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Despite the beautiful Nika, blonde solar almost transparent, this is not one of the best works of Arkisi.

The images follow each other repetitive without ‘verve’ dominated by a certain boredom.

The blue feather boas, fun at first, becomes cloying because it often covers the beauty of Nika.

I'll just come out and say it: the set is crap. Gorgeous girl, horrible photography, equally horrible props.

fully agree
The blue feather boas, fun at first, becomes cloying because it often covers the beauty of Nika.
3 out of 10

I think Nika is a total beauty who lives up to her name ( Nika is greek for victory.

I give her a "10" !!!

I don't think a SINGLE set with boa, stockings, and heels is going to kill anybody. You have to look very hard to find another one in recent publication. There are PLENTY of NAKED barefoot women to go around.

You guys are waaaaay too picky. And to think -- somebody once called me a "whiner". (lol)

I'm with you guys on this one.

Nicely put.

I concur with both of you.


I think the boa and stockings are simple and sexy, but yes, it would be nice to get her sweet little body 'naked' eventually.

Have to agree with Hogthrob here. For God sakes, who in their right mind would cover anything on this model? (And all 120 shots of her). Nika is so pristine perfect, covering anything on this girl is a sin. I am beginning to really hate these creative “props” and “themes” on this site. In fact, I do like the site, but these damn props just take too much focus away from the “real art”, the model. And lately, these artistic, creative “themes” have been given so much attention by the photographer, not only have they forgotten the model, but they have actually taken away from the genuine photo quality of the images themselves, some coming out grainy, or hazy, or with lighting problems (case in point, the recent “Nauka” by Leonardo, with model Amelie B, images 55 on).

Please, if nothing else, then let it be a request. Get Nika in a nice clean, well lit studio, with nothing else to model but her sweet, sweet, hiney. Again, love the site, love the models, just a point to look out for, and possibly improve.

Stockings not being removed at any point makes this set useless as she never becomes totally nude.

Sorry but the boa and stockings are major distractions. Better luck next time.

Nika rocks once again, courtesy of Arkisi, what a gorgeous beauty she is.

Wow, another one of my favourites. Nika you are so beautiful. Arkisi you have taken a wonderful set of pictures here.

Holy mother of god... images 46, 48 & 50.... there are the contours I'd like to memorize up close.
SOOOO jealous of Arkisi right now... ( ;

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