy and imaginative at the same time. Excellent.

The girl is a fucking beauty. Her Nipples are so scrumptious! More Please

Absolutely Delicious!
Bravo Nika!
Well Done Arkisi.


A nice variety in poses with this set with Nika. I agree with rockhard, the setting was a little bland, but Nika's attributes and Arkisi's photography more than make up for it. This set is a keeper.

Just a thought, there could have been some very interesting shots from underneath that glass table with Nika sitting on it.

Kilroy, that reminds me of a time when a friend of mine went out to pick up beer. While he was gone, his girlfriend came out of the bathroom after taking a shower and sat across a glass table from me wearing nothing but a bath robe allowing the robe to open exposing her private parts.

I'm more of a brunette/black/redhead guy, but Nika is a beautiful woman. She has a pretty face, nice breasts, and a great body! Definitely one of my favorite blonde's:)

"And grown men wept at the magnificence thereof"... Just about sums up this set. Not the 'best' setting, but for a model this exciting, what does it matter... It's a great day at the Met!!

Nika is, and will always be my "Anal-perfection, Let Me Explore Every Crevasse With My Tongue" dream girl. She is firm, trim, and has a beautifully formed anus! She loves to show it off to the world, and rightfully so. My girl Nika!

  • 2 years ago:

I wouldn't mind penetrating that hole :)

I love the way Arkisi used both the decor,beads and lighing to highlight nika's white creamy skin,platinum blonde hair,blue eyes as per images #087-#090 with her lying down nipples fully erect as the sunlight shines on her body loved the use of the white flower next to her swollen labia lips as per image #93,#94 a flower near a blooming rose loved the close up of Nika sensual licking the beads,nipples fully erect as per image #007 but my favourite images have to be image #043 a gorgeous close up of Nika N's face just as image #077 with her sitting on the glass top or #078 with her finger to her mouth with the beads drapping over her firm breasts or the gorgeous close image #044 of her cupping her brests,erect nipples images #019-#20 truely shows Nika's firm body,curvy ass until clearly showned in image #021 a priceless rear end shot of her curvy ass don't know what to make of the hollowed balls but they added to the flavour specialy with image #080 thru to #83 with Nika lying down with them on her thighs,showing her firm breasts,erect nipples entwined with the beads a nice set Arisis you captured Nika N in both sensual and very saucy explicite shots ;) ;)

Tight, toned, gorgeous, and I really love her bottom

Beauty, slim body and perfect asshole

Yes, perfect hard, dark nipples, and an adorable tight brown-eye she shows us so enthusiastically. A really sexy set!

Nika has great eyes, spectacular nipples, and beautiful skin.

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