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Most beautiful girl on MET| Tantalizing Butt Hole.

Her anus is the star of this set, she is a beautiful girl but that anus stands out as one of the best. It looks as though it would be very inviting and fun to be in !

Magnificent girl and what a fantastic exhibitionist, love that thrust toward the camera, in your face pussy flaunting, a real treat.

Why so sad looking? She almost looks afraid of the photographer. Hmmmmm

I don't know where you're seeing "sad". I see happy, relaxed, playful and/or sultry, but she doesn't look sad or "afraid of the photographer" to me.

Nika, I think you got me turned on!!!

An absolutely awesome Monday K!! Bless You!! ;o)

Awesome set of erotic photographs, Nika and Arkisi !

Thanks for sharing your awesome bod, Nika.

How marvelously (ahem) "cute" is Nika? Some very mischievously alluring eyes and seriously devilish smile. And, if it's not being to impolitic, great nipples that simply scream out "BITE ME!".

Magnificent Arkisi!! This blond bombshell weakens my knees to the point of failure! And on my knees is the approach I'd use with Nika! Absolutely stunning set that renews my attraction to this gorgeous creature! The dress was PERFECT!! The setting was adequate. The "subject" was a real eye-opener!! It's another "Met Morning"!! :oD 10/10/10/10!!

Raw, uninhibited sensuality.

Stunning poses and anal shots.

Stunning poses and anal shots.

Nika is such a sexy uninhibited girl who always puts on the best show for her adoring fans...

In this one the pussy and anus close ups are quite breathtaking - what a beautiful anus


such edible anus !!

those radiating lines!

"those radiating lines"!!?? LOL What else would they be!!? "Concentric circles"!?? .....(hmmmmm....interesting concept....)

(I know what ya mean... I'm just havin some fun...;o)

I REALLY LOVE IT when an elegant dress contrasts beautifully with the models skin. An elegantly laced blue tube dress that hugs her curves and body with such beautiful white skin as a background. LOVE IT! MetArt fashion choices are a reason why I am a paying member.

Such lovely milky white skin. Such flexibility combined with such elegance and an uninhibited nature is bound to make some members release by just looking at the images. How much love for her erect pink nipples? What a nice rectum too. Can't get enough of those from behind vagina/rectum/butt shots! Those are my favorite!

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