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outstanding, but why her face so unclear ?? all the time

I just love the way in which Nika N, as if her ravishing beauty wasn't enough, is willing to show her lovely little hole. After all, it is too significant a part of a woman's body, and it can be very beautiful indeed. It demands graceful posing and a delicate, tender approach. And it is here nicely photographed by Arkisi, with perfect lighting and shadows. And, as it happens in this shot, the combination between high heels and wide open bottom hole is simply heaven.


love the bottom five poses

Love this girl!

Stop photoshop please ^^

Love your shoes Nika. I would like to see more galleries depicting the latest women footwear apparel; very classy shoot!

Nika is to die for. Some guy or gal is very very lucky!

As I've mentioned before, I think Arkisi is a master. I don't always agree with where he focuses, but in general he knows his craft, handles the photography so well. And then, he must have a good rapport with the girls. The result is artistic, erotic and very very exciting!

Nika is totally beautiful, and having her start off in a flasher's trench coat is a perfect idea. Nika can flash me anytime.Her face and figure are totally awesome. She and Arkisi both get 10's

One of the most photographicaly stunning sets that I have ever seen on Met-Art. Nika is simply stunning and I have an irrisitable appetite for clams all of a sudden.

Nika N blond silk and blue sapphires.

It appears dressed at the beginning of the set, good, very good.
All models should, at the beginning of the set, appearing dressed, more dressed of Nika.
Dressed in the clothes everyday with no scene clothes.

Completely uninhibited, unashamed, opens to the looks her beauty more intimate.
Brava Nika and bravo Arkisi that keep gynecological photo in elegant eroticism with a hint of spice.

The environment binds with blue eye color of Nika and beige overcoat is in consonance with the blue color of the furniture.

A photoset carefully organized and not improvised.

Thanks Nika and thanks Arkisi deserved top marks.

Nika is a goddess, and I am always glad when a new set of hers arrives here. I like the idea of Nika arriving just in a coat (with nothing underneath), some high heels would have been a useful addition, I think more of a play on this would have been so hot.

Great set Nika and Arkisi.

oops, there are high heels, how could I have missed those.;P

  • 2 years ago:

LOL! Distracted maybe?


Having to many is better than none at all like in Ira's set. I just love Nika's nipples.

Some will disagree but IMHO there is a limit to just how many twat shots a set should have. Nika is a beautiful model but today we got so many gynecological shots that we all are now more familiar with Nika's pussy than her doctor. I will find it interesting to see how the comments play out. Maybe if she was playing with it like she does on SexArt but for me all most too much.

I would like to disagree. I would like to see all of each model. This set is perfest in that regard. I would ask; why you do not want to see all of this model? So, you do not want to see models pussies. Why?

SW, some time ago you asked for opinion on the Luiza A & Penelope D set entitled Oarna, I am sorry I missed your post asking for opinion. I have visited the set and put some thoughts down.

If you ever see this, Thanks for catching that, will keep an eye out

I'd rather have a little too much than not enough (or none), as was the case in one of today's sets.

Do not forget that there are many subscribers who would like the lens inside the model, they are like that, they are fetishists.
They want more of everything, sex, hair, pubis fur, shoes ....

This set is, however, very balanced.
If photos can satisfy a wide range of tastes I do not mind.
What matters is quality.

Case in point, IMHO the girls on either side of this set would be hard pressed to make me say too much. Sadly Melena's photog ignored hers while Rylsky did his normal awesome job of featuring great closeups of Mila I

There are girls that could never have too many while there are others that a little goes a long way as here, then there are others still where 1 is too many. :)

Of course it is a matter of preference which is which.

As long as it's at least plenty, I'll be happy.

There are a lot in this set, but I can't say that I get tired of it.))

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