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Excellent photo shoot. Simple is usually better. Beautiful girl, soaking wet wearing nothing but a pair of sexy sandals and a sultry smile.

Thank you!

That ice cream sundae looks delicious.

It was really delicious!

Excellent photography. Excellent skin tones.

big thanks!

As the lonely night approached the closing gloom of castle Headlopper the lonely Count Headlopper stood watch at the tower. He had relieved the Captain of the Guard so he could be with his thoughts of discover of the truth of life and death in the kingdom of the good Shepard. He had left the Captain of the Guard with words of hope, lift up you heart my dear captain, a new day will dawn after the gloom of the night watch.
I will stand your watch tonight dear Captain. The good Count Headlopper
instructed the Knights of the Dark Watch to build the watch fires higher to banish the demons of the shadows of the walls of castle Headlopper.
The Knights of the Dark Watch kept a sharp lookout and patrolled the walls with torches and swords in hand. As Count Headlopper probe the shadows for the demon who walks a beautiful princess appeared next to him. The golden hair, blued eyed princess Niki sought the comfort of fire that burned within Count Headlopper. As the princess stood near the Count he told her of his travels thru the passages of time. Come with me my dear princess and we will travel into the future. As they held hands they began their trip, but alas when the Count arrived in the future the beautiful princess Niki had slip away. The now darken spirit of Count Headlopper was confused, this had never happen before, all of the beautiful princess had always traveled with the Count thru the passages of time. Count Headlopper begin to investigate what had happen to the beautiful princess and found a tear in the fabric of time. The beautiful princess had slip back into the past as they traveled thru this tear in the fabric. Count Headlopper discover a blinding flash of light had happened on a dark day in August. This flash of light had caused a overwhelming transport of souls to the good Shepard. It was followed by another flash of light a few days later that again overwhelmed the Shepard. Now the fabric has been stitched back together but the separation of the spirits complete and repairable. So the lonely Count Headlopper waited for the princess to catch up with him and join him at castle Headlopper. The demon that walks in the shadows was also caught up in the tear of the fabric and only his evil emissaries came thru.
Now that the fabric has been stitched back together the princess came thru but also the demon of the underworld. Count Headlopper believes the demon is the same a men of wealth and fame. But his talent of fame was left behind and only his talent of deception and evil came thru.
As the fires on the watch towers of castle Headlopper burn thru the nights and he makes his lonely rounds of his night patrols he awaits the beautiful and fearless princess. He also knows the shadow that walks will follow the princess and try to keep Count Headlopper on the lonely night watch alone. The Count has done battle with the emissaries of evil but not with the shadow that walks. The shadow is trying to lure Count Headlopper into his web on deception much like the moth and spider on the jungle. The strength of the walls of castle Headlopper is of the truth and the watch fires burn bright every night. The shadow that walks knows of this and threatens the princess with his wealth and evil doings. The shadow that walks knows only deception and lies of evil.
the courage to face the Count on the field of battle does not flow thru his veins and his empty heart can't be filled with it. His only weapon is his wealth and idle threats against the beautiful princesses and the others who help keep the fires of hope burning in the hearts of the flock of the good Shepard. Count Headlopper returned to the walls and stood his watch with the beautiful blue eyes of Princess Niki and the other beautiful princesses of castle Headlopper and waited for the shadow that walks to make his move toward the walls of the truth and Count Headlopper. Keep watch and know in your hearts Count Headlopper can't be swayed to the dark side of the shadows. His voice and writings are for the good people of the good Shepard who watches over all of us on this blue planet.

This is abuse of the comments section. Keep it pithy.

Flora: I like the unusual and creative outdoor shoot location (as Browning said, not a beach with sand everywhere). Good color, like you say, which can be a problem with some other photog's outdoor shoots where skin tones get bleached out. I like the different poses and the playful expressions of Niki. It looks like you two had fun making this shoot. I hope so, I enjoyed the results.

It seems to me that in many of your sets the model gets wet (shower, bathtub, pool). I was curious if this is something you prefer in a shoot, or does it just seem to end up that way as a shoot progresses? Not saying I like or dislike, just a question.

Hi Killroy! Big thnx for your question:-) sorry for my english, I don't speak english well.. Yes, sometimes it isn't simple to remove on the street (nature). Sometimes weather promptly changes. That sun, is cloudy, a rain: ) That people passing by :-) But all the same I very much like to take photographs of outdoors. About models in water - actually it is a little of them, it is connected with that good big bathing and shower isn't enough. And when I find the interesting - I remove there. But on combination of circumstances - lately there were generally sets with water though others much more. As far as I remember - there was only one - in the pool from rest :-)

Thanks for your answer, Flora. I like knowing what the photographer thinks, it helps me appreciate their work more.

Your English is much better than my Russian (or whatever your native tongue is, pardon me for making an assumption)!

You are right, my native language - Russian :-) thank you for dialogue - I very much like to communicate and exchange opinions. It is very pleasant to me that it is interesting to you to learn something. If you have still questions or any wishes to future work - I with pleasure will listen, I will answer and I will take into consideration:-) thnx!

all I have to say: I really enjoyed the set. I can't even whine about the shoes with all those feet shots.


Thank you all :-) If you have suggestions or ideas on how to make sets more interesting - I welcome your comments :)

Shaved or natural, for pleasure not trimmed.
Set started well with exotic vision and then finished wearily against a wall.
Everything 'déjà vu'.

Thanks for the tip, I will try to do better :-)

Thank you Flora for the incredibly sexy photos. The location is a wonderful find with the fantastic contrasts of texture and intensities, and you captured them all very well while highlighting the model perfectly! Very well done! Much better than most here, better than all the men anyway. equal to the best of the rest.

Thank you very much, very nice :)

Very pretty and very sensual.


I think Niki is quite pretty.....she has beautiful eyes.
I like this setting, it works well and is a little different than the usual outdoor setting (i.e., a girl on a beach with sand everywhere).

Niki makes the set, she looks exceptionally nice....good job Flora.

Big thnx!)

You are welcome. Nice to me you Flora:)


I love those couple photos where the water is running down her back, both of her hands reaching behind pulling her ass open, very erotic and inviting


Nice isolation shots of every part of her body, even feet and hand. Love the tongue and cherry shot. Creative set. I guess the hard gravel is better than "sand" but why not get that damn leaf off her ass. Great "playful" set, good job Flora. Niki must be fun to work with. Tell us more about this set will you Flora?

Thank you very much! We did this set easily and simply: ) we were on vacation in other country, we had a lot of time. I found this fine place in hotel where we lived, the texture and a color combination was pleasant. I liked a wall overgrown with a tree and stones below, a soft daylight. only then I saw that it is a shower: ) big shower on the street at the pool. And we often ate very tasty ice cream at pleasant restaurant on an ocean coast. Looked at majestic mountains, and in the evening at a beautiful sunset:-)

Niki is lovely and creates some great poses here. I also like the setting very much with images 32 and 133 standing out in both these respects.


Blue eyed brunettes always catch my attention and Niki kept it for the entire set. I don't know if sexy and cute can be used to describe the same woman but I will do so (it must be the freckles). What water does to nipples is nice. Thanks to Niki and Flora.

Big thnx for your review:)

I could look at pictures of Niki's pretty face all day long and be content. Fortunately, she has other virtues to share with us in this lovely set. Nice.


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