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wow, simply stunning. She is simply second to none, pretty face, sexy body, a smile that melts metal, a tight pussy, and the anus hole is perfect. Please a video of this angel....please.

Astounding beauty, Nika is gorgeous, so relaxed and confident with those long, lithe legs spread wide. Among a sea of awesome images #051 & #067 in particular stand out for me, absolutely majestic!.


Wow! Pretty hot super sexy set. Nika's nice legs and butt could not be shown better than in shots 15-31. Nika's knockout beauty and these killer poses make this is my pick for the day. Nika and Arkisi, you make a leg man happy.

Very nice set, and Nika is outstanding! One quibble- #53- #56 are ALL focused on the eyes, leaving her pussy blurry. Couldn't ONE of them been focused down there? Yes, I know there were close-ups, but just like the last two shots, you could vary the shots with focus. (please)

Fantastic set of photos of the beautiful, sexy Nika. If I started making love to you I would never be able to stop.

That's a lot of ass shots.

That's one seriously photographable fundament. ( ;

...one for "The Association," Magwich?
(As you are the one who proposed it, I am nominating you President of it)

I find myself hoping that this is an older set... I don't think Arkisi is still turning out photos as bad as some of these are. Nice to see the sweet Nika again though... This girl has it ALL!! Nice set 'overall'...

I guess Nika's charms had me in a haze, I didn't see any bad photos. Which ones are you talking about?

Eighty four was particularly irritating, and then the dark ones on page six were more "artistic" than "erotic"...but I guess "art" is half the program, so I can't really complain about that...I just don't like them that dark...it hides the "goodies"...;o) But like I said, I think it's a nice set other than those minor issues.

Image No. 67!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#67 is nice, but I'd have a hard time picking a favorite from this set.

IMO, this is her best set to date. She has an incredible body!

Just one complaint Arkisi, no facial. You know, something from just below the shoulders and up...with a face like Nika's, you got to give us at least one. Other than that, a pretty good photo set.


Nika has a fabulous body, one of Met Art's best IMO.
She looks fantastic in this set, probably her best set to date.
Excellent work Arkisi! Thank you!

Oh I want to move to Ukraine!!!!

Needs HEELS !

Nika N. i love this gorgeous lady. wonderful body

Nika N, from Ukraine is a gorgeous model with wonderful, amazing body. I do not want to be rude, but I do not know why she is using this name. “Nika” in Arabic means “fuck her!!!

...probably means something TOTALLY different in Ukrainian!

Let's hope so :-)

Damn! Excellent job, Arkisi and Nikia! This is sultry, sexy stuff here.

I agree with you fer, 'cept its Nika, not Nikia ;-)

Errrr ummmm yeah, I knew that, really... LOL
No offense to Nikia... SMDH
Thanks for the catch, kilroy!

whats not yo like great shots most beautiful woman ever

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