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  • Enzo
  • 3 months ago:

I love when she's naked on the first picture

Awesome set!!! I got extremely excited off all of these pics! Would love to see a lot more like it please.

Was für ein schöner Nackedei, was für ein schönes Arschloch, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

Perfect stunning beautiful woman 10/10 love those posses. perfect photo set very nice

Love this gorgeous blonde!

me to shes stunning

10, 10, !!!

Perfect 10, I couldn't ask for more. Well, "in person" would be better of course, but for erotic pictures of a stunningly beautiful woman, this set is amazing. Nika is not only awesome, but thankfully we have talented photographers like Arkisi. Bravo!

Delicious cuny

Ha! I first read, "curvy."

LOL Classic!!

Nika proves once again that the breakfast of champions is a beautiful blonde from Ukraine.

...mmmmm... and lunch, and dinner, and midnight snack...
Then repeat next day. ( :

Now that's a plan… : )

Sailor you can serve the Sushi on here anytime you want. fer_realz and I will join you. She would be the perfect appetizer course.

See you there! Tell fer_realz to bring the wine. : )

Patience Grasshopper!

See you there! Tell fer_realz to bring the wine. : )

The wine's on me, Sailor --

I think a good Reisling would be in order.

Sorry lads, my internet went down last night... just before I was going to check out MA.
So, since Dreadnought's bringing the Reisling, I will bring a case of really good Wisconsin microbrew beer. I'll make it a variety pack so everyone will get what they like.
Speaking of which... "Sushi" ? Ummm... can we make it "Surf and turf" ?
Y'all can have my surf, as long as I get decent turf.
( :
Oh, and the fun part?
When we convene, in a corny movie voice, I get to stand at the head of the table and say,
"Gentlemen. I'm sure you're wondering why I called you here today."

Extremely hot set of pictures, beautiful model, zero inhibitions, love the way she poses, very inviting and arousing bottom

Nika is a little platinum haired goddess. She is simultaneously delicate and yet not afraid to get down and dirty. IMO, her sets just continue to get better and better.

Lovely lady, gorgeous setting, good photography. A pleasant visit.

Dear Baggy36Pants that Nika N is a lovely lady/model she's even more beautiful with her solo set in SexArt wearing a very sexy lingrier outfit wearing dark sunglasses upon a cushion on a flat salt flat it really highlights her beutiful body but with more explicite views of her ;)....

rags I hadn't connected her to SexArt until you mentioned it. Yea Anteras does a wonderful job over there with here!!! What really surprized me was she has worked with Milena on a couple of stunning G/G sets. Milena is one of my top 3 favs and her sets with Nika have been outstanding. Thanks for helping me make the connection, see you on Sex...

Nika is very pretty, with an excellent shapely figure.

gorgeous model, fantastic body. good photographer

Nika, you are amazingly beautiful! Arkisi, you are a MasterCraftsman!

You wrote all that needs be written about both the lady and photographer!

Is that a suggestion that I can leave now?? LOL
Maybe I should....I heard nihil is looking for me...and he's pretty scary... He gets...he gets pretty sore!!

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