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gorgeous body, fantastic boobs and nipples, beautiful and delicious pussy.
thanks Flora

She went from 9 to 10 with this pictorial.


hai i wanna suck ur pussy 24/7

Niki, you are much more beautiful with your new color hair ,which is surely more natural...

Glad she's back. Beaaaaautiful woman

This series woke me up. It gives that sense of seeing someone familiar in a completely new light. (Which is literally true, in this case.)

Niki Mey is a very good model who, precisely by giving photographers what they wanted, has often brought out the worst in them. For Leonardo, she was an opportunity to produce the kind of proficient, distant, and rather mechanical work that made you wish once again that he'd show you what he's really capable of. For Tony Murano, she was one more hothouse flower. She's not, of course; nobody with her dancing skills got them by being delicate. Goncharov did much better, but it didn't quite click. Her set with Antares was the first time a photographer really began to bring out her presence and charisma.

But this series made Niki real for the first time, rather than a representative of a type, and that was exactly what was needed. A more cinema verite kind of texture, combined with the very welcome change in hair color, and now she's actual, immediate, and substantial, in a way she never seemed before. Otherwise, she just comes across as more relaxed and natural, and much more attractive as a result.

It seems to me that this couldn't have been done as effectively in an indoor set. Personally, I love outdoor series, and this series illustrates why -- the vividness and visual interest, the quality of light, the entirely different emotional context you get in nature. Done right, there's nothing like it.

  • 2 years ago:

An excellent examination. I concur.

Goodness yes, a very perceptive account :)

That's one great set

It should read ,does the hand have to be on the rear or near the pussy ?
There is no editing facility I'm afraid.

That's why "proofreading" before posting is prudent.

Stunning set but the hand has to be on the rear or near the pussy.it is so distracting .Says I with tongue firmly in my cheek .
Great set Flora !! :-) .x

I like to believe that some, or all, of the bitching about "crappy" outdoor sets is what's producing sets like this. Aside from a 'few' focus and lighting issues, just like Niki, this is beautiful!! Love the last group in the sunset! Good work Flora! 10/10!

  • 2 years ago:

I think the issue with most outdoor sets is they tell no story or provide any entry to the fantasy. They also tend to happen in locales that prevent the model from getting comfortable enough to "work".

This set is the exception. It has a clear entry point: a beach vacation set with a believable beginning, her in a bathing suit. It then moves to the resort, in a comfortable enough environment where she can offer enough variation in emotion and body position. This is an example of how to do it right.

The model is lovely, by the way.

I love your new hair color, sweetheart, and you are gorgeous as ever.

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